HAPPYYYYY VALENTINESSSSS DAY so as its a occasion of love i thought to give u all something as a gift as u all know I LOVE U ALL SOOOO MUCH and this suprise of mine is dedicated to everyone in my team my lovelyysss sply to #hadi #ishu #rids #shags #dhabbu #mehro and sweet #sara and #krysty i love u all so much guys so here we go with a gift from my side to all of u


OS(kind of )

We can see a house or say a banglow beautifully decorated with lovely flowers and we can see a guy standing in a room walking here and thr in tension and  he was wearing a golden color sherwani and was looking like a greek god who was none other than SANSKAR MAHESHWARI but y is he tensed  hmmm lets see wat is he doing


(While walking here and thr in tension)

Arre yaaar wat will i do now huh its time and everyone has reached down now how will i say her omg its gonna be really tuff mr maheshwari

Oops i forgot to introduce myself rite ok so u all knew my name already but then too i am SANSKAR MAHESHWARI and i am a famous business man in india and i think thats enough because i am running out of time now function is also gonna start oh ya forgot to tell u today is my dads bday  u all would have known my father na ya that taklu maheshwari oly mmm sorry  dp maheshwari and pls dont say my mom that i told him taklu ok she will kill me (seeing the watch in his hand) shit see talking to u guys i forgot everything

First of all u wanna know na why i am so tensed let me tell u its becuse of her thinking abt her oly my lips starts to smile without my knowledge wanna know who she is my girl my SWARA ya i am waiting for her….. She will come today as we have called her family also for my papas bday party y not they are living next to my house and her father is my papas bestie so obviously they would be invited na huh now leaving all the other things apart let me go down and see my girl have reached or not

I quickly checked myself in the mirror before reaching the hall and once i decended the stairs i was freezed seeing the site thr she was my sweety my girl MY SWARA in my favourite blue color desiner saree looking gorgeous as usual and her hairs offff yaar y does she always keep her hair open and her hazelnut eyes aur lips ki baath na hi karun tho beter hai i really dont know whether her lips are naturally pink or its her lip gloss huh seeing her hairs flowing till her waist and her magnetiv eyes i just wanted to touch her and wanted to make love to her till eternity but then when i saw her right and left side huh y does these two bodyguard of hers coming with her always i thought to talk to her now but those two people is she a kid ya ya she is my sweet kiddo but then too wats the need of bodyguards one in left and other one on her rite side soon those bgs(bodyguards) of her made her sit on a chair kept in the hall and saw towards me and gave me a look

Oh pls i am sanskar maheshwari and i am not afarid of anything i too gave them a whatever look and rolled my eyes and moved towards my papa and ma who was now talking with shekar uncle and shomi aunty (her ma baba) soon she too came towards them and was talking to them casually and i was asusual admiring my girl but as i was seeing my swara i felt some ones gaze on me who was none other than one of her bg i made a puppy face as if nothing happened and soon the cake cutting was over and everyone was having their dinner i thought of talking to her at least now as she was having her dinner alone

This was the time i am looking for and her bgs are also not their yup come on sanskar u can do this i made myself determined and went towards her but before i could reach her she started walking towards the garden area i think she was feeling lil uneasy and wanted fresh air so i too followed her

She went inside the garden and smiled inhaling the fresh air and seeing her smile my lips also curved into a big smile i was slowly moving towards her and as i was abt to touch her shoulder i was stoped by someone huh not someone her bgs

Sans pov ends

Sans in mind : arre yaar (to bgs) wat???? Cant i talk to my wife for a minute

Sans pov

Oooo sorrry i forgot to tell u i told my swara na ya she is mine oly MY SWARA MY WIFE SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI MY SOUL MY HEARTBEAT MY LOVE my one and oly wife

Sans pov ends

Bgs keeping their hand on their waist : wats this PAPA u know na mumma is angry on u

Sans pov

Aur haan i told bgs na they both are none other than my sons SANSH(8yrs) AND SWARANSH(6yrs) and both are mummas boys and now they are not allowing me to talk to her for past five hours and they even took her away from me to her home ya ya i know her house is next to my home but then too can u imagine FIVEEEE hoursss and now she is showing tantrums u know y because i came late from office that too i was oly 5mins late that too because of her she wanted dairy milk silk oreo and i was not getting it anyware and finally i got one but then when i came home after buying it became late and i wanted to say sorry but no my sons are not allowing me to talk to her also

