I love u my kiddo…… 2 Shots (1)

Hello guys I’m back with 2 shots I hope u like this

Let’s start

Screen starts with big Mansion Where there are so many people running here and there it is fully decorated with flowers lights and all

2 Mans aged 40s he was shouting on the servants to do work fast there is no time for them

Man 1: arey yar there is lot of pending work how to complete this In 2 hrs

Man 2: don’t worry shekar everything will be fine I told there is no need of this but u r the who adamant to do it grandly

Shekar: arey our only son and daughter are getting married Ram how can I let it go so simple

Ram: okie okie shekar now stop this and do work and I will get maa from hospital

Shekar said okie and Ram left the place to his mother


There are 2 ladies and trying to make their princess ready for marriage

Lady1 : arey Sumi don’t hold this pallu tightly

Sumi: bhabi swara is thin what I can I do that is y I used to told her that eat food but no she was adamant not have food she Saree is not at looking she was looking like Saree draped her not she

Sujata: khabardar Sumi Meri Swara ko kuch bole toh She was looking like really princess

Swara smiled widely and hugged sujata and showed to give to sumi in teasing way

Sumi nodded head in impossible way and left the place and and her to come soon

@another room

Our hero is getting ready in tension and his friends where teasing him There Sahil and Karan

Sanskar: arey yar I don’t want this marriage she is a kid how can I marry

Sahil: then y u said okie for marriage and I’m warning u if my sister cry after marriage then I will break ur bones

Sanskar: when I said I will marry swara u both know I have 10 years gap between both of us this all done only bcoz of dadi she was like beta Sanskar marry swara before dying I want to see u both marriage (imitates her)

(guys now u all got to know that how marriage is happening Sanskar dadi and is the mother of dp and sumi and she wasn’t both swasan to get married in front of her eyes before she die and she was in critical condition now so without any option both said okie for it but swara don’t even know the meaning of the marriage properly she was just Enter into 18 year a few day before And Sanskar his friends always pampered her alot)

Karan: I don’t know that but I want my sister to be happy

Sanskar made faces: u both are my friend or her sisters

Karan and Sahil: of course man her brothers don’t forget u are the one who loved her more than us

Sanskar: arey yes I agree I only did that but the thing is I never seen her in that way (confused state)

Sahil: Sanskar we know that but think may be she was ur partners so don’t leave her

Both made Sanskar understand that may it of god’s vil even Sanskar was slowly slowly convencied by them their conversation was broken by shekar and asked him to come down even swara get down with sumi and sujata


Marriage ritual where going on but for swara she was feeling happy bcoz now all their attention was on her she was enjoying that not even knowing whats going on Sanskar was smiling seeing her happy soon both completed their rituals and now both are marriage and swara Bose have become swara Sanskar maheswari dadi was so happy seeing them married soon she has taken to hospital again for treatment

@Bidaai time

Sumi was crying buy our heroine was seeing her like she was seeing a ghost Sujata was consoling her saying arey sumi u r crying like I’m in others city we are staying side by side still u r crying

Sumi: I don’t bhai but I’m feeling like to cry

Sumi: (hugs her) swara be like a good girl there don’t irritate Sanskar more like before now she was it husband

Swara: 1st tell me maa y r u crying (makes faces)

Sumi: (tears) swara from now u will stay with sujata bua

Swara: (happily) really that means I will bua I can play more than before and me and Sanskar can eat ice cream daily night

Sanskar listening ice cream word hits his forehead with his hands and mutters sathenash…..

Sujata: Ice cream?????

