Love U Forever…. -a Raglak Two Shots (Shot 2)


Recap:13/7/2017-a man was doing some one’s funeral

14/7/2017-a new day with raglak and their flash back

Let’s begin now

Early mng; 15/7/2017

Raglak were sleeping peacefully.Laksh was in half lying position with ragini in his embrace.Ragini’s head was over his chest.
Ragini opened her eyes and looked her sweet hubby.He was looking too cute…the angry man to d world was sleeping quietly.Who could believe this…

She smiled looking him…without disturbing his sleep she pecked his cheek.She smiled.Laksh frowned a little and Ragini who was admiring his handsome face got disturbed.When she found that the mng sun rays were disturbing his peacefull sleep she used her hand to avoid the sunlight on his face.His frowned eyes git normal now.Ragini thought something and smirked naughtily.

She slowly moved her hand aside…the sun rays again disturbed him.She again used her hand to avoid the light rays.Again slowly she moved her hand away….but this time laksh caught her hand and placed it near his left chest.But his eyes were still closed and he turned his face d other side so he could not get disturbed by those rays again.Ragini slowly pulled her hand back.At first laksh let her to pull but suddenly he pulled back.Ragini bumped into him….Ragini got her eyes wider.Laksh opened his eyes and gave her a charming naughty smile which made her to blush and bend down her head in shy.She tried to get up but he surrounded her waist with his hands.She was caged in his strong arms.

Laksh tucked her hair behind her ears and he caressed her lip with his thumb..

Ragini whispered his name

He placed his index finger on her lip.He pecked her both cheeks.Ragini who was on laksh lied over him completely lije how a kid will hang over mother.

Sometimes later….

Laksh was still sleeping.But this time he was lying completely on d bed….by his stomach.Ragini came out from d washroom wiping her wet hair.She kept her hands over her hips and looked laksh.

Ragini:Hey bhagwan!!This laksh is still sleeping

She went to him and shook his shoulders.

Ragini:Laskh…plz wake up. ..laksh

Laksh:plz yaar ragini….let me sleep for some time(in his sheepish voice)

Ragini:No way laksh….ab ki abi uttiye

She tried to pull him up but no use.She thought something.

Ragini:Laksh…I am warning u…wake up now or else I will pour water on u

He didn’t even react.

Ragini noded in disbelief.She went into d washroom and came with a bucket full of water.She sighed.

Ragini:Laksh….I am warning u for d last time

Usshhh…She poured water on him.Laksh woke up with a jerk.Laksh looked her with his hung up mouth.

Laksh:Mera bachha….u r gone (he stood up)

Ragini ran…she wanted to escape.She was running here and there.He was trying to catch her.Ragu threw pillows on him to defend herself….laksh caught then easily….

Finally ragini was caught….he lifted her in his arms and moved towards d washroom.Ragu tried hard to rid herself free.But Laksh was Laksh.

He went into d washroom and made ragini stand by her feet.Both were under d shower.He turned on d shower and both got drenched.Ragini tried to move out.But laksh held her strong and he pinned her against d wall.She was trapped btwn his arms.Laksh moved his face towards her.He pulled her towards him by her waist.He muzzled through her neck…he kissed her eyes.Ragini was clutching his shirt with her hands which were on his chest.Laksh kissed her lip which turned into a lovely lip lock….Ragini surrounded his neck using her hands….d lip lock was lasting for a long time and d screen blurred….

Laksh was now getting ready for his office.Ragini came into d room with a coffee cup.She placed it on table and went to d wardrobe.She took out a tie and moved to laksh who was setting his hair bfr d mirror.Ragini went bfr him….laksh smiled cutely and stopped his work.Ragini tied d tie around his neck.Laksh pulled her closer to him and was passing her the same cute smile.Ragini got disturbed by her few hairs that were falling bfr her eyes….laksh tucked those hairs behind her ear…and he caressed her cheek….ragini smiled looking him.She tied d tie and moved aside.Laksh now continued setting his hair which he was doing sometime bfr.And he was done nd was completely ready for office now

Ragini gave him his coffee…he sipped…his phn rang….Ragini showed him her palm signalling to wait.She took it from his pant pocket nd gave him….while he was sipping his coffee.


