Love of Two Poles – KB Part-6


I got fresh up and saw abhi and chotu still sleeping so I went to cook something for the breakfast I passed purab’s room and I was shocked Bulbul kissing purab’s cheeks

“bulbul” I went inside “di aap yahan kaise” she replied and even she seems to be confused

“bulbul you know my bhabhi”purab asked to my own sister and I felt silly for this sitution

“di now you became purab’s bhabhi” asked bulbul and “bhabhi how you became bulbul’s di” purab asked now i understand what is the meaning of “Destiny plays it’s game”

I explained purab his abhi’s brother and Bulbul is my sister to both of them.they told that they both were in love and I scolded Bulbul for not telling this

“di you only should help us” Bulbul pleaded I don’t have any other way than accepting them even though purab Is a gangster’s brother he is good human being my phone beeped and it was karan so it excused myself from them and I came to my balcony.

“haan karan did you got the information ” i asked him “haan pragya i will send it for you” he said and I went to my room and opened my mail account.


he was still sleeping and chotu too my doubt increased on him my heart is telling he is a good human inside and something in his past has made him like this.all the people he killed did something wrong with the society that manav raj Mohan as kidnapped children and made them to beg in railway stations and that kiran kipnapped girls and sold them money for money and abhi has killed 11 people who were biggest threat to this society and the main important thing his they all were friends in their bussiness but 2 more were also there in the photo if my guess is right then abhi must kill them soon and the weird thing in their murder is their birth date and death date are same why abhi killed them in their birth day so abhi must kill other 2 on their birthday so atleast I have find the truth behind it. I felt somebody hugging me it was chotu and abhi was staring us lovingly.

“good morning chachi” chotu wished me and I kissed his head

“okay wake up my boy I will drop you in your school today” I said chotu and carried him to washroom

I wore my plain white Salwar with a sleeveless hand and let my long hair free and wore my contact lens and went to chotu’ s room and he was trying hard to wear his tie so I helped him and stepped outside the room but abhi stopped us “I will drop you” he said “uski koyi zaroorat nahi” I said and moved he held my arm and pushed me towards him and my hand was resting in his chest “I am telling na” he said and held my hand with his right hand and lifted chotu with his left arms and we moved


he was driving the car and I was sitting right next to him having chotu in my lap suddenly about 4 cars surrounded us abhi started to drive very fastly and chotu was enjoying the speed and shouted.2 cars were back of us and other 2 cars were on the side.he drove the car very fastly and I saw the no entry board in that way but before I could tell him to entered that was a forest and he banged the car on a tree and the sudden brake made me scare and everything was turning black but I held chotu tightly in my lap


I felt warm and I slowly opened my eyes it was dark and a bonfire was lit up I was sleeping in abhi’s arm while chotu’s head was in my lap and he was sleeping. I saw blood coming from his head immediately I started getting panic

“abhi what is this yaar” I said and sat ob knees and tore my a small piece of cloth from my duppata and tied his head and I blowed over his wound so he could feel comfortable

“leave pragya” he said “how can i leave you like this” I asked him blowing in his wound and he was looking at me he held and hands and made me sit and put his head on my chest. I couldn’t stop him from doing it my hand went involuntarily to his head and I caressed his head suddenly it started drizzling we stood up and he carried chotu and we say under a tree. I spreaded my duppata flat and made chotu sleep properly abhi put his head on my lap and soon he dozed off I carresed his hairs which was not very smooth but I liked it and I too started dozing off.


we heard a firing sound and we got up it was mid night and chotu started crying.abhi took chotu in his arms and held my arms and we ran but we were surrounded by some goons it started raining heavily and we were drenched I clutched his arm in fear or may be in a protectiveness.abhi inserted his hand on his pocket and took a gun and fired all the six members exactly on their forehead I was shocked tremendously he killed 6 people and he held my hand and we ran.


thanks for all the people who are supporting me i can’t upload 2morow but I will upload as possible.


pragya gets to know about abhi’s past and cries.


“Abhi I love you”, I suddenly threw my arms around him hugging him tight, standing on my toes. “Please don’t do this to me. I can’t handle you not talking to me, staying estranged like this from me. It cuts my heart. I miss you every moment, I think of you in my every breath, I came here to talk to you about a lot of things but now it feels like I have nothing more to tell you than I love you” I sobbed in his arms.

“purab i love pragya but if she is with me then she can’t be happy forever” said abhi

will abhi leave pragya?

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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