““LOVE U““ A DEVAKSHI TS (1 shot)



Hi everyone this is the first time i m writing an ts actually this is the first time i m posting something KRPKAB page because i m writing i m writing stories in swaragini page and this is also a swasan ts i changed the name and characters and posted here…. ya my naughty drama queen di i m dedicating this os to u….ok lets start….

A mansion is shown it is named as BOSE mansion..…

In a room a girl is standing infront of a dressing table she is wearing a blue jeggings with red formal top and a light make up with a matching acessories…she was combing her hair …


A boy is also standing infront of a mirror he is wearing a blue formal dress by setting his hair style. After setting his hair he shout while descending stairs….

Boy – sona…. are u both are ready or not….

Then sona comes there and said….

Sona – dev why r u shouting i m coming na..

Dev – sona… u came but where is she …this girl na offf she is going to clg or any other modeling shows …y is taking this much time to get ready…

Sona -dev wait let her come na…..

Then a girl wearing light green salwar came downstairs while wearing her watch….while descending the stairs..

Girl – aree bhai i coming na…waise i m a girl not a boy like u…

Deva – but sona is also girl na but why she is not like u…¿¿¿

Girl – haan i m in collage and shona is going to office ok….

Dev – haan….( interrupted by a voice )

A man is sitting in a sofa with a newspaper in his hands….

Man – dev… why u scolding kakali…she is a little girl…give her some time beta…waise i dont know that how many boys are waiting for her in clg…???

Dev was slightly laughing by hearing the man’s words…

Kakali – papa tum bi na…bilkul bhai thara….any time making fun of me..go i hate u both only sona is on my side. Hai na sona….

Sona – haan kaku haam sirf aapki side hai…

Dev passed a death glare to both then sanky said…

Dev – oh hello miss.drama queen stop ur drama . Its getting late…shall we move.

Papa – but beta breakfast…

Dev – nahi papa we ll eat something in office and i ll give money to kaku she will eat in clg.its already late na….

Papa – tk beta but dont skip ur breakfast ok…

Dev – sure papa…

Then Dev touches papa’s feet for blessing and he touched Dev’s head and said

Papa – jethe raho beta….

kakali touches his feet and he bless her also then sona bends and touches his feet and he bless her . ….then dev said…

Dev ( shouts ) – della aunty take care of papa make sure that he will ate his medicens properly….

Della was standing near the dining and nods for dev’s orders…

Dev – ok bye papa…bye aunty…

Kakali – bye papa…bye aunty…

Dev – urghhhh..copy cat…

Sona – bye aunty…bye papa…
Sonali leaves with dev….


SONAKSHI BOSE – beautiful girl..who had everything in her life…her mother is died many years before…and working in BK DESIGNING HOUSE as a MD . AGE: 22 years old

DEV KAPOOR – handsome hunk of mumbai .lost his parents in his childhood…lives in bose mansion as this is his mother’s brother house….had everything in his life including parents care and love….working in BK DESIGNING HOUSE as a chairman..he calls BEJIO as papa as he considering him as his papa .Age : 24 years old…

KAKALI KAKALI : sister of dev…a naughty drama queen…and studying 1st year FASHION DESIGNING in xxxx clg….and loves her papa,sona and her brother.Age: 17 years old.


Devakshi drops kakali at her collage then they went to BK designing house they entered the office …some will praise devakshi as they are looking like made for each other.some will burning in jealosy on dev and some in sona.then devakshi greets everyone and gets in to their respective cabins…


She was go throughing some designs and said

Sona – what the hell is this….how will we do our show with this designs….arghhhh this dev he dont even care about what is going on in office anytime on his phone…omg why u made me here ….¿¿¿

By saying this she went to dev’s cabin….


sona came in as a strom and she was fully irritated after seeing his doings…he was playing angry birds and shouting like a kid…

Dev – hey piggy wala see this time i wont leave u…..ya i did it …i did it..

He starts to dance as won the level….then he saw swara was standing there he ran to her and held her shoulder and starts to twist her around….sona looking him with cold eyes….dev then said

Dev – sona i completed the 38th level ….yoooo i did it…..

