In love with u (episode 2) (tanshi,ishveer, shraman,devakshi,arshi,sahil)

Back to sanam and aahil…..aahil is about to leave when sanam holds his hand

Aahil: usually you say “ki koi dekh lega” “koi dekh lega” and aaj toh suraj kahan se nikala u r holding my hand…..bolo kyun roka

Sanam: uss shravan ka kya karoon….but u know wat i am happy ki uss idiot ne tumse accha kara business mein….

Aahil eyes her

Sanam: accha ok baba….forget it….koi idea do

Aahil: ek idea aaya dimaag mein

Sanam: oh toh tumhara dimaag hai

Aahil: very funny…ok listen….
ek chakoo lo dheere dheere uski taraf jao aur kaat do

Sanam: shravan ko….

Aahil: pagal ho kya….khooni bana kar chodogi tum toh….apple ko

Sanam: apple….ye shravan aur chakoo ks beech mein apple kahan se aa gaya

Aahil: baby, jao apple kato na dekho mujhe bhook lagi hai….aur haan pls mere kandhe dabado bahut dard ho raha hai

Sanam: gala na daba doon tumhara….hey bhagwan isko thoda dimaag de dete….aur tum aisa kya karke aaye ho jo tumhare kanadhe dard kar rahein hai mere bhai se shaadi ki baat nahin kar sakte bade aaye

Aahil: accha suno na

Sanam: bolo na

Aahil : puppy do na

Sanam: pet shop se le lo

Aahil: vo vaala puppy nahin….i want a sweet kiss

Sanam: accha aankhein band karo

Aahil closes eyes

Sanam is about to leave when he holds her hand , brings her closer and whispers “no cheating”

Sanam kisses his cheek and runs

Aahil: sharma gayi….

Scene shifts to tanshi coffee date

Rishi: hi

Tanu: jo kehna hai kaho

Rishi: kehna toh “i love u” hai

Tanu: i love u

Rishi: i know u love me even i love u

Tanu confused

Rishi: main toh usse keh raha tha (pointing towards whisky )

Tanu: what????

Rishi: haan….i mean….tum hi batao ye whiskey hui kisski

Tanu: tum kya keh rahe ho mujhe kuch samjh nahin aa raha

Rishi: main kya keh raha hun mujhe bhi nahin samjh aa raha

Tanu: ok bye

Rishi: arre mat jao

Rishi follows tanu

Rishi: tanu

Tanu turns and rishi runs towards her

Rishi: pani puri khao gi…..lets have competition

Tanu: soch lo haar jaoge

Both start eating

Rishi: aah….jal gaya mera mun toh

Tanu worries and searches for water she sees ice cream stall and brings ice cream

Tanu feeds ice cream to rishi

Rishi kerps watching tanu

Tanu: abhi bhi jal raha hai

Rishi: tum itni sweet ho ab kaisi jalan

Tanu: kya….kya kaha tumne

Rishi: ice cream sweet hqi bahut…bahut sweet hai

Tanu: ya

Rishi: tum bhi khao

Rishi feeds tanu

Tanu puts ice cream on rishi

Rishi runs after tanu

Tanu falls rishi holds her

Tanu thinks: why r u so good rishi

Rishi thinks: u have changed me and my thoughts tanu

Both say i love u in mind

Scene shifts to the drama in devakshi’s life

Sona dev return home and dev goes to room

Then keeps thinking if he loves natasha or not

Meanwhile sona goes to natasha

Sona: natasha pls keep dev happy

Natasha: ya surely and thank u btw

Sona: thank u but why

Natasha: kyunki jo kara tumne kara….u brought me close to dev….i mean u told me everything and gave ur qualities to me this is not me i was never like this….this is u

Sona explain narasha how to stay infront of dev and even tells about dev’s likes and dislikes
Fb ends

Sona: i am devs best friend and i helped u for his goid only

Dev hears all this and is in a trauma

Dev: if natasha has sona’s qualities then this means i dont live natasha i love sona

