Love of Two Poles – KB Part-8



I could feel the pain what was abhi going through I felt he was doing right and a soft corner was developing for him in my heart,even if I was in abhi’s place I would have done the same but I hurted him a lot I should soon apologize him


days passed I fulfilled all my wifey duties I prepared coffee, i pressed his clothes when he needed and I started respecting him. he too fulfilled his duties I started having very weird feelings around him I started taking care of him from my heart but he started ignoring me its all because of me he got hurted a lot whenever i tried to apologize someone interrupts us. I merged with everybody in the house even with his hit men.they call me bhabhi as they think abhi has their brother,me and purab was like a brother and a sister I always wished to a have brother in my childhood but now purab as became a younger brother I shared all my secrets with purab rather than telling to Bulbul purab was the only person who knows about my relationship with abhi and he understood what we both was going through.


my care towards him started to bloom into a new feeling and respect I stopped calling him abhi i called him abhishek.purab often teases me asking how I fell for man who I once hated the most and I only able to reply with my blush which I hated the most but I couldn’t do anything rather than blushing but abhi also started behaving weird he often ignored talking with me i don’t know why he is ignoring me I said this to purab and he gave me a stupid explanation that abhi is afraid that he may start loving for me and purab also said that abhi told him that my eyes is always mesmerizing him and again I started blushing.


from morning I had vomiting I think it’s because of indigestion I went to kitchen to prepare coffee for him and I came to my room having coffee in my hand for him and l saw him souldly sleeping peacefully so I went near him and placed the coffee near the table and called him but he didn’t respond so I touched his arms it was very hot I touched his forehead and he was having

“abhishek wake up na” I stired him and he slowly opened his eyes i asked him to drink the coffee and I went to closet and i found a fleece from his wardrobe and noticed medicines bag by his side table.
I pulled the blanket off of his head and he looked at me displeased.
“here take this We have Crocin here”, I read out the label on the medicine.
“Let me sleep yaar”, he said again hiding himself under the blanket.
I sat besides him and slowly uncovered his head from the blanket. “Abhishek, take this medicine and eat a little bit, you will feel better. If you don’t, we are going to the doctor right
” I am sleepy. Didn’t sleep last night”, he moved his head onto my lap. I rubbed his feverish forehead and took out a Crocin tablet from the packet. I asked him to sit up which he now did without complaint and gave him the medicine and some orange juice. I tried to get him to eat a slice of bread but he refused. I made him wear his fleece and he laid on my lap again.

I decided to stay for a few hours until his fever came down or to take him to doctor if he does not feel better. Soon he was dozing off and I ran my fingers through his hair. Once I felt he was asleep, I tried to move his head to the pillow so that he is more comfortable. But his hand came over me in such a way that he held me tightly further settling himself on my lap. I ended up leaning my back to the wall behind his single bed and stretched my legs as I sat comfortably. I myself was feeling sleepy as I had missed out on sleep because of vomiting
It was much later I woke up to the sound of running water. I got up and realized I was sleeping while he seemed to be in the bathroom. the next moment I jolted myself back to reality as I checked the clock that showed 4 pm. I had slept for three hours at least.
“How do you feel now?”, I asked Abhi as he came out of the bathroom.

” better. I think the fever is gone. “, he said and i went near him and touched his forehead but he pushed my hands but I didn’t care.

“you should eat now though. Shall I bring something ?” I turned but he held my wrist

“Just stay away from me why are you trying to behave like a ideal wife as your wish I will give you divorce ” he said and I felt like someone stabbing my heart and a lonely tear escaped from my eyes.

“woh..woh you had fever so only” i stammered

“what’s your problem please stay away from me what happened to you why are you behaving like this you only said na I don’t have heart then why are you trying to come into my heart” he said and moved from the room and I understood why he ignored talking with’s all because of me i shouldn’t have done that.


it was been 3 days and he just have me a silent treatment he stopped speaking to me it cuts my heart i was very restless nothing was good in this three days it felt that I don’t have any reason to live in this world but today I will enquire why he is ignoring me if he hate me that much then why he married me,why he saved me,why he cared for me I will get a conclusion to all my feelings i was thinking and combing my hair today i wore a red Salwar with sleeveless hand and I let my hair free applied high make-up and wore my contact lens finally I applied sindoor in my manng and turned and asusual he was looking hot after exercising and i admired his biceps and strong arms with a smile in my face and he was continuously looking into my eyes opening his jaws at me and I smiled seeing his expression i took the towel from the bed and I gave to him and he wiped his body and throwed it in the floor I took it and kept it in the bed and he started moving but I stopped him.

