Love U Forever…. -a Raglak Two Shots (Shot 1)

Hello dears, this is #manju and I am here with an idea of giving u two shots on our favorite couple raglak.This is my frst ever attempt of writing two shots….

So here I start……


Evng,13 july 2017

The sun was setting and it was almost dark…..
A man in white kurta and pyjama was holding fire in his right hand.Only his back was shown.He set fire to someone’s dead body bfr him. (His and d dead person’s faces were not shown).He was looking d fire which was burning which can be seen by us In his eye lens.We can also see his tears,pain in his eyes.Again he was shown from his back.And nobody was around or near him to support him.
He was alone…..

A new day(14/7/017)

The screen showed a man who was doing his work outs in the gym that he set for him In his home.His arms had clear cuts…..which revealed how he works out everyday to maintain his physique.His face was reaveked to be our handsome hero Laksh Maheshwari…..

At an office

Parking area…..

A girl parked her scooty and walked but she stopped when a security came to her….

Security:Hey girl….are u new to dis office


Security:Come on quick….park ur scooty somewhere else

Girl:But y should ….( she stopped speaking and looked…a car came faster towards her scooty)

A black BMW car came faster and her scooty flew from there.The door of d car opened from d driver seat side.A foot was stepped out….black pant and black shining shoes.He came out and kept is one elbow over d car top and from d other hand he put his black coolers and placed d right elbow over d car door..He turned to his right a little.He turned fully(that was our laksh)and closed his door and walked. ..

The girl:Hey u…..can’t u see….

He payed no heed to her and entered his office.

Security:Ye ladki….are u mad…he Is ur boss


Security:Haan…he is laksh Maheshwari….d CEO of Maheshwari Industries…..I dk wats written on ur fate…go in soon…ur already late

The grl stepped inside d office….

Receptionist:Excuse me mam..

The girl looked the receptionist.

Recep:Sir (laksh) has asked not to let u in….u don’t have any job here.

The grl turned away in upset but stopped when she heard this…

Recep:Sir asked u to get ur eye treated(reply to which she asked him cant u see) bcz u were parking ur scooty in his place.

He is a young man who is very rude to all.But not to one person…..all the office staffs were afraid of him…he wants perfection in every work.The staffs will make sure that their works are perfect orelse they need to bear their boss laksh maheshwari’s anger. And they are not fools to leave job in his office too.Laksh pays his staffs more than other companies and he is and his conpany are the number one in the whole India.Laksh is the son of Ap and dp.unfortunately both died in an accident when laksh was doing his sec year in college

Few years ago…..

A clg campus….

A gang was sitting under a huge tree……they were raging d new comers.

Boy:wats ur name


Another girl in d gang: where are u from

Muted reply

Same boy:Have to do sonething to u…
he kept thinking.

(All d while only no face revealation of d Girl)

Another boy said something in d gang leader’s ear…

Gang leader:(smirked)…u go and call that boy (he showed someone)

Laksh was coming there wearing an orange sleeve full shirt that was folded upto his elbow and a black jean.He was walking with a frowned face….
Laksh is d one who never speaks to anyone other than when needed and his anger its uncontrollabe…He is also a senior n this clg.He hates grls and boys….no reason behind this nature thats his real nature…

Poor girl unknowing about laksh she accepted to call him. (Still her face wasnt revealed)

Laksh had already passed them… she followed him.

The gang was giving hi-fi to eo and was laughing at d grl. They followed laksh and d grl secretly.(only d grls back was shown…she was wearing an orange coloured plain anarkali)

She ran behind him. Saying excuse me….but he didnt pay any heed.She tapped his shoulder.

Oh no wats lucky gonna do!!!!!

He grinned his teeth and turned to her.He was freezed and seemed lost bcz Nw her face was revealed.Frst her lips which were rosy….giving a smile, then those mesmerizing eyes, her hair which were flyng in the direction of wind.It was Ragini Gadodia from Kaali Baadi..even ragini seemed lost…both were lost in eo eyes…this was d frst time laksh was stnding bfr someone(girl/boy)for a long time……

The gang which sent ragini was upset now as their plan flopped…..

The screen went fully white and then showed laksh who was in a board meeting…..he was doing his presentation….

Laksh moved out to his cabin and started working…..hours passed but he was still worķing.Suddenly he heard a sound of something falling down(some thing fell due to wind)…and he looked up then he smiled and looked d wall clock…it was 6 pm.He smiled and stood up closing his laptop and files.He moved out from d office and got into his car.

The car stopped……a man got out and entered into a big mansion..

Ragini…I am home…he shouted.It was laksh and the mansion was obviously Maheshwari mansion.He descended down d stairs.He paused with a smile…he was looking someone.Ragini……she was wating for him in d dining area…

Ragini….he called.She looked up and came to him…

Laksh…..fresh ho ke aayiye na I have made ur fav pasta with white sauce…

Yes…..ur majesty…he replied with a smile.

Sometimes later,

Ragini was serving him.she was wearing a plain light blue saree with floral printed blouse nd laksh was wearing a light blue tshirt and a grey lower..She moved when she served him…She opened her eyes wide bcz laksh caught her by encircling her stomach and then he pulled her towards him.That was a strong pull which was enough strong to pull ragini towards him and ragini landed safely on his lap.Ragini was caught hold btwn laksh’s strong arms.

Imagine ur fav romantic tune guys

Ragini nd laksh’s faces were close to eo and both could feel eo’s hot breath.They were in to each other’s eyes.

