Love of Two Poles – KB Part-2-3


episode 2,3

dedicated to surubi


I opened my eyes and saw di standing near me i think I collapsed in his hands she made me sleep and went but my only thoughts were in abhi and the reason behind his marriage with me even if he married me he should torture me but he his behaving very weird I thought to find the truth behind his action


I started stiring my boby and shouted “maa” then I remembered that I am married.I woke up and someone opened the door it was di and she gave me a coffee and gave me a set of dress.

“beta today go and buy dress for you but for now wear this” she said but I felt she gave me the dress with somebody’s assistance.

“abhi beta told me to tell you that you can go to your mom’s house if you want to see your mom and you can continue your job” she finished and left but I couldn’t think about anything rather than him I hate him but I can only think about him I don’t why its happening,somewhere in my heart i feel he his good person but I convinced myself saying he is a rowdy.

I opened the box and shocked to see a Saree I wore saree only once that too with my mother’s help now who will help me “pragya don’t worry you are a reporter you can do anything” I said to myself. and went to fress up.


I came outside the bathroom and my Saree oh my God I couldn’t wear it properly the saree was in plain baby pink colour the blouse barely covered my back and definitely i am not comfortable with this saree I was holding the drape of the saree with one hand and pallu in another hand then I turned aside the mirror and I felt embarrassed

“why did you came here” I shouted seeing him having the dumbells in his hand without his shirt i felt very shy that too half covered with my Saree

“get out you stupid idiot go” I shouted but he doesn’t seem to go he came forward I couldn’t take my hands from my drape and pallu and he was coming forward me

“yes I accept I am your wife but you should not take any physical liberties” I said him and he continued to come forward

” okay I won’t take any rights on you but you have to tell me onething how will you come outside holding your saree like this” he asked with a teasing smile but he was right how will I go like this he came forward me and I went and hit the wall which means I am locked I saw his muscles and arms which was very well shaped yes I accept he was handsome and hot but he is a rowdy

“shall I help you” he asked me and I widened my eyes

“what I don’t need your help just get lost” I replied him

“di went outside you have no other choice than me” he said and yes I have no other way

“then okay it’s your choice ” he said and turned to go but I can’t go outside like this

” stop” i replied him and stopped and turned towards me and came forward me and held the drape of the saree and I left it he properly arranged it and he inserted it in my stomach his intimacy affected me i closed my eyes but I don’t know what feeling was that and he removed his hands and he touched my hands by which I was holding my pallu I opened my eyes and was happy seeing him closing his eyes and helping me it increased a respect towards him but my brain remembered me he is a murderer he adjusted my pallu and he opened his eyes

“beautiful” he commented and I looked his eyes and I don’t know why I couldn’t take my eyes off him then I came to my sense

“thank you” I replied and started moving but again he stopped me and came near me he put his hand back and I don’t know why i didn’t stop somewhere in my heart i felt he won’t do anything wrong to me and he moved and hair front and I could feel his hand in my back our proximity was very small i could feel his breath in my back I think he his tieing my dori and again I closed my eyes but this time I don’tknow why my hands rested in his bare chest “now go” I heard his voice and I came back to senses I went and saw myself I front the mirror I felt I was beautiful because the Saree looked very elegant on me but the real reason behind my beauty was the mangalsutra that was falling on my chest and the kumkum on my maang but it was given by a wrong person to me.I know I hate him but also I am thinking about him why this is happening.
I came to hall and saw the little boy pragya with him yesterday I didn’t even ask his name I went near him and I heard him telling

“see chachi is coming” and little boy came and ran towards me and hugged me

“good morning chachi” he told and i like kids very much and he was very cute so i lifted him in my arms

“good morning” I said him and I took him to my room.

