In love with u (episode 1) (tanshi,ishveer, shraman,devakshi,arshi,sahil)


In waghela house a girl is seen in a beautiful gown with pretty earings. She laughs and goes to the hall where a party is going on. She hugs a boy and it is……..ranveer her brother

Sanam: kya bhai?? Why r u so late??? Late lateef. (In a angry but sweet tone)

Ranveer: sorry my princess and party mein shravan bhi aa raha hai…..remember our deal….just meet him once he is a nice guy.

Sanam: ya right nice guy…..(in mind: bhai aap mujhe kitne he ladko se milvado ur princess is already in love)

Aahil comes to the party wearing a mask and hiding
Sanam goes to the kitchen and suddenly someone closes her eyes
Sanam: i know its none other than the love of my life, my puppy(she calls him puppy just to tease)

Aahil: u always guess right and btw dont call me by that name…..u know i dont like that name

Sanam: aahil kab tak hum aise chori chori chupke chupke milte rahenge…..agar aaj tumne business mein kuch accha kara hota toh……

Aahil: one minute…..tumhara matlab kya ha???

Sanam: what i mean is tumhe bhai hi mila tha apni saari rivalry nikal ne ko arre tumhe mere bhai ke alava aur acche rivals mil jate…stupid, idiot.

Aahil: arre ab mujhe kya pata tha ki mujhe bhai ki princess se love shov ho jayega

Sanam hugs aahil and aahil hugs back

Back to party scene
Another girl enters in a pretty and stylish saree ranveer goes to take her from staircase and holds her hand and brings her down

Ranveer: arre ishani chalo sharmao mat
This means girl is ishani
Ishani: jab majnu apni laila ka pallu chodega tab toh
Ranveer leaves her pallu
Ranveer: accha ok ok ab zyada filmy dialogues marne ki zaroorat nahin hai
Ishani: lets go

They enter the party and and ishani is wearing a red-black saree
They come in front of amba
Amba: itne acche din pe kaali billi ne rasta kaat liya
Ishani gets sad
Ranveer sees her
Ranveer: ishani dont be sad and maa atleast aaj toh ye sab mat kar

Ranveer introduces ishani to everyone as his wife

Ishani smiles seeing ranveer

Ranveer: kya hua sunnny??? Smile kyun kar
rshi ho….iss smile pe toh hum jaan dete hai

Ishani: thx for always being at my side snd supporting…i love u

Ranveer: u r always welcome…love u too and kisses her forehead

Shravan’s office
Last minute pe shravan cannot decide whom to take in party
Shravan: sab toh jaa chuke hai ab uss sumo chudail ko hi le jaana padega

He comes to suman’s cabin
Shravan: sumo chalo mere saath

Sumo: oh hello mr. Shravan the boss or should i say qutub minar ka cousin main koi auto riksha nahin jo tum start karo or main chal dun

Shravan: party mein jaana hai

Sumo: kya party??? Woh bhi in kapdo mein

Shravan: i will buy you a nice dress lets go pls

Sumo: kya shravan ke mun se pls ab toh chalna padega

Shravan gives her dress and asks to change fast
She says okay

Its an indo-western outfit
Sumo comes out and shravan gets mesmerised seeing her

Sumo: chale

Shravan: kahan??? Un…m….i mean haan

Sumo: tumhe pata hai pehle na mujhe doubt tha par ab yakeen ho gaya hai ki tum satheeya gaye ho

Shravan: ho gayi saari bakwaas…lets go

Sumo and shravan leave

A girl is shown with a boy that is our tanshi tanu and rishi

Rishi: hello tanu

Tanu: kya hua???

Rishi: coffee pe chalogi

Tanu: coffee tumhare saath tumhe pata hai jab hum last time coffee pe gaye the tumne 5 cappuccino akele peeli aur baat bhi nahin kari

Rishi: trust me aisa nahin hoga

Tanu: i trust u more than myself

Rishi: what???

Tanu: i mean its ur last chance

Rishi: chalo…yessss

Tanu: pehle kapde sukha dun

Rishi: i will help you kaam jaldi hoga

Tanu: (in mind: rishi u r so kind-hearted ) par tumhe karne ki zaroorat nahin hai tum mehmaan ho aur tum itne rich ho

Rishi: ameer-gareeb kuch nahin hota

Tanu: agar tum aisa sochte ho toh chalo

They both hang all clothes on rope and tanu comes infront of rishi when her dupatta flies and falls on rishi both share an eyelock

Tanu: sorry (taking of her dupatta)

Rishi : no probs

They leave for coffee shop

Dev and sonakshi are walking on tge beach and sonakshi goes in sea dev follows
Sonakshi throws water on dev
Dev: sona, u r gone now

Dev also does the same

Sona starts running and dev runs too
Sona and dev sit as they get tired and start laughing

Sona stops and looks at dev

Dev clicks and she comes to her senses

Dev: i was thinking about decision to get married to natasha….i mean i love her but something is stopping me i dont know wats happening i am unable to say yes to her

Sona smiles

Dev: help me tale this decision…..we r besties from collage i trust u and i know u wouldnt think wrong for me

Sona: how can i help u….i mean natasha is a nice girl but…un…hmm

Dev: ye un…hmmm kya kar rahi ho

Sona: woh actually……nothing

Dev: ok then….i will say yes to natasha (dont worry guys i have sonething good in mind for them….u will see in next epi)

Both get up

Sona falls dev catches her they share an eyelock

Dev: i hope our friendship remains the same

Sona getting up

Sona: ya it will
Sona and dev get teary-eyed

Sona: why r u crying

Dev: i dont know i feel like i am going away from u and for some reason i cant bear it

Sona stares

Scene shifts to arshi

Khushi: so wats today’s plan partner

Arnav: movie???

Khushi: i want to see kabhi khushi kabhi gham

Arnav: no gham i only want khushi

Khushi: u said something

Arnav: u heard something

Khushi: whatever

Arnav: come lets go to my house and see movies all night

Khushi: nice plan partner

Arnav amd khushi walk and khushi sees a park and starts crying

Arnav: khushi wat happened….dont cry

He sees the park and understands

Khushi hugs arnav tightly holding his jacket

Arnav consoles her and screen freezes

Precap: sahil and ishveer romance scene…….big drama in devakshi story which will unite them…..khushi’s flashbacks and arnav consoling her….shraman fight….tanshi coffee date

Credit to: Sanika

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