I love u my kiddo…… 2 Shots (2)

Hello guys back with 2nd shot I hope Im reaching ur expectations and thank u so much for loving this story

Thank u so much for all ur lovely comments and I’m sorry for my late update and plz read till end even after the end of the story

Let’s start

Screen starts with swasan reached Mumbai and Sanskar was having a small single bed room both enter inside and swara was shocked to see room don’t think it was messed guys it was so clean no one will say that he was living alone and that to a bachelor room

Swara: sanku what’s this y ur is so clean

Sanskar: doll u know na I don’t like messy room

Swara: (pouts) I thought now I can scold like a wife that for not keeping room clean (thinks and idea) Sanskar lizard is on ur back ahhhhhhh

Listening her sound he gets afraid and started running a he did sofa clothes mess but soon his mind started working that swara was running with him bcoz he know she was more afraid than him thinking she look back and saw swara was smiling sheepishly

Sanskar: (irritating) swara what’s the need to do that

Swara: (smiles) now I can scold u na (scolds) Mr Sanskar maheswari what’s how can u afraid of small lizard see bcoz of u sofa is messed clean that and come to room saying this left room happily

Sanskar opened his mouth thinking about prank for to scold him

Sanskar: (monologue) god plz save me from this little devil saying this he left to room and placed bags and asked swara to keep her things in wardrobe by making a space soon he saw her she was chatting with someone in mobile

Sanskar: doll what r u doing???

Swara: (immersed in phone) sanku I’m chatting with my friend u know he was the most handsome boy in my college I really wanna be his girlfriend

Sanskar: (casually) who is he ?? Is he more handsome than me

(guys Sanskar can do anything for swara Happiness even he can leave her for her happiness for him she was his 1st baby and swara has feelings for him but don’t know that it’s was love she was thinking its cousin love)

Swara: arey sanku how can u compare with him u r my cutie but he is handsome

Sanskar: okie do u really wanna be his girlfriend

Swara nodded her head in positive way

Sanskar: okie I will help u for that so tell me his name and details if he was good guys then I will help u

Swara: (happily) really okie his name is laksh mehra

Sanskar calls Sahil and ask him to find details of him within morning

Sanskar: okie after I get details I will think to help u r not now arrange it clothes and sleep till u arrange I will freshen up saying this he went to washroom and she started doing her work

After sometime Sanskar came out and sees swara was still working he smiled seeing her and got dinner and started feeding her after completing dinner Sanskar asked swara to sleep u can complete this work in morning but swara refused with no option he slept on bed without shirt (guys he was habitual to sleep like that only) seeing her unknowingly he fell into sleep after completing her work swara came and see Sanskar was sleeping she smiles and slept on him covering Themselves with duvet

Feeling her presence Sanskar smiled in sleep and hugged her tightly and drifted into sleep again

@Next day

Both swasan running here and there bcoz swara was getting late so she doesn’t want to eat bf but Sanskar was Sanskar he was running behind her with plate to feed her

Sanskar: swara plz eat something u fall ill then

Swara: no Sanskar I’m getting late

Sanskar: no way u do ur work I will feed waise bi u have a hr more na u can go to college in 15 min so I won’t let u go with empty stomach

Swara: Kadoos (mummers)

Sanskar: u can scold after eat this 1st saying he feeded and he also got ready in his formals

Sanskar: I have surprise for u swara

Swara: (happily) what’s that

Sanskar: no not now u will get to know in few hrs okie be ready for that and ha I have enquired about Arjun he was a nice guys so I will help u okie

Swara: (kissed his cheeks) thank u so much Sanku u r best

Sanskar: (smiles) okie now stop this and go to college and cover these all bcoz no one knows that u r married and if u be like this Arjun won’t fall for u thinks u r married

Swara: okie saying this she covered all vermilion and chain inside the dress

Sanskar: swara what’s the need u can remove that na

Swara: no way Sanskar maa said with this only I can be called has urs and I want to be like that.