Then notices that sona was glaring at him then dev said with a innocent face….

Dev – kya hua sona dont u feel proud of me

Sona – for what ?????

Dev – sona i completed 38 th level …..

Sona – stop it dev , dont act like a kid….there we going to lose our bussiness and u here playing angry birds…sach me dev kaku will also matured than u….

Dev – oohhh sona tell me clearly….

Sona – dev see this designs ( handing over the file to him ) see dev how will we do our show with this designs….¿?¿¿

Dev sees the file and smiles at her. Sona said

Sona – why u smiling….????

Dev went near his desk and take some file .came near her and said…

Dev – sona take a chill pill….see this ( gave her the file ).
Sona this the designs. That are the rejected desigins….

Sona – ohhhh then how that file….( interrupted )

Dev – sona first take some rest ok…our show is after one week not 2mrw….ok

By saying this he made her sit on chair…then dev continues….

Dev – sona u na first understand then take an action….and keep this thing in ur mind our show is in next week not 2mrw ok…..

Sona just nods she gets up frm the chair and she was about getout before that dev held her wrist and said…

Dev – sona please dont leave na then i ll get bored….

Sona frees her hand frm his grip and hit him playfully and said….

Sona – for ur kind information mr.kapoor we are here for doing work not for entertainment so do ur work first and haan do u know that u r the chairman of this company….¿¿¿

Dev – yes ms.bose i know it very well ok ur wish my command…yesss madam….!!!!!!

He salutes her and devakshi brust out into laughter…
Then sona went to her cabin shanthanu came inside…..

Shan – hi sweety…!!!!

Sona – hi romeo….!!!!

Shan – hey dear whats ap….ur face is glowing more today…

Sona – yes dev na…(interrupted )

Shan – ohhhh har vakth dev dev…sweety apki boyfriend me ya dev….¿¿¿

Sona – ohhhh romeo he is my bestie frm childhood…and u , u r my boyfriend na dev also know this and why are u feeling jealous of him….

Shan – oi hello madam i m not feeling jealousy ok….waise now i want something frm u…..

By saying this he went near sona and hold her waist and pull her closer to him….he leaned closer to her…..but suddenly the door was bang opened….

Dev – sona vo….. stopped by seeing their position…

Then soan parted away and shan was seeing him with a cold look and sona says…

Sona – come dev…….

Dev – vo…sona…i..m..i m sry…..

Shan – sona i m going i have some meeting bye sweety….

Sona nods and shan leaves……
Then sona said…

Sona – dev bolo na…kya hua….¿¿¿

Dev – nahi sona kuch nahi….ham… i m leaving…i ll come later……

Dev leaves and sona looks at him….


dev came inside his cabin and sits in his chair…..

Dev monologue – kya horaha mujhe… i know that they are in relationship even i m also with NANDY then mujhe kya farak padutha hai…..when i saw them like that why i feel something in my heart….no sanky she is ur bestiee from childhood thats it…..

Then suddenly NANDY enters his room and said…

Nandy – sir i need ur signatures in this file and this u need to check this and also u need finalise this decorations for stage….!!!!

Dev ( irritated ) – nandy please stop it leave me alone for sometime…..!!!!!

Nandy – (calmly ) dev what happened???? Are u ok na…¿¿¿

Dev – nandy…..i need to share something with u…..

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  1. Awesome beginning dear.

    1. Mahavir

      thank u princess dear….♥♥♥

  2. Aarti32

    Awesome concept..n I luvd your style of posting d episodes one after d other, at a time..

    1. Mahavir

      thank u sooo much dear….♥♥♥

  3. Welcome maha….? 1st shot was awesome dear……❤️??????????

    1. Mahavir

      thank u malehaa dear….♥♥♥

  4. Rockzzzzzz

    I loved it?…loved dev’s casual character…but is dev having the the title Kapoor and not Dixit??…..sona has a boyfriend?..but atlast she has to fall in love with dev na ?…so plz post soon can’t wait?

    1. Mahavir

      thank u dear and i already posted all the parts…♥♥♥

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