My Love Is Only For U (MATSH) episode 7 and 8

hi guys i am writing this in between studies so there will be some mistakes and all . and at the same time my computer too had some problems and i am writing it in my phone and so theemre will be so many mistakes so plz forgive ur friend . and thete won’t be no emoji’s too as i have no yime for doing that . and i am dedicating this episodes to my dear alk vishkanya family members …………….. 🙂 ❤❤❤❤?????

the episode starts with ishaani’s confused face and then she thinks of the the incident of car . she then stats to check her her drawer’s and almira’s she thrown all the her dresses and think in the bed and at last she found a ring in a corner and then she gets a smile in her face and she thinks how she found a ring in her car after coming to home after that car incident and that ring was been ranveer’s too . she then say i think it is his ring as i don’t wear like this men’s ring and papa too don’t wear like this rings so i think it is his ring . and sys thank god i didn’t put it in waste bin . and she lovingly looked it in that ring and smiled . that time falguni called her ishaani……. . ishaani came from the thoughts and said haaa maa .

falguni – come and hand have dinner beta ……

ishaani – tik he maa . i am coming .

by saying this she wore that ring in her hand and smiled looking at . 🙂 she then came down and had started to have dinner still she was looking and smiling at the ring and yet she didn’t started to have dinner and she is just holding the spoon only .

harshan – wh y u r not having dinner ishaani ? r u okay ?

ishaani. – areeee kuch nahi papa .

falguni – aree what is in ur hand beta ?

ishaani -nothing ma its my new ring .

falguni – now have ur dinner beta .

ishaani – haa maa .

by saying this she started to have dinner and after sometime all finished their dinner and left to their respecting rooms .

ishaani in her room . is looking at the ring .

ishaani – hey what happened to u ishaani u were not like this know ? it is all ur imaginations u plz leave all this . and be the old ishaani .

when ishaani was about to remove the ring her soul again came and said to her that hey plz wait ishaani till tomorrow if u didn’t see him tomorrow u can remove it and u know tomorrow is new year so if u sees him u can start ur new year with love .

then the soul goes .

ishaani thinks to wait till tomorrow and says i am sure tomorrow i won’t see him tomorrow so nothing going to happen .

and she goes to bed and sleeps .

the screen shifts to rv mansion .

ranveer is doing some work in his laptop .

then he takes his momentum to keep it in his study room’s show case . he switched on the lights and kept the momentum in the showcase and came back to his room .

he then took his laptop and started his work again . after sometimes he felt sleepy and went to sleep .

after a sleeping a while he gets a dream of ishaani eyes and he wakes and thinks who’s magical eye is this? why i dreamt of that ? is this is the eye saw in the awards ? he thinks of all those things confusingly . and he slept .

its morning.

in parekh house .

it is shown that ishaani’s alarm clock is ring at 6.00 am . ishaani wkes up from her sleep and came to washromm by rubbing her eyes she came to the mirror and looked at mirror rubbing her eyes.

she then notices the ring in hand and smiles looking at . she is says in mind that today if i sees him by saying this she smiles and goes to get fresh .

the screen shifts to rv mansion .

amba – areee beta u wake up as u r having a meeting with ur client know ?

ranveer – haa maa but let me slepp for 5 minutes maa plz .

amba – areee what r u saying beta are from half an hour onwards u r saying this . now look the time beta its 6:30 beta and i am calling u from 6’0’clock beta . u wake wake up .

ranveer – what mom ! is it 6:30 . oh god i am havind a meeting at 8’0′ clock with mr harshad . oh god .

amba – aree i had said this to u know then also u was been sleeping . waking up u from the sleep is a big task for me . that’s why i am saying u to marry a girl soon . as i can’t do this . but i feels pity for that girl how will she wake up u ?

ranveer – are maa i don’t want to marry anyone for waking up me . and i know u r saying these things to make me marry soon . but it won’t happen that much soon ma as i won’t marry anyone without being love with her . if i feels love to someone only i will marry that person .

amba – aree beta u r saying this from the beginning and till now why can’t u find anyone ?

ranveer – maa its not like that love want to happen naturally and i could be able to say to her that “my love is only for u “.

amba – its ok beta but there is no wrong to come with me to see a bride for u sorry to just see a girl as after seeing if don’t like her don’t feel anything to her u can say no beta . plz can i start looking girls for u ?

ranveer – maa ok but if i didn’t feel anything to her i won’t marry her .

amba – with a happy face its ok beta .

ranveer – any way i am getting late let me fresh up .

and he went to washroom.

on the other hand our ishaani is being getting ready wearing jeans an top . she then sets her hair ang goes down to have food .

where harshad and falguni is having break fast . ishaani comes and joins them.

harshad- aren’t u not coming to office today ishaani ?

ishaani – no papa as today i have party with friends as today is new year know ? is anything urgent me to come ? then i will come .