Swara: (realized what she said) vo vo bua

Sujata: tell me truth

Swara: (close her eyes and says in one go) me and Sanskar regularly have ice cream at mid nights without that I won’t sleep

Sumi: but how will he come to u daily

Swara: he will come by using pipe or duplicate keys

Sumi: who made duplicate keys (sternly)

Swara and Sanskar both ? towards each other swara to Sanskar and Sanskar to swara

Swara: Sanskar this cheating u only made duplicates

Sanskar: u only bought keys to me na like this both started fighting like kids

Elders where unable to show their fake anger bcoz they know that both eat late night not ice cream noodles Maggie and all but they can’t control more and started laughing

Listening their laugh both swasan came senses but both are looking each other with funny angry faces Soon both reached maheswari mansion next to gadodia mansion sujata did all ritual and enter into mansion she was so tired that she was holding Sanskar and sleeping on his shoulder while walking

Swara: bua when this all ritual will get complete (yawns)

Sujata: (smiles) all got completed u both can go to ur room

Swara: really(happily) sanku stretches her arms to lift Sanskar smiled seeing her and took her to room in his arms And made her sleep on the bed

Sanskar: doll change dress and sleep

Swara: plz Sanskar I want sleep I’m so tired

Sanskar: doll u won’t feel comfortable sleeping in wedding dress

Swara: get my dress then

Sanskar left to wardrobe and got her night dress and gave it to her. She took the dress and asked Sanskar to close his eyes

Sanskar: y should I close my eyes shona

Swara: so has I said Sanskar he did has she said after few minutes still swara didn’t respond him to open his eyes or not in irritation he opened and saw she was even sleeping her dress was thrower in some corners of the room Now he realised that she changed her in sleeping position only

Sanskar smiles and changes his dress and slept beside her holding her from her back and she was holding his hand which is on waist soon both drifted into deep sleep today there no need of ice cream bcoz both are really tired yar let them sleep

Next day

Both are sleeping peacefully holding each other now swara was full on him in sleep she slept on him both are sleeping by closing all curtains and all so sunrays can fall on them but their peaceful sleep was disturb by a knock on door

Sanskar woke up due to door and place swara slowly aside without disturbing her sleep pecks her forehead and left too open the door

Sanskar: (opens door yawning) ahhhhhhh mom y r u shouting can’t u wait for some time

Sujata: what sometime u know I’m knocking ur door from 15 min but u woke up now u idiot move said right have to wake up swara saying this she pushed him without listening him

Sujata: (careers swara hairs lovingly) shona shona beta plz get up

Swara half sleep opens her eyes and sees sujata seeing her she slept on his lap keeping her head

Swara: bua plz 5 min I’m really tired yesterday I’m so sleepy

Sujata: beta today u have to do some Pooja and u can sleep again plz get up na

Swara: bua plz I will woke up after 5 min Pakka Plz yawns

Sujata: okie 5 min after that both come down after freshen up wake her up fast Sanskar or else I will scold u not her

Sanskar nodded his making faces after 5 minutes he tried to Woke her up but still she was was saying 5 min by this he got irritated now he took her in arms to his shock she was sleeping more peacefully than before he shook his head and left to washroom with her in arms

He on the ? and kept her face so that she can woke up

Swara: ahhhhhhh Sanku save me tsunami tsunami I even don’t k of ? Sanku Sanku (shouting)

Sanskar: (irritated) for open ur eyes 1st

Swara: (opens her eyes) ohhh u r holding me thank god I’m saved saying she again holded him and want to sleep but Sanskar stated shaking her not giving her chance to close her eyes

Swara: sanku plz let me sleep na

Sanskar: no way doll if u get late mom will scold me

Swara: (making faces) okie but I felling sleepy yawns again

Sanskar with no option makes her stand in front of mirror she fel sleep on shoulder but Sanskar was helping her to do brush we can not helping he was only doing that work she was sleeping after some she got some senses both freshen up 1st swara and then Sanskar got ready

@ dinning table

Ramtha where sitting on table playing with spoons and plate soon shemish also joined them All 4 are playing with spoons soon swasan came down seeing her all eyes got a spark bcoz now they can eat

Swasan: good morning dad mom mamu bua

All: good morning princess / champ

Swara: chalo I’m hungry what u all made

Shomi: today there is no bf till u prepare any dish bcoz its a ritual

All men’s: what no way (shouts)

