Love of Two Poles – KB Part-4


dedicated to sana,Maya,sana (abhigya),di


today I want to join my work back as I couldn’t tolerate that man and yesterday he crossed his limits how dare he will touch me. I went to office at early morning and a made breakfast for chotu and said di to take care him.when I came to my room to take my bag I saw him exercising with his dumbells but I didn’t want to see him so I pretended ignoring him “sorry” I heard him say and I turned back to him.

“your sorry doesn’t work up do something” I said him and he put his dumbells down and came forward “is he going to do what he did yesterday” I thought myself and steped aback.

“what you want” he asked me and I replied “divorce” he was was not looking so shocked but his face showed that he is thinking something.

“you can be free but after 6 months”he completed and I was shocked if he want divorce from me then why he married me I asked to myself and he left to washroom.

i was sitting in my cabin restlessly thinking about him even couldn’t hear my phone ringing then I came to my sense and took the phone and It was my friend karan and I took the phone

“hello pragya you said me to collect information about that rajveer Singh na I collected it I will send to you the copy immediately”he said i opened my laptop and opened my e-mail account and read about him and I was shocked tremendously it was written that rajveer Singh was businessman but he was biggest criminal he was doing many illegal job and because of his drug business more than 1000 people were dead and the final thing shocked me his 100 crores were written to orphans and it was done by abhi.

I and shocked even if he killed he must have taken his money but he wrote it for the orphans this man was confusing me and now i am sure that something is behind abhi and definitely his motive is not money and it is something else I called my friend karan and asked him about the details of people whom abhi murdered.


I was in a deep thoughts of abhi I was wondering in the road like a lifeless boby abhi was my only thoughts and he was full in thoughts and suddenly I felt somebody closing my mouth and pulling me to something.


I was tied with a rope in a chair and 5 men were surrounded me and i was trying to get rid of the rope

“pragya ji please don’t try to escape you are here because it’s your husband’s sin” the leader of the team told

“leave me i am reporter I will put all you in jail” I said them.

“you just spend 1 hour with us” he told me i splited in is face and he slapped me and pulled my duppata and I begged him i cried with a second I heard a firing sound and I was abhi he shot the bullet in his arm

“how dare you will touch my wife” said and started beating the goons terribly and they begged him to leave them and they are ran from the place

abhi came near me and removed the rope and I without even thinking anything who he is hugged him tightly and cried and I felt his hands consoling me and he kissed my forehead

“mein hoon na” he said and again hugged him tightly.


I opened my eyes and I was our room and I was comfortably sleeping on his embrace and he was holding me tightly I remembered how caring and protective he was and I felt like my father protecting me.i felt he was a good person inside and something he his hiding from and I felt good being In his hands I felt very tired so I kept my head on his chest and slept.


I opened my eyes and saw the coffee near and took it and sipped a little and moved from the bed and went to wash room and came outside wearing my white kurti leaving my hair free till my hip and applied my make-up little extra than the normal and went outside while crossing purab’s room abhi was seriously talking something with purab and I eavesdroped it.

“purab I won’t forgive him for this how dare he will touch pragya” abhi said while purab was seriously listening to it.

“I don’t know purab because of me all of them are in trouble I lost my family and I can’t lose pragya anymore what did she do is being married to me a mistake It was me who married her” he said and I was shocked hearing that he lost his family

“bhai you married bhabhi because we need bhabhi to destroy the evil things in this society we want to punish that bl**dy shit for his doing did you forgot what he did with our aliya di ” purab told and i can’t understand what he meant is aliya purab’s sister then it must be abhi’s sister too I thought myself.

“haan purab people like her are very less in this world if I didnt marry her on that day he must have killed her whole family” abhi said and I don’t know who he is talking about.

“yesterday I remembered aliya seeing pragya bhabhi thank God you went there then I don’t know what would have happen” purab said but whose that aliya

“I regret those days purab why I couldn’t save aliya purab what she do? why did it happened and we lost mom,dad,granny,bhai,bhabhi,aliya everybody purab I can’t lose any one more purab somehow I will kill him also purab” he said and the reporter in me started to ask many questions myself who is aliya? why abhi lost his family? who was that abhi referring to? by that time purab noticed me.

“bhabhi aap yahan” he asked and abhi stopped talking

“much nahi purab woh actually I want to ask something” I asked him and was thinking what to tell them definitely I can’t tell them I was eavesdropping them.

“kya pragya” abhi asked me

“woh I want to see my mom” I said and thanked all the gods of the world for escaping from abhi.

“okay but I will come with you”abhi said and I too accepted because i felt its because of the protectiveness towards me.


pragya finds a old photo of abhi where he is holding a guitar.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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