Dev comes out and sees sona

He pins her to the wall

Sona: dev, wat r u doing

Dev: wat were u doing??? U played with my emotions

Sona: wat r u saying

Dev tells sona that he heard everything

Sona: i’m sorry

Dev: all this time i thought i loved natasha but no i…i love u sona

Sona is shocked

Sona teary-eyed: i love u too

Dev was crying but smiles and hugs her she hugs him too and dev kisses her forehead

Scene shifts to party

Ranveer takes ishani to a corner

Ranveer: thx ishani for being in my life and supporting me

Ishani: thank u ranveer….after my mom’s death i was all broken….but u consoled me and gave me happine….

She was about to say but ranveer keeps his finger on her lips and both share eye lock

Ranveer: forget the past and see the future

Ishani stands confused

Ranveer: mr. Mehra is expecting a goid news

Ishani feels shy

Ishani: tum bhi kaisi baatein karte ho

Ranveer: obviously and i told him ki goid news pe main mithai batunga

Ishani: shut up ranveer….besharam

Ranveer: arre ismein besharmi ki kya baat agar ye deal final hui toh mithai toh batunga na

Ishani: toh tum deal ki baat kar rahe the

Ranveer: kyun tumne kya socha

Ishani is about to go when ranveer holds her hand brings her closer and whispers

Ranveer: (whisper) batao na kya socha……vaise hum vaisi wali good news kab dengen

Ishani: aisi vaisi koi si bhi good news ko time hai chalo ab guests wait kar rahein hai

Ishani smiles and goes

Ranveer: oye hoey….mar hi dalegi

Ranveer follows

Shraman enter the party

Everyone compliment suman

Suman: dekha i am so good looking

Shravan: not u…the dress given by me is

Suman: nothing like that

Ranveer ishani welcome them

Ranveer hugs shravan

Sanam enters

Shravan: hi sanam

Sanam: (in mind: man toh karta hai shakal bigad dun) hello

Ranveer sees suman

Ranveer: who is she??

Shravan: gf

Sanam happy: girl friend

Shravan surprised: no….general functioner

Sanam sad

Shravan suman look at each other and feel shy

Ishani: come and enjoy the party

Dj says lets dance
He plays song ….sab tera hai….. And

Ranveer forces shravan and sanam to go

Suman and aahil also go with different partners

During exchange of partners sanam goes with aahil

Suman goes with shravan

Shraman dance

Aahil is in mask so sanam does not recognise

Aahil brings sanam close and holds her tightly

Sanam: listen…behave urself…i already have a boyfriend

Aahil: arre i am ur love….ur boyfriend aahil

Sanam is overjoyed and dances happily

Ranveer and ishani also join in and both win the best couple of the evening prize

Sanam hugs both

Sanam: god i hope me and aahil are also the same

Party ends everyone goes home

Now the last scene
Arshi scene

Khushi and arnav enjoyed all night and khushi is sleeping on arnav’s shoulder

Arnav wakes up and says khushi

Khushi says in her dreams
“Pls dont leave me”
“I love u….dont do this”
“Pls pls”

Arnav is sad seeing khushi condition
Khushi suddenly wakes up

She hugs arnav

Arnav: khushi dont worry i am here always with u

Khushi: thx arnav i am so scared

Arnav: khushi come lets go to terrace

Khushi: ok

Both come to terrace

Khushi slips
Arnav goes to hold her hand but khushi falls on floor and arnav falls over her

Khushi sees at arnav but suddenly gets flashback of a boy falling on her and both laughing….boy’s face is not shown

After this khushi pushes arnav and breathes heavily

Arnav: khushi relax…its ok…i am ur best friend….I understand

Khushi: so sorry arnav

Arnav put his hand on her head and consoles her both share eyelock and screen freeezes

Precap: i love u …..someone putting sindoor in someones maang….fun and romantic scenes side by side

So guys guess who will confess tomorrow and which couple will get married tomorrow
Tell me which was ur best scene in todays episide

Sorry for uploading late i had fracture and i am strictly on bed rest

Hope u like it
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