“okay tell me your name” i asked him

“chotu” he said me

“chotu”I asked him doubtfully

“haan chachi everybody will call me chotu and my real name is kush” he said

“chotu your is very nice” I told to him

“chachi when will you bring a baby girl for me” he asked and I shocked

“what” I asked him politely

“haan when I asked purab chachu for a friend to play with me he told that when abhi chachu get married he will bring chachi and baby to play with me so give me the baby” the child asked innocently I couldn’t do anything more than laughing seeing his innocence

“okay I will bring you a friend” I said him and thought myself how can I make a baby with a man I hate the most

“thank you chachi” he said and kissed my cheeks that moment was something special and I too kissed him back

“chachi I feel hungry you please cook something na if chachu cooks chee” he said and I started laughing

“what will chachu cook? ” I asked him

“haan it will be very horrible even if animal eat it definitely it will die” he said and we both started laughing

“okay chotu what you want” I asked him

” I want chapati and chicken butter masala” he said and it was bulbul’s favourite and I too like it so I want to make that little child happy

“okay come on” I said and went



chotu was eating his favourite and his face made me forgot all the sorrows that time he entered so I hid myself in the kitchen to spy him

“chotu what is this” he asked chotu

“can’t you see chachu thisy favourite dish” chotu said him

“who made it my boy” he asked him

“my chachi” chotu replied and I feel very happy within one day he got attached with me like my own son

“chachi” he asked doubtfully and put his hand to take one piece on chapati put chotu have him a nice beat in his hand.

“this only for me if you want you itself cook chachu” chotu replied and I couldn’t control my smile hiding behind the kitchen

“excuse me my sweet chotu she is my wife then only your chachi so I only have rights to eat it” he said and snatched one piece of chapati and dipped it the butter malasa and are it but when he told me his wife it felt very strange.chotu started crying and I pretended to cook

“chachi chachu is stealing my chapati” he said and I came outside the kitchen

“don’t you have sense you are stealing from a child” I scolded him and he continued to eat

“I am talking to you abhi” I shouted but before he completed the chapati and went without answering

“chotu chachi will bring you another chapati” I consoled the little child and saw him coming outside

“after 7 years I feel the same hands of my mother thank you” he said and left and this proved he loved his mother but the questions in me increased where his chotu’s parents now his mother.

I thought to see my mother and come so left with chotu as he was feeling lonely

I went to chotu’s room and and put him in the bed he was very tired and I will find the truth I said myself and went to my room and he was working in a his laptop I don’t understand onething basically rowdy’s would not have been educated but this is not looking like that even chotu told me that he only will help to do all his homework now he is working in his laptop which evidently proved he his educated man

“whom you are going to kill next” I asked and lookes me and closed the laptop

“you look so tired go and take rest” he said like a ideal husband.

“don’t behave like a ideal husband I know you are a rowdy and will kill people for your use you are a murderer “I remained him and he tried to leave the room but I held his wrist tightly.

“why did to tell my mom that we both love each other and my mom I thinking that you will be a ideal husband but she doesn’t know her daughter’s husband his a murderer Bulbul told me everything that you told them that we both love each other and because of misunderstandings we separated and you only asked their help and ack like being kidnapped” I said and he was emotion less

“how people without emotions like you know about a mother’s feeling” I said and he bursted his anger out

“yes I don’t know about emotions yes I know about mother’s feeling,yes I am murderer” he said holding my arms tightly and I noticed the tears in his when he heard about the word mother.

“yes I married you because I need you” he said and removed his shirt and I moved towards me and I moved backward

“mein tumse kaha dont take any physical liberties with me” i said and went backwards and hit on his closet I tired to move but he covered me with his hands both the side

“biwi hoon meri I have all rights on you” he said and pulled my hairs back I couldn’t see his eyes so I closed them I felt his hands on waist I couldn’t bare it so I turned towards his closet facing my back towards his face he moved my hair and nuzzled my back and untied my dori I felt totally defeated but suddenly he stoped and made me turn towards him

“I won’t take any physical liberties till you stay in your limit” he said and made me turn and tied the dori and he went and I started crying

“what is happening how can I let him touch me what is happening to me why I didn’t defend him”
I can’t do anything rather than crying now.

pragya hugs abhi tightly and cries

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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