I LOVE U – ff on Raglak by Dramalover (Intro)

HI guys this is Harsha aka dramalover. Some of you might know me as the writer of kaira ff”I NEED U”. This one is dedicated to Astra di and sammy aka CrazygirlS.P . They were the ones to pestered me to write an ff on Raglak ;p. But truthfully I was missing seeing Raglak on screen , so i am writing this. suggestions and advices are sincerely welcom. i will be mostly focusing on Ragini’s p.o.v. ingnore my typos and grammatical errors.
Narrator: a college is shown with xyz name written in big bold letters. the camera focuses on the college canteen, zooming on a particular table.

I shouted and stood up, the whole canteen turned to look at me. i ignored them concentrating on the matter on hand.’Ragini, pls sit down’ Helly pleaded to me. for the sake of it I sat down. “no, my swaragini cannot end…” i said sniffing my nose. you heard that right , I shouted because I heard my swaragini was coming to an end. the news broke my heart. Swaragini is my favourite tv serial ( partly because one of the main lead was named after me:P). ” arrey dramaqueen, stop your act, its just a serial, chill out ” Aaru said. I wanted to strangle her. how dare she say that swaragini was some serial? agar tum mere baap ke baare main bakwaas karo, mein sehluga, par meri swaragini ki baare main nahi!
oh srry maine introduction nahi diya.

meet myself Ragini Pandey, second year fashion technology student.
as you might have gussed from above i am a huge dramebaaz. and the ones who were listening to my ruckus were Helly and Aaradhya (aaru), my besties.
as i was saying, i didn’t want my swarsgini to end. Mere RAGLAK ki kahaani khatam nahi ho saktha:((((. Raglak. that name itself says it all . but i wonder…..
is Ragani Pandey ko kab uska Mr Maheshwari milega?…
so here is the intro. it may not be up to your standards but chappal and tomatoes are not accepted, i repeat NOT ACCEPTED, but comments and compliments are always welcome:PPPP. drop in your comments and let me know if i should continue this ff.

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  1. Mintu

    Awesome dear..Give the dialogues In english

  2. Shrilatha

    Awesome harsha

  3. Jayanti

    awesome…continue…really amazing and a different concept

  4. Harinipriya

    Oh hi Harsha! Its superb prologue! And I also done some crazy shouting when I came to no that Swaragini is going to end and no more RAGLAK! 🙁 But now I am happy that my sissy is going to start an ff, heyyyyyyyyyyy I am glad and that too RAGLAK!!!!!!!!!! 😀 The prologue is awesome and I am waiting for Laksh’s entry! Post next part ASAP! And best of luck for all the upcoming ffs of urs and I will be eagerly waiting to read those. 😀

  5. IQRA222

    awesome harshu di

  6. Awesome….
    Do Continue​…

  7. Naz_Temish

    Heyyy that’s prettycool and awesome ????

  8. Follybraverl

    Haha awesome


  10. Awesome

  11. superb part

  12. Naagin

    Super intro even i am sad for Swaragini end ??

  13. awesome

  14. Asra

    awesome dear….plz continue in English dear…waiting for ur update…tkcr dear…

  15. Awesome

  16. ManjuAkalya

    Awww its fantastic.

  17. Interesting

  18. Sowmya Johnson

    Awesome dear friend

  19. Dharani


  20. Interesting episode and plz continue

  21. Dramalover

    srry mujhe individual reply dena ka time nahi hai, but thank u all for commenting, i didn’t expect so many comments. priyuu tumhne intro accha laga, thank u , btw congrats for winning the os compi… and thank u so much all for commenting , will try to update soonn…:)))))))))))

  22. Astra

    nice intro dear.. do continue.

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