Love u helly and ur positive vibe

Hi guys how u all. First of all best of luck for the exam season that most of you are going through and keep smiling.

I did not want to write because of the bashing and opted to be out for sometime or to analyse what has happened. This is my thought and even u like to bash it no more affects me  so no hard feelings about anything.

Just came across VK and DK allegations about Helly. Felt very bad and i just pity them. I am not telling not to let ur thoughts but try to be in their shoes may be you will get to know. For some even their parents would not have scolded, may be their princess or never heard of bashing. Just think about their felling before letting your thoughts.

Hats off Helly for the maturity you have shown at this age and the positive vibe that you showed us. It really inspired many (to be frank even I am included in the list) the sweet smile you always carry. And ya we can truly understand your feelings even though you don’t express it.

If VK had so much torture working with helly why the hell did he even mention in the last IV that he wishes to work with Helly in the future? It’s true that we may not get along with all the people, we may have issues with some but this is not the way to throw allegations. There are lot of co- actors who dnt like each other but was never so rude.

I was seriously pissed with the word “torture”. Please explain factually what all torture you went through. Helly is a bubbly and lively co-star her activeness and social moving. If you had issues if you would have explained her, she would have happily rectified it. I really felt bad when SR team had no guts even to open their mouth about this issue.

And most important abt DK, i seriously dnt understand what is her problem with Helly. She had moved on with her new career, she is least bothered about all this but still the past is haunting her.

Guys the best way is to ignore, plz guys ignore all the stuff the one who is affecting due to all this is helly, keep on talking about the same issue. Next time if DK comes up with new stuff just ignore, dnt even react. If we ignore them after 2-3 times those things will not affect us. Just for helly and her peaceful carrier. Thank god SR got over seriously feeling happy now. How much helly would have suffered if the serial was on.

Loveeee u helly in loadssssssssssssss. Loveeeee u alllll guys stay happy and keep smiling.

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  1. Becca

    I hate vk and dk feeling disgusting why was I ever his fan? he doesn’t deserve anything

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