I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode 3)


Hii friends…im so sorry for late..here is d 3rd epi

Episode 1
Episode 2

3rd epi

sunrays fall on ragini face,she slowly opens her eyes and sees sanskar sleeps beside her…she shouts
sanskar woke up with a jerk and asks what happened…
ragini:y did u slept here
sanskar:then where can i sleep
ragini:how dare u to sleep beside me
sanskar: Mrs ragini sanskar maheswari,im ur husband,i have only right na to sleep besides me
ragini:just stop it…firstly dont call me like that..
jst then they hears door knock sound…ragini went and opens d door nd sees a girl(uttara) standing there with saree on her hand…uttara gave it ti ragini and says..bade maa told to wear this saree nd come down sayings this uttara angrily leaves..(all r angry on ragini)…..

sanskar asks who was it…
ragini says i dont know ,one girl came nd gave this(she dont know about his family nd all)…sanskar says i think she was uttara my sis, nd he shows his family photograph to ragin nd told about them..saying this he went to get fresh ,after some time he comes out and sees ragini was in her thoughts …

sanskar :what r u thinking
ragini :ur badimaa had told me to wear thus saree
sanskar :tho
ragini :i dont know how to wear saree
sanskar :what
ragini :what what really i dont know
sanskar :no problem…if u want i will help u..he winks at her
ragini gave angry glare to him nd says shutup
sanskar:y r u getting angry..i said only that i can help u
ragini :i dont need ur help
sanskar :then how can u wear
ragini :i will manage u go out i have to fresh
sanskar :but

before he could speak,she throws him out,nd locks d door,she gets fresh nd tries to wear saree…1hr passed ,some how she managed,she unlock d door…after a while sanskar came nd he sees ragini,he moves towards her,she steps back nd hits d wall ..

ragini :what r u doing
sanskar :u r looking hot in this red saree, nd ur belly was s
ragini cutted his words and says just stop it..
sanskar:i gave compliment ,instead of u saying thanks,u got angry……
he moves close to her ,he unknowingly steps on her saree….it unwraps…both r shocked..ragini pushes him nd took a bedsheet sand covers herself…she shouts at sanskar….he says i didnt do it intentionally…she says stop ur drama,i had wore this with so much of difficulty,u spoiled it all …jst then sanskar phone rings,he went…ragini again starts to wear saree while scolding sanskar…..she wore it fastly this time nd went to kitchen.
Ap:we didn’t forget what u did…but now u r my bahu ,as a sasuma i have to do this orituals ,today ur rasoi

rasam..make kheer
ragini stands there blankly
sujatha:cant u hear what jiji said..y r u standing like a statue
ragini:vo..i dont know how to make it
ap:k make which recipe u knows
ragini :i dont know any recipe
sujatha:u know how to eat

ap: sujatha chup….she calls pari and asks to help ragini to make kheer….pari hepls her nd they made kheer…all r sit for break fast except sanskæ ,pari nd ragini serves…sanskar goes to office…ap calls him but he ignored,dp calls him nd says i need to talk to u..sanskar says im not interested saying he left.they felt bad…ragini thinks what is his problem,how can he behaved like that with his family..how rude..

Epi ends……

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  5. sanky is sooo rude…..
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