Love of Two Poles – KB Part-12


hy guys really very sorry for this late update I am sorry actually I was not in a state to update really sorry.okay back to the story.

From this story will be continued in author’s POV

After 2 Months

pragya was almost 4 months pregnant and she was faulting her baby bump slightly and the most she got all the happiness from her husband but not from her mother Sarala completely ignored pragya and pragya was very depressed by this incident.

chachi,comes running chotu. arrey come slow chotu,says pragya. chachi when will chutki come, asked chotu innocently and pragya made chotu sit in the bed. chotu chutki will come after few months still that she will be in chachi’s tummy and after she comes out you can play with her okay fine, pragya said and chotu left.pragya was worried about abhi as he is only thinking about raj bhaiya so she thought to find the truth and first she has to go to her house and find the truth about it


pragya slowly stepped into Arora’s house and Sarala dropped the basket which she had in her hand seeing pragya. “why did you come here” Sarala maa asked and pragya was in tears and everybody in the family came and Bulbul ran and hugged pragya “i asked you why did you come here you should have been with your husband” asked sarla,it terribly pained for her scolding her daughter who his holding her tummy with a child and standing infront of her but the child she is carrying is from a wrong person so Sarala is not ready to accept pragya “maa please forgive me it was Faith and I didn’t do any mistake” pragya cried “you are carrying that abhi’s child that itself a mistake” Sarala said “maa please I will do what ever you say but please don’t stay away from me” pragya begged “kill the child in your womb” Sarala said and pragya couldn’t control her anger and shouted “maa this is my baby if somebody tells you to kill me in when I was in your womb would you do that” pragya asked “don’t tell it is your baby it’s that man abhi’s baby please open your eyes and see he is a killer he will have many enemies definitely someone will plot against him I don’t want my daughter to be a widow in a young age” Sarala said and pragya left the house as she can’t bear any word against abhi or their love.pragya was walking on the road like a lifeless body and suddenly her phone rang and she attend the phone it was ran bhaiya “hello pragya this is vivek sorry sorry raj soon your love is going to die” raj cuts the call “hello…hello” shouted pragya and cried.


Pragya was in her own thoughts doing somethingin kitchen and abhi hugged her from back and kept his hands on her tummy but pragya was emotionless “oye fuggy” abhi called her and she came back to sence “Abhishek when did you come I will bring coffe for you” pragya escaped from abhi and she prepared coffee while abhi went to their room.pragya went to their room with the coffee and abhi was resting with his eyes closed leaning on the headboard when pragya touched his shoulder he woke up and made her sit near him “pragya what happened why you look so dull” abhi asked and pragya hugged him and cried ” Abhishek I am scared of losing you” said pragya “scared of losing me pragya what happened tell me na” abhi asked and lifted her face “abhi you are right raj bhaiya is only that vivek who killed your sister and he told me that he will kill you” pragya cried and abhi’s blood boiled “I told you na he is only that vivek fuggy nothing will happen to me i will kill him soon” abhi said “abhi before its different now it’s different soon we will have a baby and what will tell your child when it asks about you” pragya broke the hug and wiped her tears and took his hand and placed it on her stomach “you should leave this work and should work on your passion promise on our baby that you will decline the rowdy in you” pragya asked “I promise you fuggy that i will do whatever you say” abhi said and kissed her forehead.


After 4 years

In Mumbai

“let’s welcome our handsome hunk women’s heartthrob rockstar abhiiiiiii……” the host announced and the crowd were shouting his name and they all were in the rockstar’s music drug which all were addicted to.

after the concert gets over

“Abhi darling where are you” a lady called and the green room was dark and the last switched on the light

“Kya hau tanu” abhi asked sipping the scotch bottle

“abhi my father is going to give a big offer you and I am going to act as your model” tanu told him excitedly

“okay fine then what” abhi asked throwing the bottle in the ground

“aren’t you happy? this would became you more popular abhi” tanu said

“tanu if you don’t mind can you leave me alone” abhi said and tanu left then abhi took his bag and took a photo frame and kissed the photo and held the photo to his chest and cried.

“I love you fuggy i am dying without you I feel my life is a vanity without you I want you fuggy i want our child I love u and I am sorry for everything I did now i have became what you want but you are not with me” said closing his eyes.

In Delhi

“sorry ma’am my son won’t repeat this I am so sorry” pragya was pleading the teacher

“Mrs.Mehra we have told him 100 times not to fight in the class but he is reapetedly doing this” the teacher

“Mumma that rahul was beating sona so only I fought with him” the little boy interrupted his mother’s conversation with his teacher

“chup Adi I how many times I will tell you this don’t fight with others” pragya scolded her little boby who was standing beside her.

“okay Mrs Mehra you please take care of him and after the vacation gets over he should behave as good boy” the teacher requested

“thank you madam” said pragya and held adi’s hand tightly and dragged him

“haa mumma it’s paining” adi said and pragya lifted him in his arms and carried to the car.

“how I can forgot abhi when his memories is still with me on the form of his child” thought pragya and a lonely tear escaped from her eye.

“he killed our maa Bulbul how can forgive him bulbul”

Guys the reason for separation will be in flashback

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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