“abhishek I won’t to talk with” I said and he again moved from there but I held his wrist

“abhishek please listen to me once I have to tell a lot of things please listen to me” i said and he turned and pulled his wrist from my grip.

“don’t try to touch me” he said and tears were falling from my eyes.

“why are you crying actually I should cry so please stop your tears it was my mistake I should have stopped myself from loving you” he said and his eyes got moist and finally I felt I got answer to my questions I cant hide my feelings more than this and I finally broked down.

“Abhi I love you”, I suddenly threw my arms around him hugging him tight, standing on my toes. “Please don’t do this to me. I can’t handle you not talking to me, staying estranged like this from me. It cuts my heart. I miss you every moment, I think of you in my every breath, I came here to talk to you about a lot of things but now it feels like I have nothing more to tell you than I love you” I sobbed in his arms but soon I felt his he was also hugging me very tight as i was I sightly broke my hug to face him

“abhishek l am really sorry I am sorry for hurting to you and I love you ! l love you ! l love you !” I shouted those 3 magical words as much as possible and I again hugged him tightly he was caressing her hair with one hand and my back with another hand to clam me down again abhi broke his hug slightly and kissed all over my face and finally pressed his lips on mine and It continued till we need a breath he wiped my tears and kissed my left eye solfty “l love you! I love you so much! I love you pragya!” he shouted and I was pleased to hear this three magical words and we knocked our foreheads.

I was resting in his arms for few minutes and I said him to go and have a bath

“okay” he said and kissed my cheeks and left to take bath few minutes later I heard his voice

“ sorry I left my towel outside please bring it” he shouted and I brought it and knocked the bathroom room door

“Open the door, I bought it”

“Its already opened.” l opened the door a bit and stretched her hand holding a towel with her standing out.

“Come in,baby” he said

“No, take it.” I said and stretched the towel

“come on “, He pulled me inside.
He was in the middle of his bath with soap on his body.

“You dint finish bathing?” I asked him

“No, we will do it together.” he said and similed teasingly
“Nahi….leave me” I said and turned but he held my hands and pulled to his chest he took the body wash in his hands and seductively applied the foam on me

“What are you doing, my dress is getting spoilt.” i said and again moved but he stopped me and stuck me to the wall and opened the shower drenching us.
“What are you doing? Stop it, I am getting drenched.”
“Have some Romantic sense dumbo”,he teased me
“Acha !! you did a PhD in romance, seduction..,I am just learning ABCD…”, He smiled at me

“don’t worry I will teach you”, saying so he came forward to kiss me but i moved and he ended up kissing the wall behind her.
I laughed and he was embarrassed. l guffawed at him making him go mad at her. He switched off the shower and pulled me to him.
“Trying to act smart?”, he asked me with annoyance
“I need not act and I am already smart”, l said with pride ” by the way How was the kiss? Is this your first kiss to the wall or you have tried it earlier”, I asked him asked irritating him and continued laughing.
He lifted me in his arms.
“What are you doing? Drop me”
He took me near the tub and dropped me slowly in the tub.
“You feel bad that I did that to you right?, I will make up for it.” he said and he too came inside the bath tube

“abhishek what you are doing let me go” I said and I got up but he pulled me to him and I fell on his chest he slowly moved my hair and tucked it behind my ear and slowly kissed my forehead and I couldn’t resist him so I closed my eyes and I too joined him.he kissed my cheeks and slowly went to neck and nuzzled I couldn’t control the feeling what he was causing to me so I held his hair in my hands and slowly moved my hands over his hair and he was continuously kissing me all over my face and neck and finally “thank you” he uttered and l opened my eyes to meet his eyes “I love you” l said and kissed his forehead and cheeks and my lips finally reached his lips and they met.


thank you guys for your support I want thank each and everyone but my hand is not coperation with me so I gave a long update for you all thank you guys and I want to know your ages for writing upcoming episodes.


abhigya suhagraat

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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