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In love with u (episode 3) (tanshi,ishveer, shraman,devakshi,arshi,sahil)


So here i am with the much awaited episode 3

As i told u
Dev and rishi are brothers
Tanu and sona are sisters

So here it goes

Dev and sona are seeing each other

Suddenly ishwari calls out for dev

Dev and sona head towards the living room

Ishwari: dev, natasha wants the marriage to happen asap

Dev: sorry natasha but this marriage wont happen as i love sona

Suddenly rishi enters

Rishi: what???

Ishwari: dev

Dev: yes mom and rishi, we both love each other and want to get married

Ishwari: sona is this true???

Sona: yes aunty

Rishi hugs dev

Rishi: brother i am so happy for u

Dev: thx bhai for supporting me

Natasha: what the hell is happening here

Dev: pls natasha

Natasha agrees and turns to leave

Natasha(in mind) : i wont let this happen dev i love u and u will marry only me

Sona comes to touch ishwari’s feet but she takes her feet back

Sona , dev and rishi are shocked

Sona: aunty Actually…..

Ishwari: keep quiet, (smiles) daughters dont touch feet

Ishwari hugs sona

Everyone is happy

Ishwari: my best wishes are always with both of u….god bless u

Ishwari heads towards dev

Iswari: i am very happy for u

Dev looks at sona and smiles

Rishi: mom, this is unfair, th…this is injustice, give some love to me too

Ishwari hugs rishi

Ishwari asks sona to come with her

Rishi and dev: (whisper and show sign of “best of luck”)

Rishi: bhaiya love is so awesome na it changes everything….right???

Dev: (raises his eyebrow) bhai ek baat bata tujhe bhi hua hai kya???

Rishi: kya hua hai???

Dev: pyaar

Rishi reminces tanu after listening the word

Rishi: haan bhai

Dev: kya?? Kisse ???

Rishi comes to his senses

Dev: bol bol

Rishi: nah mujhe koi pyaar-vyaar nahin hua

Dev eyes rishi

Rishi: aapke topic se mujhpe kaise aa gaye

Dev: wooh…..

Rishi: vaise bhabhi bahut sahi pakdi aapne….. Aapki toh ban gayi aur meri bhi

Dev: teri kaise

Rishi(thinks): bhabhi ki behen bhi toh beautiful hai

Rishi: haye ladki beautiful kar gayi chull

Dev: gana kyun gaa raha hai

Rishi: kuch nahin bhai u carry on

Dev: pagal kahin ka

On the otherhand

Sona comes home and tells everything to her family

Tanu hugs her

Her mom feeds her mithai

Sona: maa, shadi se pehle mota karogi toh dev kahega ghar pe bahu nahin gubara bhej hai

Mom: chup….its such a nice day

Sona: maa, i am going to freshen up

Sona goes in her room and smiles remembering time with dev

Rishi calls tanu

Rishi: tumhe pata toh chal hi gaya hoga mere bhai aur tumhari behen ke baare mein


Risho: mujhe tumse baat karni hai

Dev enters and signs to bring her down

Rishi: kya tum neeche aa sakti ho i am in your area

Tanu smiles

Tanu happily: ok

Tanu comes down and sees rishi waiting

She comes towards him and he turns

Both smile

Tanu: hi….itni raat mein tumne bulaya…kya hua

Rishi: tumhari behen ka fav color kya hai!???

Dev: kya kar raha hai chote

Tanu: orange

Rishi thinks: accha mauka hai lage haath apni taraf se bhi sawal puch leta hun

Rishi: orange kyun??? Aur kitne colors hai blue, green, pink purple

Tanu: tumhe kya problem ho rahi hai???

Rishi: un…mmm….vaise tumhe kaunsa color pasand

Tanu thinks rishi stares

tanu: i love light blue and pink ka combo

Rishi: meri kitni good choice hai (addressing tanu)

Tanu: tumhari good choice

Rishi: un…haan….main bhi toh vahi keh raha hun tumhari good choice

Tanu: aur kuch

Rishi sadly: no

Tanu: bii

Rishi waves

Both turn to see each other and smile

Scene shifts to shraman

Shravan: i can drop u

Suman: no thanks…..i can handle myself

Shravan: toh tum thanks bhi kehti ho

Suman: very funny bii

Suman turns to leave and slips

Shravan holds her

Both share eyelock

Shravn: dikh raha ahi how much can u handle urself

Suman: chodo mujhe

Shravan: ok

Shravan leaves suman and suman is about to fall again

But she holds shravan’s hand and tries to get up

Finally suman falls and shravan falls over her

Suman: ouch

Shravan with care: are u ok

Suman: ya

Shravan makes suman sit in the car

Sharvan applies medicine and then both share eyelock again

Suman sweetly: thank u

Shravan: its ok

Both leave in car

Meanwhile in sanam’s bedroom

Aahil comes via window and scares sanam

Sanam gets afraid but is relieved to know its aahil

Sanam: tum na marvaoge kisi din

Aahil: sanam re sanam re

Sanam smiles

Aahil: kya karoon i wanted to meet u

Sanam: even i wanted to meet u

Aahil: what happened???

Sanam: we have to do something asap

Aahil: ya i know

Sanam hits him playfully

Sanam: kya i know

Aahil looks confused

Sanam: bhai mere aur shravan ki sagaai fix kar rahein hai

Aahil: what???tumhare bhai do minute ka chain nahin hai

Sanam: kya karein

Aahil thinks for a moment and then bents on his knees

Sanam stands surprised

Aahil: shaadi karogi mujhse

Sanam: r u serious….i mean yes, ofcourse….i was waiting for this moment

Aahil gets up

Aahil and sanam hug each other passionately and happily

On the other hand in ishveer’s room

Ishani is arranging the cupboard when ranveer comes from behind and holds her

She turns

Ishani: ranveer woh

Ranveer: kya hua ishani why r u so tensed

Ishani: aaj sanam ka behaviour ajeeb th

Ranveer caresses ishani

Ranveer: mere DP itni tension mat lo tumhare chehre pe suit nahin karta

Ishani: DP???

Ranveer: dharam patni…

Ishani raises her eyebrow

Ranveer: haan….woh…u know i was just trying to be cool

Ishani laughs and ranveer stares

Ranveer: be happy this is what suits u

Ishani: mere baarein mein kitna sochte ho….thank u

Ishani kisses him

Ranveer too kisses her forehead and hugs her

Ishani: can we go to temple pls i want to pray

Ranveer: ok

Arshi scene

Khushi: arnav i only trust u in this whole world

Arnav: i know why

Khushi: that man destroyed my life completely and made my family against me

Arnav : dont remember it as u will feel sad

Khushi hugs arnav and cries

Arnav cries seeing khushi’s comdition

Khushi: i went against my family for him…. What was my fault that i loved him

Arnav is hurt but hides his tears and consoles khushi

Screen freezes on faces of all

Precap: all couples getting married to each other

Credit to: Sanika

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