Sujata: what happen to u all its ritual she has to do and we all have to eat

Sanskar: mom y r u giving punishment to me if u have any problem with them plz tell I will try to but

Swara: (angry) today I will definitely cook for u all that to with anyones help

Sanskar: doll (soo sweet) plz don’t do that if u want to do okie let mom and bua help u plz. U r my baby doll na plz

All are supressing their laugh bcoz they know if she starts cooking she will take hours to complete she took 2 hrs to make Maggie of she cooks then it will take more than hrs they eat on lunch but it’s ritual so shomi and sujata can’t do any thing

Sanskar: plz doll I will silk bubbly no no we will have ur favorite pani puri near ur favorite kaka plz plz say okie to me

Swara was thinking about his tempting Offer bcoz she loves junk food and pani puri is her favorite one so she can’t say no to that so she said okie to him and let allowed sujata and shomi

Sumi: shona u have to make sweet that one dish is enough for us not more that

Swara: what only one dish is enough for u then there is no need of u both just for me for 2 min I will prepare sweet saying this she went inside here all are confused bcoz which she can prepare that to in to 2 minutes

Soon swara came to them with tray with glasses

Swara: all of u here is ur sweet see I asked 2 minuted but I completed in 1 and half min only

All are looking at her like what she did with in 2 minutes soon swara gave glasses to all and asked them to have it

Swara: have it maa it will very sweet

All: what is this swara u have given water to us

Swara: no mom I gave u all sweet water u all want sweet see I did sweet water simple (winks at them)

All mouths “o”??

Sanskar: (monologue) hey druga maa what kind of a biwi I got she gave sugar water to me instead to prepare sweet what if I ask to do so spicy food she may give me mirchi powder and ask me to eat Nooooo I have to be careful with my kiddo

Shekar: (sarcastically) shona what’s the use of this water u can directly give sugar to us na we would have ate that only

Swara: how can give sugar to u all papa maa and bus said I have to prepare so sugar is not prepared by me so I mixed it in water (proudly ??)

All nodded their heads in high relief and started eating all gave money to swara for making sugar syrup ??? swara took money happily and kept hand near Sanskar to give money

Sanskar: (looks at her) what???

Swara: money sanku (happily)

Sanskar: what money that for this sugar syrup no way I won’t give u

Voice: how dare to say like that to my sister we all already warned u not to make my sister sad

Sanskar: (mummers) wow these idiots came for their sister sentiment

Swara laughed seeing Sanskar but it was not notice by her brother sahil and Karan she acts like she was sad and hugged Sahil with pout face

Sahil: Sanskar what’s Is this u have to give money to her

Sanskar: u know what she made for sweet she made sugar syrup (mockingly)

Both shock listening this but soon composes themselves and started defending swara

Karan: Sanskar what u know about that it will also take time to prepare even energy

Sanskar: energy for that to for this

Sahil: of course y not she has to sugar for rack and she has to add in water that she has to stirr it till sugar gets dissolved How
much it will take I will even pain her hands

Swara: ha bhai its paining still

Sanskar: U guys are impossible

Sahil: I don’t know all that give money to her now

Sanskar: okie okie don’t bash me now (accept his defeat)

All are laughing seeing them soon dp got a call and got to know that dadi died all where listening this (guys I don’t wanna drag this more)

After 3 weeks

All is normal now and came back to their nok jhok all having fun with each others now it time for Sanskar departure

(guys Sanskar stay in Mumbai and his family in Delhi he wants to do live his life happily for few days without any restrictions work stress and all he just do a simple job for his survival lecture job take 30000 per months it will be enough for him o spend his life happy in that time only swasan got married now Ramtha asked let even swara to come with him bcoz even swara got her admission in Mumbai college both can stay and spend time with each other there will be a chance to grow their relationship and Sanskar even promised them that he will join his business after 2 year bcoz now swara was in 2nd year so more 2 year so that there is no need of staying her alone and here for u all both tension)

Screen freezes on swasan faces…….

***********epsidoe ends************

Precap: swasan at Mumbai………..

Keep smiling bye …….

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