Love of Two Poles – KB Part-11

Sorry I could give you a short update now but next part will be long and thanks for your support guys and now back to the story


my maa and my whole family blamed me for all this sitution nobody gave me a chance to speak. my maa is asking me to throw the mangalsutra and rub the kumkum in my maang which is given by him but how can I throw his child growing on me how can I destroy my love for him.nobody was there to understand me.mitali bhabhi is telling that because of me bulbul’s marriage is also called-off.I don’t know how to console Bulbul too I held my legs to my chest and cried has been 2 days maa brought me to our house I was Thinking about Abhishek and he must also be thinking about me i didn’t even call him I was very worried about him and he was saying that raj bhaiya was that vivek about how could it be possible I don’t know.I heard my maa’s voice calling me for lunch so I wiped my tears and went.


I don’t know whether he ate his lunch are not,did he sleep properly or not? my mind was only thinking about him again I felt like something coming up I kept my hand in my mouth and ran to the basin and throwed maa came behind me and held my hair to comfort me i don’t know whether to tell her about my pregnancy or not.l washed my face and l turned and my mother was seeing me very weird I tried to move but she held my hands and touched my tummy and I stepped backward I found that she understood being a mother what I am going through but I didn’t expect she would slap me so hard.all my family members came there and I and maa were crying and my aunty ji asked what happened

“bhabhi pragya is carrying that murderer’s child in her womb” my mom told and cried and all the members were shocked

“pragya how could you do this? you slept with that man who beaten your brother brutally” Mitali bhabhi asked me.

“don’t you fell ashame” my maa asked me but the truth was I am really happy for carrying his child in my womb.this baby is our symbol of love.

“no problem bua my friend is an doctor we can do abortion” raj bhaiya said and I can’t close my mouth more than this

“this baby is mine and nobody have any rights on my child this is mine and abhisek’s child even i don’t have any rights to abort then who you all are to abort my” I shouted at them and I came to room and closed my room


it was 6:00 pm my maa,Dadi,mamaji,aunty ji went to temple and raj bhaiya and bhabhi went to shoping.Bulbul and I was alone in home I said her to take care of her and I left to see him and tell about my pregnancy l called him and asked him to come to city hospital and I too went to the told me that I am 45 days pregnant and told me to be very carefull at this stage.I searched him but I couldn’t find him so again I called him again and he told that he don’t want to talk with me.I don’t why he is doing like this but I have to meet him now so I went to MM


I went to our room and he was sleeping covering himself with my duppata a small simle came in my face seeing him.I went near him and i carresed his hairs and he woke up

“ why did you come here you already left me na then why you came here” he asked me and I felt like killing myself with a knife.I understood why he is this much angry on me.

“do you know how desperate i was waiting for a call from you atleast you must have attend my call right okay fine leave it you must have replayed my message once na” he asked me.

“I am really sorry abhishek I was I an other tension I am really sorry”I said and touched his shoulder but he pushed me very hard.

“just get lost from here I don’t even want to see your face” he said and tears were flowing from my eyes.

“actually I came here to tell you important thing but you are telling me that you don’t want to see me” i asked him “yes I don’t want to see you” he shouted and got up from the bed and I too got up from the bed and he turned bavk

“Abhishek everybody in my home are blaming me they are telling to cut all the relationship with u they are telling me to throw the mangalsutra and rub my sindoor” because I could complete he turned towards me and shouted ” if you wish please do it”.

I wiped my tears and started to speak again ” yes i can throw the mangalsutra and our relationship but how I could throw my love for you,how could I throw the child in my womb which is a symbol that could never separate us tell me to kill your child and kill my love with the mangalsutra and sindoor yes I can cut our relationship as husband and wife but not as a mother and father” I cried and he came near me

“pragya…” he called me softly I took his hand and placed it in my tummy and cried

“now tell me to break our relationship” I asked him and we both had tears in our eyes and we both hugged each other.

“I sorry fuggy really sorry” he said and we broke our hug and he kissed my forehead

“mein papa tum mumma” he asked and I shoked my head and we both were in happy tears in our eyes.

“I love you fuggy i love you” he said and we both hugged again



Sarala maa comes in between when abhi stabs raj

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