I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-36)

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Calling bell rings ragini opend d door nd sees nikhil there…she asks him to come inside…
nikhil: where is shekhar uncle nd sumi aunty
Ragini:they went to mm
Nikhil:oh..i need to talk to u
Ragini:bolo nikhil
Nikhil:it was about sanskar
Nikhil:ha…sanskar he was not that good as u thought

Nikhil:ha..he was jst pretends as a good infront of u..but he wants to ruin ur life
Ragini:jst shut up nikhil..i knew about him..he loves me somuch
Nikhil:what u knw about him..do u knw he ditched ur sister..do u knw he wants to ruin ur sister life..do u knw he played with ur sister feelings for his revenge..
Ragini(shocked listening all this):what r u talking nikhil
Nikhil:truth…swara slapped sanskar so he wants to revenge for that..he acted being in love with swara to take revenge frm her,swara madly loved him..
Ragini:no u r lying..swara loved laksh now they wr very happy..if anything happend like that then y all r happy with my marriage with sanskar..
Nikhil:its true swara loved sanskar…sanskar agreed to marry swara for ruining her life but last min they all knw about him so to protect his family respect laksh married ur sis.(he cooked up this story)….but sanskar didnt forget his revenge ,he wants to ruin ur life as u r swara sister…ur family nd his family lives under his control as he threatened all them…
Ragini:no i cant believe this all
Nikhil:k..go and ask sanskar is he ditched ur sister r not…
Ragini angrily went to mm….ragini angrily calls sanskar…all r confused to see her angry(shek sumi also there)..
Shekhar asks what happend ragini…ragini doesnt reply him he jst shouts sanskar name…
Sanskar came who was in his room…

Sanskar:kya hua ragini
Ragini(moves to him stands infront him):u ditched swara
Sanskar(shocked by her sudden question):who told u this all
Ragini:im asking did u dictced swara…
Swara:ragini kya hua…y r u talking like this..
Ragini (shows her palm to swara ):tell me sanskar…u want to ruin my sister life…did u acted being love with my sister for seeking ur revenge…
Sanskar was numb he dont knw what to told
Ragini(shouts):tell me sanskar..is it true r not…
Sanskar:i will tell u clearly first u jst relax(he placed his hand on her shoulder)
Ragini(jerks him):is it true r not

Sanskar(he had no choice):ha its true
Ragini was jst numb tears flowing frm her eyes…
Sanskar:but ragini u r misunderstands..i
Before he completed his sentence ragini runs frm there..followed by sanskar nd remaining family members…..this is all seen by nikhil who was hidind outside mm laughs evilly….

Ragini comes to gm nd locked herself in room nd crying remembering her moments with sanskar…she cursing herself for trusting him so easily….she thought his love ,care ,affection all r fake he only acted…all family came nd knocks d door….shekhar asks ragini to open door…sanskar says ragini plz let me explain what had happend plz open d door…swara says ragini plz have trust ..open d door..all r worried…sanskar was continuously banging d door….ragini wipes her tears nd opens d door nd says i will not do anything as im not that weak nd u pointing towards sanskar,dnt show me ur face again…..she again shuts d door while saying i want to be alone…..sanskar was frozen ,his love again get away frm him..he collapsed on floor with thud…laksh hugs sanskar to console him….all r felt bad ragsan in pain….
All r thinking that who might be told to her all this…

All maheswaries back to mm…sanskar goes to his room nd crying…after a while sanskar wipes his tears nd said no i cant fall weak my love is strong..i can make her understand…
Shek sumi calls ragini…but still ragini was in room crying…she shouts frm inside plz leave me alone…they feels bad…sanskar called ragini…ragini shows his name in her mbl she throws her mbl angrily..it breaks….that night passed with ragsan crying…

@next day
Ragini comes out frm room…her face was pale nd eyes become red due to crying…sumi hugs ragini nd asks r u k ragu…ragini smiles sarcastically…Shekhar puts his hand on her shoulder nd says beta u r misunderstands sanskar…ragini says dnt take his name infront of me…shekhar tries to talk but ragini refuses….

Ragini comes to park…nikhil too comes there as ragini called him….
Ragini:thank u nikhil..for saving me frm that man
Nikhil:no need of thanks..
Ragini smiles weakly
Nikhil thinks it is d right time to propose her…
Nikhil before could speak anything sanskar came as shekhar informed him about ragini when sanskar called shekhar asking about ragini…
Sanskar was shocked to see nikhil there…ragini,nikhil gets angry seeing sanskar there…
Sanskar:ragini mere baat suno
Ragini ignores him about to leave..sanskar holds her hand..
Ragini:leave my hand

Sanskar:no never…
Ragini(shouts):leave my hand
Sanskar:once listen to me..i love u i cant live wuthout u
Ragini:stop ur drama..i told u na dnt ur face again
Nikhil:she told u na leave her…y r u back of her
Sanskar:u shut up..who r u to talk in bw us
Ragini(to sanskar):u shut up..he is my friend nd he was not like u
Nikhil smirks

Ragini escaps frm his hold nd holds nikhil hand nd leaves…sanskar too followed them…ragini was irritated seeing sanskar back of them…she takes nikhil to gm nd calls shek sumi…she looks at sanskar angrily who was at entrance door nd says maa papa i want to marry nikhil…nikhil was cloud9…while san shek sumi shocked…sumi says ragu what r u saying….ragini said u heard correctly i want to marry nikhil tomorrow itself… She turns at nikhil nd asks will u marry me…nikhil nodded..shekhar said but beta…ragini cutted him md said its my final decision thats it…sanskar looks at her with teary eyed…

Will history repeats again?
Sry if is was bad twist…

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  1. Sindhura

    Dont separate them
    As they are alreadyarried

  2. yaa now again sanskar marry her forcefully to save from Nikhil then we get again ragsan tasane ishq next part soon

  3. Nice epi….pls unite ragsan…feeling bad for sanskar….devil nikhil…keep rocking…

  4. Nice episode…don’t separate ragsan…idiot nikhil….

  5. so bd yr poor snky rag ko ek br uski bt suni chahiye thi sdnly mrg twst ohhh m g egrly wtng fr nxt chp plz updt sn dear

  6. AahanaReddy

    please dont separate them. At the time of marriage make her remember her past. please update soon.

  7. SPP

    But please don’t separate them
    Feeling sad for Sanky
    Waiting for the next one……………

  8. Silent_writer


  9. Pls make sanky to marry ragini forcefully and so that she can remember the past and make her remember the past but she should act as she didn’t remember so that she can find evil nikil

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  11. Asw

    Feel sad for ragsan keep going

  12. Asra

    awesome dear….plz don’t separate ragsan…unite them yar….evil nikhil hate u…ending s big shock…waiting for nxt one…tkcr dear….

  13. Inu

    Nice epi. Dont seperate them plzzz.

  14. Sreevijayan

    Awesome update nd nice twist dear……

  15. Sherin

    plssss dont seperate them….i cant bear this…

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  17. A.xx

    fab loved it and sorry for late comment.xx

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    awesome loved it

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