harshad – are kuch nahi betaa . i just asked u only as today we have meeting with the owner rv diamond company’s owner so that only i asked . as if u have any suggesions about it or if it have any problem or any thing ?

ishaani -don’t worry papa u r there know i am sure u will select only the company that can be trusted if u have arranged a meeting means that company is trustable .

harshad – ha beta me too heard that the company is trustable and the owner is very young but he and his father made the company in top list .

they all completes the break fast and goes .

in rv mansion

after finishing his break fast .

ranveer – today i will come late as today is new year . so will be having party with friends .

amba – tik he beta . and di u know one thing as per the astrology if we sees any one at correct 12 ‘0’ clock in the new year . that person will be always with u in ur life .

ranveer smiles and goes to office .


precap – ranveer and iahaani to see each other at 11:59 pm and they stares each other and it turns 12 ‘0’clock and crackers bursts .

and sorry for making this one update as 2 episodes its because i don’t have time to write it separately and i know its short as i am writing it between my exam times and plz don’t forget leave ur precious comments and suggestions . thank u so much for reading . and thank u too silent reader’s too .???????

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  1. Siddhi

    Amazing epsiode

    1. Nandana

      Thank u dear for reading and commenting and loves u a lot my dear best friend ❤❤❤❤❤???

  2. Siddhi

    Amazing epsiode and read naagin (rivanya forever) season-2 epi-5o

    1. Nandana

      Ohh wow !!!!! U reached half century . And dear I will defenitly read it but now I am little busy as tomorrow is my Hindi exam so I want to study grammar . is it OK dear?

  3. Hi dear Nandana how are you. Choti your episode was awesome it is full of some magical feelings seriously it was just fantastic and you asked me before so I am telling you that I am a girl?

    1. Nandana

      Hi di I am fine and what about u ? And feeling very happy yo read ur compliment and happy to know that u still remember that and loves u a lot di 🙂 ❤?????

      1. Hey my dear I am ok thanks for asking ?

  4. Maya-Shelly

    Wow chotti amazing update. Loved it. Studies is important na. Carry on well. And though you are a wonderful writer dr. Keep rocking. Take care

    1. Nandana

      Thank u di for reading and commenting . happy to know that u liked it . yes di studies is important and once again thank u so much and u too take care di ???❤❤❤????????

  5. Duva

    Loved it chotti keep it up keep rocking all the best

    1. Nandana

      Thank u di for reading and commenting and happy to know that au liked it and thank u for the wish di and loves a lot ???❤❤❤????????

  6. Nice nandu eagerly waiting for next epi

    1. Nandana

      Thank u dear for reading and commenting and sorry to say that I can only update after my exams and once again thank u so much dear

  7. Kathy

    Wonderful episode nandana… Luv the way u described the inner soul n dreams part… Loved it …❤️❤️ Just magical…❤️ Ranveer like a school boy … Difficult to wake up…?…. Precap Reminds me of IPKKND…

    1. Kathy

      Though precap is predictable … Eagerly waiting for the magical moment… Keep writing … Wish u all the best for the exam…N may Almighty bless u with success dear… Take care …

      1. Nandana

        And thank u for the wishes and u too take care di ???????

    2. Nandana

      Thank u di for reading and commenting . happy to know that u liked it . And ur compliments makes me so haapy and yes di u r correct I wrote it thinking about ipkknd as it is one of my favourite serial and loves u a lot di ???❤❤❤????????

  8. Choti awesome epi..All the best for ur exam n will not be regular from now but will try to comment. .keep writing. .amba waking Ranveer. .It happens in almost all houses..It reminded me my sis waking me to get for school..Ranveer n ishaani r going to work together..excited to read the next epi..

    1. Nandana

      Thank u di for reading and commenting and its OK di red only when u r free . thank u for the wishes and happy to know that u reminded about ur sister waking up u and ya will update the next soon after my exam . and with lots of love ur own chotti ???????❣❣❣❤❤???

  9. Monesha

    Wow….. Awesome…… episode….. dear. I really loved it to the core. Keep rocking….. my dear princess. Love you a lot loads of hugs and kisses to you ummmmmmaaaaa……

  10. Nandana

    Thank u my dear pyari di for reading and commenting and happy to know that u liked it . loves U a lot and lots of hugs and kkisses to u too di ??❤❤❤❣❣❣❣❣??????????????????

  11. Jasminerahul

    his ring is with i liked most is amba saying that acco 2 horoscope if he meets a girl at 12 she will b his,cant wait 4 ishveer new yr meeting

    1. Nandana

      Thank u dear for reading and commenting and will update the next within two days as my exams are going on . Sorry for saying that u should wait for two more days and once again thank u so much for reading .And keep supporting me dear . ?????

  12. Nice episode Nandu….??

    1. Nandana

      Thank u dear for reading and commenting . And loves u a lot dear ❤❤❤❤❤???

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