Caller:Woh aagayi hai…(he has come)

Laksh’ s eyes turned teary….revealing more pain.Ragini studied his eyes nd she understood its related to that bitter past.Her eyes too became teary now.

Laksh hung up d call and looked ragini.Both their teary eyes met.

Ragini:La..l…laksh…I….won’t stop u (she was breaking down)

And immediately hugged laksh in a bone crushing hug.Laksh too responded her hug in d same way.Both were broken in their hearts….it was paining a lot…but wat???

Laksh was driving his car….his eyes showed pain and anger more…we could see that from d mirror that drives see while driving.

The screen went white completely bcz its time for a flash back.

Laksh was driving d car….

Ragini:Laksh…..where are we going

Laksh just passed a smile to Ragini…

The car stopped….Ragini got out and came near laksh….she looked laksh amazed.Laksh just smiled looking her.Ragini’s eyes welled up and lips curled into a smile.

She saw a group of girls bfr them in lehengas and matching accessories.They were standing with some things in a plate which were covered with red clothes.One girl came forward and took her aarti.All d girls were her frnds (school and clg frnds )

Ragini found a name board…which was decorated with flowers

“Lakshya Maheshwari weds Ragini Gadodia”

That made her to cry nd smile at d same time.She looked laksh and he smiled at her lovingly.

“Laksh”, she uttered in her cracking voice and hugged him placing her head on his chest.Laksh held her in his embrace and caressed her head.

The girls opened those red clothes…those were ragini’s jewels nd bridal dress.They walked in….
It was a huge hall…..decorated vry grandly…

Laksh surprised her girl again….she got more emotional now.She was crying nd running now…we could see that from her front view.She hugged some one…laksh was smiling looking them.

Ragini:Arjun bhai (played by Arjun Bijlani)…

Arjun is ragini’s elder brother.He is her mother and father too.He is a business man…he was in New York these many days.Same like laksh,Arjun nd ragini lost their parents but d difference is ragu and arjun list their parents at young age.

Raglak’s wedding was done like this…

Fb ended….and showed laksh who was driving d car.

He stopped his car in a lonely place….almost it was like a forest.He got out.And found Arjun bfr him.Both were looking pale….

Arjun nd Laksh were looking eo.

Arjun handed laksh a cover.Laksh opened it…his eyes showed his rage

Laksh:I have to kill this animal (he grinned)

Arjun patted him…,”But we must confirm it bfr getting into d action”

Laksh:I know its him…Ragini said me its him

Arjun:When will u understand this laksh…I know u are in pain….and it takes time to cure ur pain.Even I have d pain which u are going through now…but I am not like u

Laksh:I dont want to understand anything…bass tell me where is he now

A guy’s back was shown…he was in formal suits.He was in a office and was looking out from d glass window.


Ragini was standing in d balcony of raglak room.She was looking d sky with pain in her eyes.

Arjun was in same place….alone.Laksh had left from their.Arjun knelt on his knees and he looked d sky.His eyes were letting out his tears.

The same man who was showing his back was shown.He was still in d same position.

Some one came behind him,”Sir….everything is ready for d board meeting”

The guy turned….he is revealed to be zain(played by Zain Imam)

4 pm

The screen now showed Ragini who was on d bed.She was half lying on her bed.She heard d horn sound of his car.She immediately stood up and went bfr d mirror.She wiped her tears and tried to smile.She ran out of d room.

She ran through d stairs and stopped when he stood bfr her.Both looked pale but still both tried to smile looking eo.Laksh caught her wrist.

Laksh:Bachha…come with me but don’t ask me where

Ragini looked him a little confused….

Raglak were in d car.Laksh was driving. Ragini looked him once with teary eyes and she looked out when her vission got blurred due to her tears.She was teary bcz she found tears stagging in laksh’s eyes.She knows he is in pain but she could not do anything….destiny had played such a game.

Screen went white….its fb time

Laksh now really need to leave Ragini for 4 weeks.He has to leave of Mumbai regarding his business.Infact laksh was not interested to leave her but ragini convinced him.He left her with a heavy heart.