Sanskar felt and unknown happiness in his heart but swara was surprised bcoz even she don’t know y she said that soon she left to college saying bye and kisses his cheeks

After sometime swara was in her class room and chatting with her friends and no one knows that she was married only priya know but sanskar said not to tell this to anyone


All sitting in their places bcoz they got to know their principal was coming to class

Swara sitting on last bench playing hand cricket with priya

Principle: good morning students I’m here proud to announce that Sanskar maheswari u r new professor of Electronics and he was very good at teaching so plz cooperate with him

Swara who was playing cricket was shocked listening Sanskar name she instantly looked at him he was having mischievous smile on his face

Soon she heard some girls beside her was talking about him all girls are drooling over him now and laksh was kept aside bcoz of him listening this laksh was grinning his teeth in anger jealous all feelings at a time

Swara: (mummers) how can they droll on my sanku like huhhh I will teach them a lesson ??? her thoughts where disturbed by Sanskar voice

Sanskar: hello students I’m Sanskar maheswari u all know just know principal introduce me to u all now it’s time for ur introduction so one by one introduce urself

All are introduced themselves laksh was introduced himself in angry mood bcoz from now they will all droll over him and it our swara time

Swara: my self swara gadodia

Sanskar: (teases) don’t u have manners miss swara u have to call me sir I don’t y this kind of girls come to college no respect nothing

Swara was burning in anger but even she can’t do anything to him now bcoz she was in college

All girls happy seeing him scolding we can thinking that rheas scolding her bcoz all boys droll over her when she came to college all boys left everyone and started back of her now they where bcoz Sanskar sir ? scolded her

Swara: sorry sir (stress the word)

Sanskar gulped seeing her eyes now he can say that she was upto something soon he composed him self and started teaching but he left soon bcoz its his 1st day of the college

Soon all went to canteen priya was seeing swara state but swara was in angry young women mood but beside all girls are happy

Swara without anyone’s notice entered into Sanskar Staff room she saw no one is there in staff room she silent left to his table and kept something on his table under few papers so that Sanskar can Feel that when the he touch the papers

After sometime swara was waiting for Sanskar without anyone’s notice soon Sanskar came to room and sat on the chair he touched papers but feels something is inside so he removed few papers see the things which is lizard (rubber lizard ?) he started jumping and running all over the room

Sanskar: (shouting) ahhhhh help me plz help me ahhhhh a girl enters into his class he went to her and hugs her tightly from back in shivering

Swara was laughing seeing him Soon when she saw that Sanskar hugging other girl she was again fumed in anger

Girl: (laughs) arey y r u afraid it was just a rubber lizard and u r afraid of a lizard

Sanskar: (pants heavily) I really afraid of lizard this was the only one I get afraid after my doll

Gril: doll????

Sanskar: ha doll my Wife (remember about hiding relation so he covers up) I mean cousin Cousin i’m really afraid her she was small but her evil thoughts we cant even imagine that huhhhhh

Girl: anyways u r looking cute sir my self deepika I’m also new to this college

Sanskar: okie I’m Sanskar And only my doll can cute so plz if u don’t mine don’t call like that after if my doll will know this she will eat u alive

Deepika gets angry but composes herself and say okie making faces but our swara was smiling hearing the word my doll

Deepika: Sanskar don’t u think doll is feeling like u r calling a baby

Sanskar: (smiles) of course she is my baby when she born that day itself I promised myself that I will pamper her save her from every evil and let her do what ever she wants

Deepika: okie okie stop ur doll Purna Now let’s have lunch it already lunch time

(Swara made faces listening her reply but was happy seeing her Sanskar)

Sanskar: ofcourse we will eat but before that I have a work and I know it will be late so u have it I will come afterwards (smiles and left the place)

Deepika unknowingly was scolding his work and even angry on his doll

Sanskar left in searching Swara before he reach her even swara came and sat with her frnds making innocent faces Has if she hasn’t done noting

Sanskar: (message) come to parking lot and sit inside the car without anyone’s notice and get the box even

Swara did has he said by making some stupid excuses to her frnds and priya no the reason so she also helped her to go near Sanskar


Swara: (attitude) y u called me sir (stress the word sir)

Sanskar: ?sanku

Swara: sir ??

Sanskar: sanku ??

Swara: sir ??

Sanskar: (full irritation) doll what is this y r u calling me sir now I’m not ur lecture I’m ur sanku and ur husband got that

Swara: then how dare u to scold me no no tease me ??

Sanskar: doll it’s for fun and for that u even took revenge on me na with that rubber lizard

Swara: (shock) how u know that I only kept lizard there

Sanskar: (smiles) bcoz no one have that much dare to tease me by the way only u have that right to tease me not others Mrs swara Sanskar maheswari

Swara: (smiles) it’s correct

Sanskar: Now eat saying this he started feeding her box in between even she feeded him she talking non stop telling about her frnds and the girls who where talking about him in the morning all soon both finished their lunch

(guys don’t worry no one can see swasan his car was fully covered with shades so no problem)

Sanskar: hmmmm Now u can go and come soon and ha I forget u want to be Arjun girlfriend na so 1st go talk with him regularly

Swara: (smiles) okie Sanky u r the beast saying she kissed his cheeks but now I don’t want to be his girlfriend

