Love of Two Poles – KB Part-15


Love of two poles

In delhi

“can I meet Mrs.pragya mehra” abhi asked the receptionist

“but sir may I know who you are to her” the receptionist asked him.

“I….I am her husband” abhi replied and the receptionist called her and he was waiting for her eagerly in her cabin.

” enough pragya I don’t know how much you hate me but I love you 1000times more that your hatred” he said while she didn’t seem to have any interest on him.

“please try to understand pragya that day…that day I didn’t do it knowingly it was only because of that raj he was the one who pushed auntiji”

“Buzz buzz” she stopped him “don’t try to give me any explanations because of you I lost my mom I will not forgive you for that ever and i just hate you…hate you..just hate u” she cried

“so you hate me so you don’t have any feelings for me” he asked and moved forward and she knew what will be his next Move.

“Abhishek just stay away me” she warned but abhi Seemed like a deaf and moved towards her finally she hit on the glass wall

“tell me you don’t have any feelings for me” he nuzzled her face and his arms were strong either side of her’s to protect her from escaping

“leav….leave me abhishek this is my office”
she said

“why should I leave you after all i am your husband your child’s father, tell me my closeness is not affecting you tell me your heart beat doesn’t raise with my touch tell me pragya tell me” abhi said and kissed all over a her face a lonely tear from her eye escaped she completely lost in him suddenly he stopped then pragya slowly opened her eyes and saw abhi who was furious he had tears in his eyes.

he came closer to her and held her arms “I am dying without you fuggy i am dying please give me a chance to justify me please my love for you is true trust me ” abhi said and Pragya saw is eyes and started speaking “How can I trust you abhishek you broke my trust 3 years back itself you know right how much i loved you l threw my whole family for you and what you did you killed my maa everybody asked me why I loved you why I loved a rowdy but that time my love for you made me blind I gave myself to you I gave my everything you know abhi after parting away from you I thought I could forget you with time but you gave your memories with adi whenever I see him I could only remember you I have cried each and everytime seeing u in him”

“pragya we can’t seprate from each other as adi will there to Bind us he is our love’s meaning even today I can remember those day which we had spent with adi” abhi said and pragya seemed to melt

“Abhishek it is over our love story came to an end we can build it anymore” pragya said

“kya our love is over” abhi pressed her arms hardly “I love u and I know you love me and if u lie to me telling you don’t love me I won’t spare u” abhi said in anger

“the truth is Mr.Abhishek Mehra that I don’t love you anymore” she said

“so you don’t love me any more right of fine Ms.pragya arora I want my son back okay fine if you don’t have any relationship with me leave it but i cant give my fatherly rights to anybody” he said with furious eyes and pragya started having tears and soon he left the place.


abhi while driving back drove into their past memories.
after’s adi birth their life turned to be very beautiful he was just 5 days old and abhi took pragya and their new to their house.the house was happy seeing them but still sarla didn’t talk to pragya.

In their room

it was late night and abhi didn’t reach home so she panicked and called him but it was not reachable adi was also crying a lot so she was patching him up.

“arrey mera bacho kya hau? mumma is here only na then why my baby is crying ale ale” pragya was trying to calm him so just made him lie In her shoulder.just then abhi entered.

“Abhishek is this the time you will come home” she asked angrily and adi was slowly calming down.

“sorry fuggy I had a work why you didn’t sleep yet” he enquired

“hmm what to do my son is just like his papa always troubling his mumma” pragya said and abhi came and sat near her.

“let him torture you I am really happy” abhi said

“okay Abhishek have him for few minutes I will change my dress” pragya said and moved the baby to his hand

“no no fuggy i can’t hold he is too small” abhi protested

“Abhishek come hold him for few min I will come” pragya said but abhi didn’t seem to be convinced

“Abhishek do you know which is the most safest please in this world….its our father’s arms i never got a chance to feel that protection please don’t make my baby too in that same situation I was in he needs his father’s hand to protect him” pragya had tears in her eyes abhi without arguing took adi in his arms and he kissed pragya’s head.

his thoughts were broked by his phone and it was tanu.

“hello tanu what’s up”

“what abhi you seem to be happy”

“yes I am”

“what special today”

“I met my wife”

tanu voice faded “where,how did she accepted you”

“you know tanu she is a the most egoist person I have ever met so it takes sometime okay okay bye I have some important work i will call u later” abhi droped the phone


adi run and hugged pragya’s waist. “mumma….where is my chocho chip” he bumped and pragya was worried about abhi and adi pulled her drape then she noticed him and too him in her arms

“hmm mumma brought you first you take bath then I will give u” she said

“okay” he kissed her cheeks and she to kissed him back.

pragya went to her room and opened her cupboard and took a photo where abhi puting his arms in pragya’s tummy while she was pregnant.she clutched it to her chest

“why you came back abhishek I am scared of losing myself to you” she cried.


abhigya is United but will tanu’s evil eye seprate them.

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