love of two poles part 13


love of two poles part 13

“how many times I will tell you adi don’t fight with others but you are not listening to my words na so from today mumma will not talk to you” pragya shouted at the little boy

“teeke don’t talk to me I will not eat till you speak with me” adhi was very stubborn and his eyes were filled with tears and pragya’s heart is melted by his tears pragya lifted adhi in her arms and made him sit on her lap

“pappu loves his mumma a lot na then he should not fight with others” pragya caressed his hair and adi couldn’t control his tears and he broked down and surrounded his hand over pragya’s neck and kept his head on the crook of her neck while pragya was caressing his back

“why my pappu is crying mumma forgave him na” pragya asked ahi while she too had tears in her eyes

“mumma he slapped my friend so only I fought with him he only started the fight na then why everybody are blaming me” adi asked sadly with his innocent face pragya remembered abhi seeing her son who was a ditto copy of his father.

“pappu if somebody is fighting with us we should forgive them and we should teach them to be good we should not fight with them” pragya said caressing his hair

“okay” adi replied and pragya kissed his forehead

“okay now come and have your dinner” pragya said and liffted him and kept him in the dinning table while somebody knocked the door,pragya opened the door it was bulbul

“maasiiii” adi ran to Bulbul and she lifted him

“i think my champ is very happy” Bulbul smiled

“haan my summer vacation started oh…. jollyyy…” adi shouted

“maasi we will go somewhere please please” adi asked innocently

“haan we will go but before you should have your dinner” pragya said

“okay you should feed me” adi demanded

“accha my pappu want to eat with my his mumma’s hand okay” Pragya picked adi from bulbul’s hand and they had their dinner.

some time later…….

adi was sleeping hugging pragya with his head on her head and his hands were wrapped around her waist and pragya was caressing his hair and seeing his innocent face she remembered abhi.

“I loved you so abhisek but you changed everything because of you I lost my mother I am trying to forget you but I can’t do that when I see you in our son what can I do but I will never forgive you” a lonely tear escaped from her eyes and she felt someone wiping it and it was bulbul

“you are thinking about abhi jiju na” Bulbul asked

“Bulbul stop calling him jiju he killed our mom I can’t forgive him for this till my last breath” pragya said removing adi’s grip and made him lie in the pillow
“di it was an accident how could abhi jiju be responsible for this” Bulbul tried to convince pragya and pragya had tears in her eyes

“Bulbul let’s leave this topic” pragya said wiping her tear

“di I can’t end this topic tell me that you don’t have any feelings for him” Bulbul asked

“Bulbul I don’t have any feeling for him I accept I had and my adi is the result for the feelings I had for him but now i don’t have anything ……” before pragya could complete

“so only you are hiding the mangalsutra inside your blouse and kumkum inside your hair” Bulbul asked and pragya looked Bulbul helplessly and pragya hugged Bulbul and let her heart open and cried


“abhi I am in love with you” tanu said

“tanu stop your nonsense I already told I am married” abhi shouted

“abhi I know everything tayji told me everything but she was a passing cloud she didn’t care about you so she left….” before she could complete abhi have her a tight slap

“do you know anything about her she is my life my love my everything and what did you say passing cloud but you know all this I have now is just because of my pragya and you asked this to tayji you know they all are with me because of my fame and money they didnt help me when I need them and you are a passing clould not my pragya is it clear” abhi said and walked but tanu catched his hand

“abhi then why she left you,please she must have moved on in her life she must have got married to someone and she may have children and”

“stop it tanu stop it do you know why we both got seprated and what you said she must have married and have children yes you are right she is having a child” abhi said and tanu smiled

“I told you na ” tanu said smiling but within a second abhi broked it

“and its my child my son my adi our symbol of love you know we got separated when he was just 2 months baby and pragya can’t even think about anyone when I am there in her heart and I will be there forever she can’t even forget me when our son is there with her she must be thinking of me each and every moment seeing adi.she used to tell me that adi will be just like me in all his action and in his looks when she was pregnant and I pray that adi should not be like me so please leave me tanu ” abhi moved from the place

“who is this pragya I will kill her if I see her” tanu said and pushed the chair near by


“bhaiya I saw Bulbul today” purab said with tears to abhi

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