He was standing near his car….and ragini was also there to send him off.

Laksh:Should I leave??(he asked with a cute pout)

Ragini:Haan toh kya…

Laksh:Then give me a kiss

Ragini widened her eyes.She was pulled immediately into a lip lock….it lasted for mins and got broken when both lacked oxygen to breathe

Ragini raised her hand to beat him playfully.She was hitting his chest playfully.Laksh defended himself using his hand.At one instance he caught her hand and pulled her closer…..both were lost in a cute eye lock….Ragini was having her hand on his chest.Laksh’s one hand was holding her hand d d other surroundef her waist…they stood forgetting d world being lost…..

The screen went white nd came to d present..

Ragini recollected d past…she was looking from d car with ger teary eyes while sad bgm of teri galliyaan played to match d scenario

Laksh stopped d car…..and raglak came out.Arjun was also there.It was a lonely road and more trees were there around.

Arjun came near:He will b here in few mins

Laksh noded,”ok”

Arjun:Are u sure laksh that he did that with Ragini….police even closed d file without getting a single proof (he became teary)

Ragini was also with teary eyes and stood near d car..

Laksh:I am sure its him bcz ragini ne kudh bathaya mujhe.

Arjun:Laksh…..plz understand that ragini is no more.She left us…..alone (his voice was cracking)

Laksh:Ragini is not dead (he said with a hard voice)

Arjun:laksh….its u who did her funeral rituals…

The scene was shown now….the same opening scene in the frst update.

A man with white kurti and pyjama was showing his back….he was holding fire in his right-hand.His eyes were shown…we could see d pain in his heart through his eyes.He lit fire… Ragini who was dead….his eyes shined in tears….even Arjun was not there at that time he was In abroad.

(Guys dont get confused. ….read fully u will understand d story)

Back to d present….

Laksh and Arjun placed some thorns on d road in such a way nobody could assume its thorn….they moved into their cars and drove away.They parked d car somewhere and came back to d same place….they hid somewhere….we could see raglakarjun hiding and watching d road.

It was almost d time for d sun to set….it didnt set completely…

Soon a car stopped nd d man came out…..he looked d tyres

“Shit man…..”, he kicked d tyre nd turned around….he got shocked….and d man was revealed to b Zain.

He was shocked bcz laksh was standing bfr him….his eyes were blood shot…his eyebrowns were frowned and he was grinning his teeth…his each hands made tight fists.

Laksh immediately punched his stomach.Zain caught his stomach and winced in pain.Arjun and ragini were watching…laksh had asked arjun not come in between until he says…

Zain was on d ground and laksh was above him.Laksh caught his collar and made him stand….zain was not able to stand straight…. he was too weak now…Laksh’s anger was d reason…

Laksh:kyun….(he kept on punching his face)kyun mara tumne meri ragini ko….speak up

Finally he spoke


Ragini was talking with laksh that his business trip was successfull and he was on d way to home…he added he would reach home in few mins…both hung d call.Ragini seemed very happy and she turned.She was shocked….phn was dropped down and broken from her hand…a hand approached her neck And caught hold her neck…ragini was suffocating and she even tried to free herself but couldn’t.

The person was revealed to be zain….

Ragini:La….ksh…laksh (uttered his name with much difficulty)

Zain grinned and slapped her….she was now on d ground.He sat bfr her and ragu moved back being scared….he caught hold her hair…ragu winced in pain, “aaahh”

Zain:laksh…laksh…laksh (irritated tone)

“U know wat ragini….I hate Lakshya Maheshwari…we both were in same school and same class too.From my childhood he has d habit of defeating me…he beat me in studies, sports and In everything……. hated him for that.And u ragini…u too have joined him now.U both defeated Zain…When I saw u for d frst time in clg na I fell for u.I didnt know u and laksh loves eo.Finishing d final year I went to abroad.When I returned now…I got to know I am defeated by laksh and u both have defeated me.I cant tolerate loosing u to him….u know wat…I am gonna give him his life’s biggest loss”

Ragini looked him confused…he pulled her hair and made her stand.

Zain:If u aren’t mine (he paused) then u can’t be anyone else’s

He stabbed her….ragini got her eyes bigger.