Sans pov ends

Sans rolling his eyes : sanshu and swarshu pls papa ko baath karne do na maa se

Saansh : y is it so haan u were late na tho punishment bantha hai u also do the same na we are aleast making u come near her but if u come to know i was late to scl u ll not leave us to even go out of the house to play na

Swaransh : haan bhaiya papa is too bad see atleast we left him to come near mumma na

Sw who heard all these started to laugh wholeheartedly making sans smile seeing her and he was happy to see his life laugjing happily

Sw while laughing : stop it u three i cant laugh more

Sans sighs : finally u laughed thank god jaan (holding his ears cutely) sorry na shonu kal se late nahi hoonga main pls talk to me

Sw took his hand from his ears and pecked his cheeks lovingly : i am not Angry on u at all i was just acting

Sans shocked : wattttt???

Sw laughed and pecked his cheeks tightly

Sansh and swaransh closed their eyes

Sansh : arre mumma pls do ur romance in ur room

Swarash : haan aur (he came and kept his small hands on her tummy cutely ) our choti is also thr inside u na she will feel shy

Hearing to this swasan both started laughing ya sw was now pregnant with their third kid and the baby inside her was 6mths old

Sans : acha (saying this sans Started to tickle swaransh and sansh making them laugh and all four started towards their room talking ramdom things)

@swasan room

Sw as soon as they reached made swaransh and sansh sleep and came to her room and saw sans sitting in the bed resting his head on the heardboard she smiled seeing him and went towards him

She slowly kept his head on the pillow and adjusted him in the bed and coverd him with the duvet then came to her side of bed she smiled seeing her love sleeping carressed his hairs lovingly and pecked his lips but to her suprise as soon as her lips touched his lips sanskar started kissing her and was sucking her lips slowly by wrapping his arms around her waist with out disturbing her baby bump soon after tasting her lips he parted himself from her and smiled seeing her blushing

Sw hitting him playfully(lil blushing) : idiot u always do this

Sans : do wat??

Sw pouts : daily when i come to room u act like sleeping and i have to make u sleep huh

Sans pulling her towards him and taking her in his embrace : because i love the way u make me sleep and when u keep my head softly on pillow na ur hairs fall on me and the feel of ur hairs ur fragnance i just love it thats y

Sw pecking his lips : aahaaan

Sans : ya (caressing her cheeks) I LOVE U MY LADY LOVE i love u so much

Sw (pinching his nose) : AND I LOVE U MORE MY LOVER BOY now only me (touching her baby bump) WE LOVE U

Sans touching her baby bump : i love u two more (saying this he moved towards her lips and captured her rosy lips with his rough one and soon it turned into a sweet and passionate kiss showing how much he loved her and she too kissed him back with equal love and passion soon both drifted into sleep with a bright smile on their face)

After 4 mths they were blessed with a cute angel sara and they lived happily ever after

The end

I know guys it was boring i just wanted to post something spl on valantines day so i posted this hope u all like it if not also tell me and this is new for me as i have tried writing pov

I know its late but then too not so late na once again i wish u all a HAPPYYY VALENTINESS DAY guys love u all

Thank u


Hope u all remember me i am laksnmi writter of y do i still love u ff

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  1. Nagamanasa

    Awesome dear..too cute

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    Awwwww !! Sooo sweet Lakshmi..!! Cute OS dear..!! i was grinning when u said who were those B’gourds.. i was like “0”.. loved it sooo much dear..!! Do write more..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. Lakshmiraja

      Omggg seriously i am happy yaar u commented i am a big fan of ur kakali thank u so much for reading my os

  3. Its not boring….its simple and cute OS…

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    only 5 hours and that shameless Sanskar ???? no doubt they are my cute shameless couple

  17. Aarushi_99

    That was sooo cute!? At first I thought that Swara was some big business woman or something and that was why those two bodyguards were with her but later they turned out to be their kids and Swasan turned out to be married, it was soo damn cute! Loved it!?❤️

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