Love of Two Poles – KB Part-7


Hy guys sorry for this late update I got a fracture in my rigjt hand from now i will update it daily once again sorry.


I woke up and saw myself sobbing in abhi’s arms and chotu was in my lap I felt we were moving and we were in the car I don’t know how we came to this car and one of his hit Man was driving the car. I remembered what happened yesterday tears were rolling on my eyes somewhere in my heart i thought abhi is a good person but i am wrong he is a murderer he killed many people for his needs he never cared about a value of a life or the families depend on them how will he know he is a killer I thought myself by that time we reached our home abhi too woke up and he carried chotu and went inside.

I came outside drying my hair with the towel and stood near the mirror and saw myself I wore my favourite green colour Salwar with some intricate designs with sleeveless hand and I saw myself very week and defended to abhi and I am very tired also I feel dizy because of the weakness .I felt my mangalsutra mocking at me and the red bangles laughing at me,I heard someone knocking the door and it was di.she came and gave me a coffee which I most needed now i drank it and went to the mirror and started drying my hair again with the dryer then I combed my hair with a plain face.once,i loved my hair a lot whenever I see my straight long hair till my hip I feel very happy I used to be proud with my long hair all my friends were jealous of my hair but now it seems I have no interest on anything.I applied my make-up and I saw the sindoor box in the table my hand hesitantly went to it and I opened it and took a pinch of kumkum which I respect more than my life and placed it in my forehead I completed my work and I turned to move and abhi was standing there with a cool face wearing a vest and a pant,he must have completed his exercise I thought and I moved without looking his eyes i am very angry on myself for thinking him as a good person I want to hold his collar and shout at him and I want to put him in the jail but nothing will be possible

“sorry” I heard his voice but I couldn’t understand why he is feeling sorry to me killing someother random people and my anger level was at peck so I moved again but he pulled to his chest and his two hands were tightly holding my arms

“I am really sorry for the trouble”he said with a calm face but this time I couldn’t control my anger “IS THE WORD SORRY WILL REGRET WHAT YOU DID” I shouted and I realised my hand from his grip

“you know onething somewhere in my heart i thought you were good person but you are murderer you are killing people like like killing a mosquito do you know a value of a life” I shouted and he speechless

“how do a man like you knows about a value of life who doesn’t have a heart” i said with a stern voice and tears

“did you ever thought of their families do you how much it pains when a you love leaves you forever?how do you know you don’t have a heart to love them how you will feel the pain of leaving our lovable ones” I completed but this time his eyes were filled tears.

“yes,I don’t have a heart,I don’t know how to love,yes I don’t feel the pain for lovable ones”he said and sat on the couch and started crying.

“I lost my whole family because of them I lost my mom,my dad,my sister,my Dadi,my bhaiya bhabhi everybody”he said i carefully listened to him and he started to tell how he lost them

“7 years back, I was very happy when my family was with me i was doing my college 3rd year my sister aliya was doing her 2nd year and purab was in Australia for his studies my father Rajeev mehra was a leading businessman and my mom was very beautiful caring and sweet house-wife and I love singing I want to a rockstar but my father was always against my wish and my only support was my sister aliya she was my everything so I didn’t have a goodrelationship with my dad found his business enemies where doing many illegal bussiness to gain more profit so he filed a case against them and my dad won the case so our bussiness was also very well developed but my father’s enemy didnt leave us they were 16 in the gang rajveer singh,kishore verma,chirag Mehta,raj raheja,prakash Singh and his brother,vishal,viren,siva,raju,kumar,udhay and his friend ram and the main leader was ankush singh and his brother vivek.he was my dad’s enemy his brother often plays with girls life and my sister aliya was one of them he very and once he kidnapped my aliya on her birthday to a hotel and with his gang he raped her and they killed her in the spot so I couldn’t control my anger my sister was my world she was my everything so I fought with him but my father stopped me and complainted him in the police station but it wad useless nothing happened to him instead my whole family was killed brutally by that ankush’ gang for filing a case against them only 2 were left in my family one was chotu and another was purab so I turned to go through a bad way for doing a good thing only that ankush and his brother were left I will definitely kill them” he finished i couldn’t control my tears hearing his story now i felt he is doing right I kept my hand in his shoulder immediately he hugged his face to my stomach I caressed his head.

“I am sorry abhi I am really sorry” I said him and slowly he realised what he was doing and he moved from the room.


“Just stay away from me why are you trying to behave like a ideal wife as your wish I will give you divorce”

In few episodes you will get some good episodes and soon abhi the rockstar will come

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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      Maahi I am sorry yaar really sorry I never thought that this much people will be waiting for my ff by the way why you do you regret abhi as a gangster now

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