Ragini:Laksh(like a whisper)

Laksh:sshh…(he placed his finger on her lips)

Laksh took pasta using folk and feeded ragini who was on his lap.Ragini was eating and little
Cream was left on a corner of her lips.Laksh noticed it and used his right thumb to wipe it.Ragini looked him.Laķsh took his thumb into his mouth.Ragini blushed and put her head down In shy.

Laksh lifted her chin and ragini looked him .

Laksh:Ur turn (he handed her d folk)

Ragini fed him….but some pasta fell on his t-shirt.Ragini cleaned it using her pallu end.

The screen blured and showed laksh walking up in d stairs with ragini in his hands.Ragini was hldng her hands around his neck and both were looking into their eyes.

Laksh entered their room and placed ragini on d bed and kissed her forehead.Ragini closed her eyes sweetly.He then sat beside her by half lying on the bed.

Ragini placed her ead on his chest and hugged him.laksh encircled her waist with one of his hands.Ragini was in his embrace and both closed their eyes and dozzed off.

The screen again went completely white to show a flash back.

Raglak were having hidden feelings for eo from their frst meet.Laksh who dont talk much with anyone was found with raigini all time…ragini too didnt spend much time with her frnds like she does with laksh.

One day…..

Ragini and laksh were walking on a lonely road maintining a distance btwn them.Laksh looks ragini when she looks somewhere else..and when ragini looks him he looks somewhere else…both were looking eo withou eo knowledge.While looking…both had a smile.The nature was also supporting there romance.It was a chill rainy day.The roads and tree leaves were wet due to rain and now its actually not raining.Ragini was wearing a plain bright yellow anarkali and laksh was in a white full sleeve shirt and a black pant.

There lasted a long silence btwn them….ragini broke it..

Laksh…plz tell me about ur childhood.(while walking)

He stopped walking and smiled looking her.Ragini too smiled looking him.

He walked and spoke about his childhood.
Durga Prasad Maheshwari was a great successful business man in india.His wife Annapoorna Maheshwari supported him like a pillar in his bussiness.They had a son Lakshya Maheshwari…he was the only heir of d Maheshwari Empire to rule it in d fuutre.His parents were very busy in their business world that they didnt get time to spend with laksh…he was all alone even if he had parents.Most times he dont celebrate his birthday bcz his parents would go for any business tour.He longed for love from his childhood.He grew up.And his lonliness to increased.Along with him his anger and hatred for others too grew more.He dont speak with anyone much and e don’t smile all d time. He smiles very rarely and that too very shortly.He was used to all this from childhood.His lonliness was d sole reason behind his this nature.His parents died in a plane crash when was in his clg sec year.His parents were leaving him for a business tour but unfounfortunately they left him forever.That was d day he cried more…more …in pain.He as alone again.

(Tum hi ho sad instrumental bgm played)

Ragini who was listening his story was teary.Her vision even became blur due to those tears.But laksh was still..not even a drop of tear from his eyes and moreover he was smiling.

Whatever be his nature….but it was ulta with Ragini

Ragini looked him amazed while walking….how could he smile even now and she. His lonliness had changed him into wat he was not.she believed this is not his real nature and his real nature was seen by her when she is around him.She understood he too loves her.
In this point, love can understand heart’s language in silence.

She smiled at him while walking and he too smiled back.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

Suddenly it started to rain….laksh ran to go under a tree but he stopped….ragini was in d rain….she opened her hands wide and spinned herself.Laksh looked her mesmerized.

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera

He rmbrd their frst meet…love at frst sight and those eyes of ragini…he smiled.

Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Ragini stopped spining and looked laksh who was looking her already.
Ragini called laksh to join her in d rain but he noded no.Ragini went to him and pulled him in d rain and looked him.

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho

Laksh closed his eyes sweetly while cupping her face.He smashed his lips with ragini’s.Ragini too closed her eyes.But within seconds laksh opened his eyes nd turned back scratching his head.Ragini too opened her eyes.
He looked back and asked her sorry but to his surprise……

Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

Ragini hugged him tighter imediately clutching his shirt and laksh who was in shock realized what happnd now.He smiled and hugged her back.Both had their eyes closed with a smile on their lips.

The screen blured and came back….to show the couple raglak.laksh was half lying nd ragini who was resting her head on his chest.Ragini was in laksh’s embrace.they were In sleep.
The screen splitted into two one showing raglak hugging in d rain and the other hugging in d sleep from which fb was shown.

Another fb….

Ragini was in MM.Laksh showed her d whole MM.

Finally laksh showed his room.

Ragini:wow…beautiful (she sat on d bed)

Laksh immediately lies on d bed resting hus head on Her lap.Ragini blushed with his actions.Laksh smirked.

Laksh who wàs lying on her lap had his eyes closed and ragini was running her fingers Into his hair strands.


Laksh:Mmmm (still eyes were closed)

Ragini:U wont leave me ever na laksh

Laksh opened his eyes and sat up looking her.He cupped her cheeks.

Laksh:Mera bachchaa….what hpnd to u.Y are u talking like this.

Ragini caught his hands which were cupping her cheeks.

Ragini:Tell me na

Laksh:(still cupping her face)I wont leave u even if I am dead.

Ragini covered his mouth and noded no…

Ragini:Aur hum bhi….

Both hugged eo in a bone crushing hug.Laksh caressed ragini’s head and kissed her head.

Aftr completing their studies….laksh looked after his family business.Raglak got married.

To be continued…..
Its just d beginning guys…stay tuned on #RaglakForeverTemishPreciousLove page

Precap:Twists and Suspense

Credit – # manju

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