Sanskar: (confused) y doll

Swara: bcoz priya was loving him I just want to be his girlfriend but she wants to be his life partner

Sanskar: (smiles) okie ur wish what ever it’s ur wish

Swara: sanku (over sweetly)

Sanskar: no way doll u have to attend college I won’t take u anywhere if u attend class I will take u to pani puri if u don’t then leave it nothing for 1week think it and ask me

Swara: ?? (stampers) arey when did I ask for half day I want pani puri and bye my friends are waiting for me

Sanskar smiles seeing her covering he nodded his unbelievably and went to class

Swara also went to class with her friends Soon day passed both swara and Sanskar had pani puri and went to home

Days are passing it almost 1month but still their relation is unknown to other Arjun was getting attracted swara and priya was trying Arjun not knowing about Arjun feelings and swara feelings where getting more strong in Sanskar we can say she completely feel for him same goes with Sanskar and Deepika was also started liking Sanskar even after knowing that he was married we can she was getting Obsessed for him she was trying to find out who is Sanskar wife but she was still unknown about her wife she many time saw swara with Sanskar but she was thinking that she was small than him so she didn’t think shisa was his wife She was just thinking her has his student

Swara was waiting movie Sanskar slept in sitting position he was holding her through waist and slept leaning towards headboard And swara on placing her head on his chest and watching movie

Swara: (while watching movie) that means every wife will do this all things then even I have to do for my sanku na but I never woke up before than sanku what to do ? I will keep alarm and I will get up (but her little brain Struck with reality ??) with alarm sanku will woke up before than me but what I have to do ha ? I will awake till morning yea it’s a good idea I will awake till morning thinking this she make made Sanskar sleep properly without disturbing him she Was walking her and there to not sleep but she was getting sleep so She took her mobile and started Playing games but after an hr she was again started sleeping

Swara: (monologue) oh god I’m feeling sleepy now I can’t control more what to do I have to drop this idea but how can I fulfill my wife duties with no option she went near the wardrobe and took few Sanskar things and did her work

@Next day

Both swasan are sleeping peacefully even both are their dreamland with full of their partners dreams soon Sanskar sleep got broken she slowly opened her eyes and saw swara was sleeping He smiled and pecks her lips and went to washroom before going he even woke her up bcoz she has to go college or else she will get late swara slowly started opening her eyes

Swara: (sleepy tone) u go Sanskar when u r done I will wake up

Sanskar: okie swara get up soon saying he went to washroom and got freshen up now he was having in his bunion and pants he didn’t wear his shirt he has to cook if he cook on shirt it will get spoiled so he was cooking without shirt (remember it guys)

Swara after few minutes even she was totally got ready eating for her breakfast near dinning table she forget all the movie scene and everything

Swara: Sanskar what happen y r u shouting

Sanskar: swara see my all shirts buttons are like a magic not even one shirt is proper

Now swara remembered how she took out all his shirts buttons Now she remembers all that (guys now u all may got it what swara what’s to do she wants dp his work like tying tie, shirt buttons stitching bed coffee and all but she can’t awake till more so she slept)

Swara: (monologue) Arey shona u r so budhu u all did this but u forget all shame on u shona okie now leave all this and do ur work (to Sanskar) don’t worry Sanskar I will strich it saying she and got needle and thread

Sanskar: doll u don’t know how to strich buttons how will u do them

Swara: (hits his own head) yea sanku I don’t know how to strich buttons my plan got wasted ahhhhhhhh (crying)

Sanskar: (panics Listening her crying tone) arey doll y r u crying what plan u r talking about

Swara: (hick ups) vo yesterday we both watching movie na but u slept I watched full movie in that heroine is doing her husband work like bed coffee giving towel and all she even stitched buttons and both are doing romance also I want romance with u so I removed all Shirt buttons without leaving one shirt at that time I forget about I don’t know stitching Now what u will wear (innocently)

Sanksar: (laughs) doll is this the reason u r crying okie u want to strich my buttons and u want to do romance with me but y u want to do that

Swara: my friend told me that if we have to get our relation strong we should romance and I don’t want to leave u (innocently)

Sanskar: (hugged her he felt so happy in his heart listening her) don’t worry doll I’m there na I will never leave u okie now chalo u want to strich I will teach u

Swara: (innocently) really

Sanskar: yes saying this he back hugged her and took the shirt in his hands and started teaching her with taking her hands in his he was even teasing swara with kissing her on her earlobe and cheeks both are so immersed in each other swara was enjoying this feeling was new to her she was feeling happy inside her heart she was wishing to dislike this ever even Sanskar was not less than her even he was feeling happy

