I LOVE U Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode-34)


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Ragini wakes up nd getdown frm d bed ,she noticed beautiful red roses bouquet on table..she moves towards it nd takes note which was sticked with bouquet..she reads “good morning angel”..she smiles seeing it nd smells fragrence of flowers..she takes her mbl nd texted sanskar…
Here sanskar got a messege frm ragini “gud morning”..he smiles thinking she saw bouquet which was sent by him…
Sanskar(texted):did u like d roses
Sanskar(feels bad): doesnt reply
Ragini:i didnt liked..i loved it
Sanskar(smiles):k..had u got fresh
Ragini:not yet
Sanskar:get fresh nd have breakfast its already 9am..i will talk to u later..
Ragini(happy seeing his care):ok
Sanlak came home frm office…laksh comes to his room nd sees swaRag wr talking(ragini came to meet swara)…
Laksh greats ragini nd said i will infirm bhai…ragini stops him nd said no u i will go u get fresh…laksh teasingly says k k u only go….ragini smiles
@sanskar room
Sanskar opens his cupboard for his cloths he looks at ragsan marriage photo which was in cupboard…he takes it in his hands…he carrssed it while remembering their sweet moments…ragini came to his room nd looka at him who was facing his back..she slowly moves to him nd pated his shoulder..sanskar turns with jerk nd shocked to see ragini there..quickly he hides it at his back….
Ragini:ha mein..y r u tensed
Sanskar(trmbling voice):mein tensed no
Ragini(he looks at him confused):what r u hiding
Ragini:k show me ur hands
Sanskar:areh i said na nothing..u go to swara i will come
Ragini:no first show me what is in ur hands
Saying she moves to him..sanskar steps back…ragini keeps moving forward..sanskar keeps steps back finally he hits bed nd fell on bed follwed by ragini..she was on top of him…both have eyelock…after a while sanskar back to sense nd he throws photo under bed which was in his hand…he takes deep breath nd looks at ragini who was staring at him being lost…sanskar smiles nd blows air on her face to get her reality…ragini came to sense nd stands up quickly…sanskar too stands up…
Ragini:now tell what r u hiding frm me
Sanskarr:nothing i jst acted to tease u
Before could ragini ask anything swalak came there…
Ragsan ,swalak sits nd chit chatting..
Laksh:guys y dont we go out tonight
Ragini:ha i also want to go
Sanskar:but where
Sanskar(widened his eyes):pub
Laksh:good idea nd he gave hifi to ragini
Swara:i dont want to go pub
Laksh:k my boring wife u stay here only
Swara(while pouting):mein boring hu
Ragini glares at laksh as he makes her sister annoyed..
Laksh(to swara):no no im jst joking darling…u r not boring..sorry
Swara doesnt say anything
Laksh kissed swara cheek nd saud sorry…ragsan widened their eyes while swara embarrsed…
Sanskar:laksh we r here only
Laksh:thats y i only kissed her cheek
Ragsan gave unbelieveble look to laksh
Laksh:stop looking at me like this..get ready we have to go
Ragini:k i have to go home first
Ragini:to change my dress
Sanskar:ur dresses also here na..u should change here itself
Ragini(confused):my dresses.. here?
Sanskar(realized what he said):i mean swara dresses…u borrow frm swara
Ragini nodded …
Sanlak got ready nd waiting for Ragswa in hall…Ragswa coming frm stairs…swara wears blue long gown nd ragini wears short red dress looking absolutely hot….sanskar was awestruck seeing ragini…laksh looks at sanskar who was stares at ragini…laksh lightly hits sanskar shoulder nd said bhai control ..sanskar in mind sanskar beta aaj tu margaya how can u control seeing her like this..he closed his eyes nd takes a deep breath…
They 4 leaves to pub….
They enters in pub nd sits…sanskar asks waiter to bring soft drinks
Laksh:vodka for me
Swara glares at laksh..laksh pleaded with his eyes nd says only one
Ragini(to sanskar):dont u have habit of drnk
Sanskar:i used to it but now i dont want to take
Sanskar:nothing not intersted
Ragini:can i have
Ragini:vodka..i want to drink once
Sanskar(reminds what she have done when she got drunk at sharmas party):no
Sanskar:u cant handle
Ragini:how do u knw
Sanskar:i knw no more questions..
Ragini:i can handle
Ragini:plz i want it
Sanskar(lil angrily):k ur wish..he told waiter to give what she wants…she asks vodka waiter gave she about to drink but stops seeing sanskar angry face…she kept it aside nd said fine i dont drink…sanskar smiles….laksh drags ragsan swa for dance…laksh holds swara nd dancing…ragsan looks at eo…sanskar asks her hand by forwarding his hand…ragini smiles nd holds his hand…now spot lights only focus on our beatiful adorable couple ragsan…sanskar pulls her close by holding her waist…ragini landed on his chest nd looks at his eyes nd lost …sanskar feels her fragrance which makes him loost his control…he pulls her even more close…they r dancing very romantically being lost in eo…they came to sense when swalak calls them they composed…they 4 had some fun…they drops ragini at home nd leaves to mm…
Ragini after got change lie on bed…she says to herself..i dnt knw what happend to me i never move so close to anyone but y im attracting to sanskar..i felt strange when he was around me..i was happy when he was with me…her thoughts distrubed by sanskar msg”good night angel”…ragini smiles nd replies him “gud night” …

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