I love u My love – one shot


It was a outside restarent near the beach. One girl and one boy sitting in that restarent. They are silent and the boy is holding one rose in one hand and becoming nervous. The girl looking at him sadly and put her hand on his hand assuring that it will be good. And that boy look at her and give a fake smile.
Girl become impatient and start yalling at him.

Girl: sanky what is this! U are in love. And u want to propose that girl today.
Yes the boy was sanskar.
San: ha swara(yes guys it swara) i love her very much.(he shys) I fell in love with that girl when i saw her first time.her smile, her block cute pupy eyes, her chubby cheecks,her silky heir etc there is no words to describe her.

Swara feels jeulsious. She loves him very much but dint have dear to confess her love to him when she come to know he loves some other fear to loss his friendship also and decided to help him to get his love.

Swara to thouhts: swara control ur feelings. U know that he is nt urs. He is someone else. Hold on your heart.
Swara to san: sanky how much time she takes to come. Its getting bore. I m really getting impatient to see her whom my best friend fallen.
San: she welcome at 6 pm. It only 5.45 pm only.
Swa:sadly) oho! Then why are u becoming tension?
San tensionly: swara! U know when u fall in love how it hard to express ur feeling to ur love
to listen this swara become sad and soonly composes herself to listen sanskar.
San: i m nervous becouse its my first love proposal. I m tension because if she reject my proposal? Or if she like my proposal style?
He looks at her for his answer he get return her chuckel.

She stand up and loughs.
Swara: sanky! It desnt effect your love if it is first or last proposal. If it is pure love it rechaces there heart whom you love yours whole heartly. Lets it grand or simple proposal that girls want that love comes from heart of that boy nt his mind.when a girl trule loves u she is ready to live her family, house for u and makes urs family to hers. So dnt brake her heart. Ok?
San:ok matha rani. Its 6 now. Pls close urs eyes.
Swa: y?
San: dnt ask questions.pls do what i say.
Swa: ok baba.
and closd her eyes. After 2 mins she feels holding hand and wearing something to her fingure. Swara opens her eyes shockingly and looks at sanky and become more shoke to see him sitting in his kneels and holding her hand placing a ring in her fingure.

San: when i saw u at our first dayof clg i feel in love.i tried to find many ways to talk to u, i m become ur friend. I dnt want to tell u until i settle in my life to give u happyness,love to u. But also fear that u dnt love me than? I m become jealousy when anyboy is close to u because i want to near to u.when i readed your diary i come to know that u also love me. Shona! I want to marry u! To hold near me ever. I want ur huge whenever i feel sad and dispaentment. I want share my huppiness and sarrows with u. U will marry me?

Swara now in cloud9. She immdeatly sits in her knees and after that kissed him on his lips shocking him. He to come to senses and responded to her kiss by holding her waist tigtly.after 10 mins they broked the kiss. San touched her forhead through his. They smile each other looking each other eyes. San: i love u my love

swara: i love u too sanky

Credit to: Bhavani

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