I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-35)

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Ragsan swalak comes to mall for wedding shoping….sanlak nd swara selects dresses while ragini was seeing d whole shop..she was getting some flashes like she was locking two mem in trail room nd she hugs someone(when she locked swalak in one rm nd ragsan moments in anither rm)..she cant able to see their faces as they wr blurred her head was spinning..she faints holding her head…sanskar who was behind her holds her nd shouts ragini…swalak also turns them nd shouts ragini….sanskar pats ragini cheek while calling her name…he was worried like hell nd his eyes become moisty already…laksh brings water nd gave to sanskar…sanskar sprinkles water on her face ragini slowly openes her eyes…sanskar hugs ragini quickly,ragini shocked by this sudden hug but she understands he was worried for her…

sanskar brks d hug nd asks r u k now what happened…swara also being worried asks her what happend..ragini looks at trio who r looking tensed..she said nothing i felt weak..she dosent want to tell them about those flashes as they will become more worried…sanskar says to swalak u wii do shopping..we will wait in car saying sanskar takes ragini nd makes her sit in car he gave water she drinks it nd thinking y she was getting those flashes nd whom was she hugged…
Sanskar(sees she was lost):what r u thinking
Ragini:nothing(gave a fake smile)

Sanskar(sensed something wrong ,to lighten her mood):icecream
Sanskar:then vodka
Ragini lifts her eyebrow nd gives a look like really..
Sanskar :shall we
Ragini:now?. its mirning
Sanskar:tho it has any rule to not drink at morning
Ragini:but u said dnt drink i cant handle (she imitates like him)
Sanskar:k sry now come
Ragini:i dnt want to drink now
Sanskar:r u sure
Sanskar(smiles):btw ragini what u knew about me till now..

Ragini(reminds their moments):u r pagal
Sanskar(in mind ha im pagal about u):i knew it
Ragini smiles
Sanskar:r u ready to marry this pagal

Before ragini speak swalak came nd knockd car door….ragini gets down nd sits back with swara sanlak r front…they went to restaurant for lunch…nikhil saw them who was in same restaurant…he was shocked nd says to himself they wr together,nikhil again u missed ur chance..being busy in ur business i negleted as i didnt thought they will become close again…he thinks something nd smirks….ragsan back to mm after lunch…all r sitting in hall sees dresses which they bought….swara asks ragini giving lehanga ,to try this lehenga its fit r not..

ragini nodded nd went to room….sanskar got a call…while talking he goes to his room md opened..he was shocked to see ragini who was trying to close her blouse back buttons..he thought she was in swara room he doesnt know she came to his rm for change…sanskar moves towards her nd holds her hand..ragini turns nd shocked…ragini “tum”…sanskar said shhhhh..saying he makes turn her nd closed her blouse buttons while ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch…sanskar then makes her turn to him ragini opened her eyes nd looks at sanskar whose intense gaze on her…sanskar moves close to her ..ragini shivers sanskar leaned even more close slowly he placed his lips on her lips…ragini closed her eyes…he starts kissing passionately..after a while ragini gets sense nd pushed sanskar…sanskar realized what he did..he looks at ragini who was glaring at him…

Ragini:go frm here
Sanskar:ragini im s…..
Ragini(shouts):plz leave i have to change
Sanskar leaves ragini locked d door….sanskar pulls his hair nd says to himself sanskar what u did ,y u cant control urself ,now what she feels oh god now whst to do…
Ragini remembers their kiss..she was blushing…she thinks y i couldnt stops him..he kissed me but i didnt get angry..ha i jst pretends to be angry infront him..when he was near me i lost myself…what happened to me it has been 10days since we met ,how can i trust him so fast…did i fall for him?she smiles nd got change nd comes to hall where all present…sanskar looks at her being tensed…ragini doesnt look at him…ragini comes to swara md said dress was fit nd fine…nd she moves to laksh nd asks can u drop me st home…sanskar said i will drop u…ragini says no i want to go with my bestie come laksh she drags laksh while bid bye to family nd give angry glare to sanskar…sanskar feels bad…

Ragini looks at her mobile which was ringing frm 1hr…it was sanskar who was calling her..ragini doesnt pickup as she wants to tease him….sumi calla her for dinner..she went..after having dinner she returns her room nd she was shocked to see sansksar who was standing restless…
Ragini:what r u doing here
Sanskar:ragini im sorry
Ragini:i dont want ur sorry plz go

Sanskar:plz listen to me once…im rally sorry i should not behaved like that..u r looking beautiful thst dress seeing u like thati lost my control…
Ragini controling her blush nd widened her eyes..
Sanskar continuous i knw i did wrong ,if u want to punish me then punish but plz keep talk with me..i cant bear ur ignorence..and i promice i can never touch u without ur permission…ragini was stares him she was thinking y he loves her this much… Sanskar asks can u forgive me plz..ragini nodded…sanskar thanks her nd about to leave ragini holds his hand nd said u dont need to take my permission to touch me…sanskar looks at her amazingly while ragini bowed her head feeling shy…sanskar lifts her head holding her chin nd asks really…ragini nodded blushingly…sanskar felt happy he kissed her forehead nd says good night ..ragini smiles nd bid bye to him..he leaves..

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