I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-37)


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sanskar comes to home…swalak came to him as shekher calls swara nd told everything…laksh says bhai u dnt worry we will do something…swara says i didnt expect that nikhil did something like this…laksh says but y he did this..swara says bcz he loves ragini..i noticed him while he staring ragini when he cme at home..but i take it lightly..i dnt knw when ragini met him after her accident…laksh says k leave it all now think what will we do…laksh said bhai u plz dnt fall hope u have to be strong ..sanskar said while wiping his tears ha lucky i have to be strong for my love….

@next day
Ragini was getting ready for her marriage while wiping her tears which r continuously flowing remembering sanskar….she closed her eyes tightly nd takes a deep breath…sumi came nd says rago think once again…ragini says plz maa…pandit calls bride ragini goes nd sits beside groom whose face is covered with flower veil….(it is a simple marriage pandit ,shek sumi swalak only present there)….pandit chanted mantras…marriage completed…pandit declared they r now husband&wife…..them groom revealed his face its nonother than sanskar(he he)…ragini was shocked….
Sanskar:ha mein
Ragini(holds his coaller):how dare to do this…where is nikhil….

[Nikhil was coming to mandap happily as he was getting his love finally…laksh stops him in middle nd drags him aside nd says i have to talk to u…nikhil says i dnt wanna talk to u nd about to leave someone came frm his back nd puts kerchif on his mouth which had chloroform in it…someone is sanskar only…nikhil become unconscious….sanlak gives wifi…they takes nikhil one room…] Fb ends…

[Sheksumi ,swara also knw that he is sanskar…as they knws sanskar loves ragini madly] Ragini:im asking u where is nikhil
Sanskar:it was waste to knw about him now…
Ragini:shut up..dnt u have shame to do like this
Sanskar:no everything is fair in love amd war..nd i love u unconditionally…
Ragini:stop it ur love drama..dont try to make me fool ..i cant accept this marriage..go to hell mr maheswari…
Sanskar:k come with me mrs ragini sanskar maheswari
Ragini:no i wont come anywhere..get out frm my house
Sanskar lifts her in his arms..shocked ragini shouts at him leave her…sanskar takes her to car nd makes her sit in car..he too sits in car nd drives off…while ragini shouts….sanskar in mind sry ragini i have to do this i cant loose u…
Swara said to shek sumi dnt wry maa we r there na she will understand..they smiles weekly…nikhil comes out of d room holding his head while calling ragini…
Nikhil:where is ragini
Laksh:in her sasural
Laksh:kya what..now u can to ur home as ragini got married to my bhai…
Nikhil holds laksh coaller nd said i will not leave u both…laksh takes nikhil hands frm his coallr nd slaps him hard nd says this is for manipulated ragini against my bhai..laksh drags nikhil outside md says dont dare to come infront of ragini..mind it…nikhil leaves angrily….after a while swalak leaves to mm..

Ragsan reached mm…sanskar get down frm car nd asks ragini to get down…ragini says no i wont come anywhere i have to go my home…sanskar said this is ur home only ..come…ragini shouts noooo…sanskar in mind i knw u wont listen like this ..he again lifts her nd takes her inside home while ragini struggles…ap ,suji r shocked see sanskar carrying ragini like that as they dont knw about their mrg…ap asks sanskar what is this…sanskar said i will tell u later saying he takes ragini to room nd makes her stand….ragini said what do u think of ur self mr maheswari..i cant accept this relation i cant stay with u..u r a cheater i hate u i hateuuu…sanskar holds her shoulders nd pulls her close nd says look into my eyes ,did i look like cheater..cant u see my love…really i love u..i love u so much ragini….ragini lost in his eyes for a moment but composed herself when she hears a door knock….she jerks him…..
Sanskar opens d door nd sees swalak ,ap ,suji there….sanskar closed d door…
Ap:laksh told everything…what is d need to marry her like that sanskar…
Sanskar:badi maa i have no choice…
Sujatha:but sanskar ,ragini was hurt na
Sanskar:dnt wry maa..i knw how to handle her..
Swara:tc of her sanskar:
Laksh:my wify no need to tell him…

Sanskar smiles…all leaves…sanskar comes inside nd sees ragini sits on bed…sanskar asks ragini to change dress…ragini said no need…sanskar said how can u sleep with this heavy dress change na…ragini said no…sanskar says will u change or will u make me change…ragini widened her eyes…nd says shut up u saud u dont touch me without my permission…sanskar said but u said no need of ur permission..ragini said now i m telling u want my permission ….sanskar said i dnt want to anyone permission u r my wife i have full righrs on u…ragini glares at him angrily nd shouts im not ur wife…sanskar asks how much she shouts dnt get tired..change nd sleep…ragini yelled how can i change ,there is no cloths of mine na…ur cloths r in that cupboard…ragini asks mine?

Sanskar says i mean i bought it for u…ragini says oh u planned everything before only…she takes a simple saree nd went to washroom…sanskar remembers those days when ragini used to hate him after their first marriage…he says to himself sanskar again u have to bear her hatered…after a while ragini came after changing…sanskar went to change…he comes out frm washroom…ragini stands near window…sanskar asks her to sleep…ragini says im not getting sleep…sanskar says but im getting sleep ..ragini says then u sleep…sanskar says how can i sleep without mu wife saying he lifts her nd laydown on bed…he too lie on bed nd drags ragini on his chest….ragini asks what r u doing…sanskar says meri aadat hai…ragini asks what….sanskar said i have habit to sleep while hugging pillow now no need of pillow my wife is there na…ragini struggles sanskar tighten his grip around her waist nd says sleep…after much of struggle ragini sleeps in his embrace…sanskar kissed her hair nd said sry nd he too dozzed off…

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