Love of Two Poles – KB Part-14


Love of two poles

In Delhi

Bulbul went to shopping with adi while market was crowded adi saw a guitar and he ran towards it Bulbul went behind him but she lost him “adi…..adiiii…adi” Bulbul was shouting with tears finally she saw him holding a man’s hand with a guitar she went and took adi in her arms and kissed adi all over his face then she looked up to thank the man but she was in deep shock seeing him it was purab.he had tears in his eyes both were seeing eachother with tears
“maasi he my friend purab he only brought me this guitar” ask showed his guitar happily Bulbul placed adi in the floor and looked purab and she tightly hugged him with tears and purab too hugged her both were in the same position till adi disturbed “oye bulbul maasi you told you will buy me chocolate na now you crying seeing purab

” the boy innocently. “he is exactly looking like abhi bhai” purab said as he understood who will the little boy must be purab sat on his knees to match is height with adi and hugged him and kissed his forehead “purab you also crying na this maasi is always like she will make others cry but don’t cry I will tell her to buy chocolates for us but one thing don’t tell my mumma i ate chocolate” adi said and Bulbul smiled seeing them.purab lifted adi and he gave his guitar to Bulbul “okay adi do you know who am i?” purab asked “haan you are purab my friend” adi repiled “Haan I am your friend but do you I am you chachu too” purab said “chachu but you never came and saw me why” adi said and purab smiled “sorry my boy chachu was very busy so only I didn’t meet you but don’t worry from now i will call you or meet you okay” purab said “then you should buy me chocolates okay”adi asked “okay chachu will buy you chocolates now we will take a selfie”purab said and all three took a selfie they had their chit-chats and purab promised Bulbul that he will solve all the problems between abhigya and he said that he still love her and will always love her. Bulbul asked adi not to tell anything about purab to mumma.


2 days later

Abhi was composing his music and purab entered his room “bhai” he called and abhi turned towards him “haan purab come in” said abhi and purab say near him and took his took and showed the selfie he took with adi abhi got and he saw the photo tears were flowing and he kissed the photo “he is exactly looking like my clone” abhi commented. “bhai I met Bulbul” purab said with tears and abhi hugged him “it’s all because of me you and Bulbul got seprated” abhi said “nothing is like that bhai please don’t tell like that” purab requested “no purab it was my mistake please forgive me ” abhi said “I you really want my forgiveness come to Delhi with me” purab asked and abhi broked his hug “purab why is there is any concert” abhi asked “haan bhaiya we have concert and two of your belongings is there we have bring it” purab said making abhi understand why he meant to go to Delhi. “purab why are you complicating things atleast let her be happy” abhi said ” bhai touch your heart and say that you think bhabhi would be happy without you” purab asked and abhi didn’t have any answer ” bhai even if bhabhi thinks to forget you she can’t as adi will make her remember you in all his activities he is smiling like you,singing like you,looking like you even he resembles you in anger so please come with me” purab pleaded abhi and finally abhi accepted to come.once purab left the room abhi thought about pragya

“fuggy… fuggy where are you” shouted abhi while pragya was in kichen cooking abhi’s favourite food. “Abhishek Kya hua.. I am kichen what’s your problem” shouted back so that abhi can hear “I can’t wear my tie come and help me fuggy” said abhi which made pragya giggle “aap bhi na…” said pragya and came to their room “what you will say I am a gangster can do anything but you can’t learn how to wear tie” said pragya and removed his tie and tied it properly by the time abhi holds her exposed waist “fuggy you are looking beautiful in this saree” said abhi with a flirtatious look “now i understood why you asked me to wear this tie..stop this and we have attend the party at time” said pragya and made him to wear his tie “fuggy I will go but before that I will taste your rossy lips” said abhi and pinned pragya to the wall “what are you doing its already late leave me I have some work In kichen” said pragya and tried to move but couldn’t escape from his tight grip. “you can’t escape from me”

said abhi and captured her lips pragya couldn’t move from there and she too joined him,she ran her fingers in his hair while abhi sensually ran his fingers in her waist which created electric waves in her body after few minutes pragya hit her forehead with abhi so that abhi has tilak in his forehead with her kumkum.”okay sweetheart bye let be show you whom am I tonight love u” said abhi and kissed her forehead “love you too” said pragya and they both left and that night abhi was very angry. “how dare he will dance you” said abhi and pushed the chair. “Abhishek he is my old friend suresh” pragya tried to convince but abhi was very aggressive. When pragya had tried to console Abhi he had pulled pragya on his lap and placed his lips on pragya’s.

The stumbles of his facial hair, the warmth of his lips made her feel living heaven . they stayed like that for a while as either of them want to move.When he separated our lips, I opened my eyes to look at him, almost in a protests. He was looking at pragya with an emotion vulnerable,possessiveness and love again He crushed his lips on pragya’s urgently. she herself made comfortabe sitting on his lap, with my legs stretched on either of his sides, and his lips sucking on the flesh on her neck abhi crashed them into the bed, while their lips tangled again
he sat up on the bed and started undoing his belt then abhi started undoing her dress. pragya wanted abhi to feel that she was his and she needed to comfort him so she gave herself to him she know that abhi needed it when his hands cupped her hip and trailed up as his naked body laid of her body. And then it was very harsh and desirable kisses and touches. was with him in every moment of it, and liked to believe he was there with his everything too. placing himself at her entrance kissing her cleavage he entered her and she was moaning In pleasure
“tell me you are mine” he coaxed.

“Abhishek” she whispered against his lips as she cupped his face in her hands and kissed his face inch by inch emphasizing him that she only belongs to him.And when it had all cooled down, he had pulled the blanket on them, kissed her forehead, closed his eyes and settled his head by the crook of her neck while she ran her fingers in his hair until she heard his calm and deep breathing, until sleep took over pragya.


abhi was remembering their old days and a small smile came in his lips and he was awaiting to see his son and his wife soon.


“hello Mr.rockstar don’t you eyes monkey move that side” aid shouted and abhi couldn’t control his tears and he just took him in his arms and tightly hugged him.

guys I am really sorry I can’t manage this ff so soon I will complete this ff and will start my new SS with new ideas support me guys!!!!love u!!!!!

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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  1. Nice twist now abhigya vl unite bt y u r ending tz ff yaar its really nice only na… If u felt so u can end it n waiting for your SS…

  2. Nice twist now abhigya vl unite bt y u r ending tz ff yaar its really nice only na… If u felt so u can n waiting for your SS…..

  3. Maahi

    wowwwww i was longing fr dizzzz finally u updated aiyyyy it was awesome ohhh nooo ur gng to end dizzz tht would b sad news but hope happy ending superb dr loads of lv

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    as rock it always….

    pls do not end it……….pls …………conti

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  11. Superb yaar
    Update soon

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