He stabbed again saying,”This Is for loving him”

He stabbed again….,”This is my win and laksh’s defeat”

He stabbed again,”Mar jao Ragini (die ragini)”.He pushed her on d floor.He was also teary seeing her condition but he wants to defeat laksh

Ragini was in much pain…she was suffering a lot.. he stabbed her almost four times in her stomach.

She was crying in pain….

Zain (teary):I never wished to see u in this stae but u….u went behind him.lakshya is lost now bcz of his love(he smiled)

(Sad bgm of teri galliyaan played)Ragini:Mine and……laksh’s love….is…not that weak …(she was struggling to speak even a word)raglak’s love… will never allow laksh…. to lo…loose.L…laksh will fight u back…laksh…..

Her eyes were opened….her breath was stopped .laksh… her love…that was her final word.

Fb ended….

Arjun was amazed….this was exactly what laksh tells him that ragini said him…

Laksh to arjun:will u believe me atleast now.

Both laksh and arjun expressed their anger on zain.. both beat him blue and black…they threw his body away In d bushes.


Laksh returned home happily…

Laksh:Bachhaa…I am home

He frowned seeing police and media in his home…he found a dead body covered with white cloth.The police explained him about ragini’s murder.Laksh caught hold of Inspector’s and fought with inspector.Tge police showed her face…he was shattered….he cried vigorously.After his parents death again he was crying nw and nobody is there to compose him.Police said…there is no evidence left by d culprit..even d cctv was damaged.

The funeral was done…nobody around him…

Aftr d funeral laksh came to his room like a lifeless body..raglak moments flashed…he smiled.he moved forward and touched each and everything there nd closed his eyes to feel her.

He decided something…he looked determined

Laksh was holding a knife to cut his wrist,”Laksh will be there where his bachhaa is…I am coming Ragini

He was about to cut,”Laksh….”…he was her sweet voice.He felt cold breeze on his face…He smiled amongst his tears and turned…..she came in…towards him….

She touched his hand and took away d knife and noded no..his eyes were shining in tears nd his lips curled into smile.He slowly raised his hands and touched her eyes…she closed her eyes…laksh smiled more…

Fb ended

Arjun looked laksh….

Arjun:Is ragini here…. (he asked like a kid)

Laksh noded s

Arjun:can I see her

Laksh noded no:Only laksh can….

Laksh went near ragini and side hugged her.He kissed her head and caressed her head.He brought her near Arjun.Laksh held ragini in his embrace through his right hand and he caught arjun’s hand with his left hand.Arjun felt a weird feeling…his eyes overflowed tears…he shuddered.He looked laksh,”Ragini…(in his low broken voice)

Laksh noded s with a smile.

Ragini can touch only rag and laksh’s things nd
Lakshya.Only laksh could see her and feel her and touch her…its not his hallucinations.Ragu cant live like a human but she is here for laksh…her lakshya.She gave him d never fading love,true love which he longed since childhood.Ragu too got a true, pure love from him..he was ready to sacrifice his life for her.

The sun was setting and it was almost dark.Laksh caught arjun in his left hand….and ragini in his right embrace and she was resting her head on his shoulder.The trio were walking in that lonely road. ..their backs were shown. ..(teri galliyaan sad version song sung by Shraddha nd Ankit in choruses was playing at d background)Guys guys…if u hace any doubts plz read d frst part or read d dates mentioned in d reacap

In d frst update raglak made a promise that both will never leave each other even aftr their death….the promise is not broken.People say frst love mostly will be on wrong person or even if it Is on a right person it won’t win…but my story has proved it wrong.

Even our Ragini Lakshya Maheshwari’s frst nd last love was Lakshya Maheshwari (in swaRagini)…how many heart breaks and struggles…hates off to Raglak ♥♥♥

Missing raglak very badly :'( :'( :'( …
Dedicated to Nami, Teja and all Temishians

There are too many love stories with tragic end or happy end.But this story is btwn both….guys its my first Two shots……Ty all nd love u so much guys.Hope I didn’t irritate or bore anyone…If so I am really sorry guys


Credit – #manju

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