Both are involved in strich so much that there is not shirt and buttons in their hands both are just doing romance he was caressing her belly both are standing in that position from half and hr soon their thoughts where broken by a call both phone are ringing swara got call from priya and Sanskar from Deepika seeing his caller ID swara was feeling jealous unknowingly she wants to kill her

Sanskar attended the call even swara lift the call but with making faces soon they disconnected the call

Swara: sanku chalo it’s getting late we have to go college soon That’s y priya called me

Sanskar: Even same here Deepika also called me for the same reason okie I will pack the bf I will feed u reaching after college U go and sit

Swara: no today I will pack always u only do this (argues)

Sanskar: (cupped her face) see doll I know seeing that movie u r thinking like but let me tell u I feel so happy doing ur works feeding u and all u r mine and I can anything for u

Swara: (making faces and hugged him) okie but on one condition from now on wards I will feed u u shouldn’t Stop me if u stop then I will also stop u from working

Sanskar: okie madam ur wish happy (smiles)

Swara: more than happy saying she kissed on his cheeks okie do fast getting late

Sanskar: okie madam he did packing and wear his shirt he was went to balcony to get handkerchief in hurry he took which is on hanger but with out seeing he took inner instead of handkerchief ???? but without seeing he kept in his pocket

Swara: Sanku come fast (shouts)

Sanskar: coming doll wait

Soon both reached college swara got down near college and went from there even Sanskar waited for her to disappear when she entered into college even he went and parked his car swara was seeing him loving Without knowing what she was doing soon he entered into class

@class room

Students: good morning sir

Sanskar: good morning students

Swara: (monologue) arey shona what’s happening to u y r u looking at him like that has if u will eat him alive control urself shona but y I’m feeling like this I never felt this before with anyone o I only feel like this with him only y what’s happening to me now a days its becoming more when ever I saw I feel like hug him y god y

Voice: bcoz ur loving him

She looked aside and saw her enemy gang name kavitha and her so called friends where telling this word which correctly matches to sera situation

Swara: (monologue) love smiles love yes I love him that means I love my sanku Yeahhhhhh shouts in happiness without realising the class is going on

All looked towards swara like Alein but and the gang were smiling bcoz now sir will scold her

Sanskar: (angry) miss swara y r u shouting

Swara: sorry sir I’m really sorry to disturb the class forgive me

Sanskar: okie swara I’m leaving u now but from next time u have to concentrate on my class okie now sit and u all do the work which I gave u all looked down to do their work but our swara was just staring him

Sanskar kept his hand inside the pocket And took handkerchief ?? he was about wipe but swara saw that was inner swara eyes got widen seeing this

Swara: sanku (whispers)

Sanskar saw towards her and she signel to see what ur arms holding seeing it Sanskar immediately put in pocket and more than that he was so embarrassed swara was trying her best not to laugh but she was unable to control seeing this Sanskar called swara to meet in my staff room right now

Swara nodded her head controlling her laugh Sanskar went to staff room before swara when she entered into room Sanskar immediately close the door now was unable to control and started laughing after few minutes

Swara: (laughing) sanku how can u get inner instead if handkerchief

Sanskar: (making faces) may in urgent I bought that now stop laughing doll

Swara: but I was unable to control sanku

Sanskar: stop now from 10 minutes u r laughing or else don’t talk to me with fake anger

Swara: okie okie I’m not laughing see (controlling her laugh)

Sanskar: leave that and tell me y shouted in class

Swara: vo vo

Sanskar: tell shona

Swara: I will sanku but in right time by now it’s not correct so I will tell when time comes

Sanskar: thats means my doll even started to keep secretes from me

Swara: Sanskar nothing like that I told u na I will tell by myself okie leave that give me ur phone

Saying this she took phone From his pant pocket before he give she Sahil number without seeing she went and sat on Sanskar chair

Sanskar: doll it’s my chair if anyone see u like this it will become problem come her and sit

Swara: (possessively pulls him by his collar) Both are so close to each other nothing is mine and urs ever thing is our remember this Mr maheswari saying this she went in anger Before going she throwed something on his chair which is unnoticed by Sanskar and gave a hodie to him and says after few minutes u will this so keep carefully

Sanskar: (monologue) what happen to doll this was 1st time she didn’t share something with me saying he sat on his chair And what she was saying this hoodie will useful what does that mean leave it Sanskar if u think more about her u will get mad come on get ready for next class

He was trying to get up but he was unable to get up bcoz our shona throwed fevicol on his chair ?? in anger

Sanskar: (monologue) ohhh god this devil mind is becoming more dangerous Now what I have to do saying he forcefully got up his pant got tored he tied hoodie through waist covering his back and cursing swara in his mind and went near car to change his dress and he was about to start car but there was already a cover on passenger seat

