I LOVE U…Mrs Ragini Sanskar Maheswari (episode 2)


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Episode 1

all r shocked to see ragini there….Shekhar asks ragini what is this all y did u do this…

[ragini goes to sanskar room…sanskar was talking with his friends.,.
san frend1:u r great sanskar
frnd2:ha dude..finally ur revenge going to be completed..
sanskar(smiles evilly):she slapped me,how can i forget that…now she got to know,what if messed up with sanskar maheswari…i acted infront of her..i said some cheesy lines she fell for me..poor swara..now i will make her life hell….nd he smiles evilly..
this is all seen by ragini near d door..she was full shocked…she angrily moves towards sanskar nd holds his collar…sanskae friends r left frm there…sanskar was mesmerised to see her,her eyes,her lips,her beautiful face,her hair blows on her face,her fragrance ,all makes him crazy…she shouts at him but he didn’t listen…
ragini(angrily):how dare u to do this with my sister
sanskar(came to sense):ur sister..means u r ragini.ur sister told me about u…but she didn’t told about ur beauty
ragini:shut up…she was madly in love with u,but u wants to take revenge frm her…now only i will tell to her about u..and she was about to leave he pulls her towards him by holding her waist…
ragini:leave me cheater
sanskar:cool baby..do u think she believes u
ragini:ofcourse…she believes me
sanskar:what if she didn’t believe
ragini:i know about my sister,she loves me nd she will definitely believe
sanskar:we will see..but one thing
sanskar:if she ddnt believe then u have to do what i said
saying this ragini went to swara room..
ragini:swara i need to talk to u
swara:bolo ragini
ragini:vo..vo..i think he was not prefect for u
ragini:sanskar..i feel he was not good for u
swara:no ragini..when i saw him first time i also felt like this..but he was not like that,he was so gud nd he loves me so much
ragini:but swara
swara:no buts nd ifs..go and get ready
Ragini:swara listen to me once
but swara didnt listen to her ,get ready saying this she went to Shekar nd sumi…

Ragini didnt undrstand,what to do…she went to sanskar room…
sanskar:come baby..i was waiting for u
ragini:dnt do this to my sister…
sanskar:that means she didn’t believed u..i know
ragini:what do u want
sanskar:instead of ur sister ,u should marry me
ragini was shocked..
ragini:no i cant
sanskar:k,i will marry ur sister nd i will do anything with her
ragini:no i will not let this happen
sanskar:then marry me
ragini has no choce she agreed for swara..
ragini:k..i will marry u..but promice me,u will not do anything to swara
sanskar:k..but u should not tell about our deal to anyone

saying this ragini went to swara nd gave a glass of milk which is mixing of sleeping tablet…swara drinks it and falls asleep…ragini kisses her forehead nd said sorry to her…nd she gets ready as a bride]fb ends..
ragini was standing there helpless…jst then swara came and she was utter shocked…nd she moves towards ragini nd asks y did u do this,u know na how much i loves him,,then y u snatched my love frm me..bolo ragini bolo….shekhar says she asked something tell…ragini didn’t know what to tell…she tells i saw him first time I fell in love with him,so i married him..hearing this all r shocked…shekhar asks sorry to dp nd says nowonwards i have only one daughter saying this he leaves with swara,sumi nd dadi…

maheswari’s also leaves their rooms angrily…ragini was crying thinking about her family…nd says to herself ragini don’t cry like this,u have to be strong then only u can fight..she wipes her tears nd goes to sanskar nd says now u r happy..sanskar says very happy saying this he lifts her nd takes to his room..while ragini shouts leave me…he makes her stand…and says this is our room Mrs ragini sanskar mahesari….ragini says dnt call me like that…sanskar says dnt get angry baby..,today our suhagrat u have to be romantic…ragini says stop it…sanskar moves towards ragini ,she says don’t dare to come near me…saying this she pushed him nd runs to washroom…sanskar smiles sat her act….he gets a call nd leaves…after sometime ragini comes out frm washroom nd sees sanskar was not there,she felt relief,thinking about swara she dozed off on bed…sanskar came there and sees she was sleeping,he gets changed and he too sleeps on bed beside ragini…

epi ends..

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