I LOVE U – ff on Raglak by Dramalover (Chapter 1) continued

hey guys this is Harsha here. thank u for the comments , i really appreciate it. this is not the second chapter but some parts of chapter one were missing when i submitted it, so i thought resubmit it. so here is the rest
after class @ canteen

i was busy thinking about my dream when.. ‘RAAGNIII’ Aaru shouted in my ear .’whaatt??’ i asked irritated .. ughh that hurt. ‘I asked if you heard about the change in ownership of our school?” She did? wait, what??’what do u mean?” i asked” our college has been bought by some international company , the news regarding the buyers has not been revealed yet.”Aaru replied.” oh, but the last time i checked the Mehra industries (previous owner of college) was doing well. why did they decide to sell it?”i asked. They seemed to be as confused as i was. why do i feel that something is going to happen today???


i know that the hero hasn’t arrived yet, but picture abhi bhi baaki hai mere dostt><:PP so here is the rest, hope you guys like the rest of it tooo

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    1. Dramalover

      thank u, did read the previous oneee?

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        No, I haven’t, but I will readit later

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        Read it*

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    Eagerly waiting for the next episode. Plzzzzz update it soon. Well this episode is also very good. Stay blessed and keep smiling. When our hero will arrive? And the hero is Laksh only na?

  8. Interesting but plzzzzzzzzz make long episodes

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