What is this Who kept this packet in my car he took and opened the cover where there pant and with a note

NOTE: sorry sanku I did it anger I know u will be cursing me in ur mind calling me devil ?? but don’t worry wear this in car and there are shades at back keep that on back and front glass u can use and after reading this note kiss my note if u do this I will think u have forgiven me

Sanskar smiled and kissed it I forgave u my devil He changed the dress

(guys when swara left in anger after sometime she called herself and called Sahil and ask where is he both Sahil and Karan where near so they college so she asked them to get his pants told where the spare have kept both got Sanskar dress and have to swara she kept with a note before Sanskar come)

@swara side

Sahil: shona what happen tell me y u asked us to get his pants

Swara: bhai I kept fevicol on his seat in anger and after that what will happen u know na

Listening both Sahil and Karan where laughing like hell

Sahil: once think the reaction of Sanskar Karan lollll ? ?

Karan: ha Karan he always does like this with his lecture now see he was facing it

Sahil: ha Karan Vo Lucy provobe like jaisa karni waisa hi barni same applies to him

Swara: what even sanku used to do like this (shocked)

Karan: of course what u thought u got this devil mind from him only

Swara making faces: what ever bhai chalo I’m hungry by he should have changed and she called priya and said she went for lunch with Sahil and Karan

Sahil: okie let me call Sanskar I will ask him to come home directly


Sanskar: bol Sahil

Sahil: Sanskar we came to Kolkata we are with swara chalo we all will have lunch at home u take half day leave even swara was leaving class

Sanskar: okie bye u people take swara and go to home I will come join u guys

Sahil: okie bye (to swara) shona chalo we will leave Sanskar will join us

Swara: okie bhai wait here I will get my bags and all

Karan: okie come soon baccha we wait in car

Both let to parking and waiting for her soon she came running to them with her bag and left the place with them

@sanskar side

Sanskar took permission from principle for half day he came to his room and started packing all the thing soon Deepika came to him after completing her class

Deepika: Sanskar why are u packing u r leaving now

Sanskar: ha Deepika I’m leaving my wife called me to home bcoz my friends came her and more than my friends they are her brother if I say no to her in front of them they will kill me (dramatically)

Deepika: (angry) Sanskar how can u leave like for ur wife I mean what she will think if u do like her wish she will take u has granted

Sanskar: (confused) what r u saying Deepika

Deepika: I saying treat ur wife has wife not like a queen or any princess if u treat her like this she will definitely cheat u one day

Sanskar: (angry tone raised his hand to slap her stop in between thinking her has girl)stop it Deepika u r a girl that’s y I’m leaving u so plz don’t talk rubbish about my wife what u said she will ditch me then let her ditch me if she will be happy that’s enough for me bcoz she is my princess my everything if she is happy then that’s enough for me plz don’t ill about my wife I don’t know what I will do in anger saying this he left the place

Deepika: (monologue) u did wrong by shouting at me and u have guts to raise hand on me what u r thinking I’m just teacher no this my college I like teacher profession that y I came here now I will see how u will survive without food and money I will make sure u won’t get anything and u will come to me and beg me for money wait a minute y to do that Deepika baby just make Sanskar bad in front of his wife for that u have to trace his wife so keep a detective baby u will get to know about his waise I tried but I didn’t see anyone beside him now I will this work detective nice Deepika what a nice idea (slef praising) u messed with a wrong person Sanskar that to with Deepika DEEPIKA MALHOTHRA only hear of Malhothra industries and companies thinking this she laughs like a mad

(guys Deepika don’t know that Sanskar is the only heir of maheswaries thinking about him has a normal person and after seeing his small flat she thought he is a normal person and she never saw swara with Sanskar bcoz once she saw both but Sanskar said swara is also in same flat so he was just dropping her)


Sanskar came in angry mood but seeing Sahil and happy he don’t want to disturb them and thought to share in other time Soon all started spending their time with jokes and swara pranks on Sanskar both Sahil and Karan where laughing holding their stomach but Sanskar was making faces seeing them

Screen freezes on swasan faces………..

Precap: stay tuned ………

************episode ends***************

Guys I thought to end this story but seeing all ur response I thoght to give u another chapter So it not 2shots Now it’s and ts means three shots I hope u all like it


Guys I’m so sorry for updating my stories late I’m doing internship in TS FORENSIC LAB it’s tight schedule for me so I’m unable to write the story so plz forgive me for that but I promise I will post soon

Im so sorry plz forgive me ??

Keep smiling guys……..

Bye bye…….

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