Love of Two Poles – KB Part-10



finally i reached part 10 thank you guys for your support

last night was really very wild we reached back home and today chotu has a PTA meeting so we both went with him and we planned to have our lunch in a hotel which was quite big and he stopped his car infront the hotel and we stepped down and he put his protective arms over my shoulder and the securities of the hotel stood up when the moment they saw him and i was really confused

“abhiskek have you ever broken these securities bones why they are afraid of you “I whispered him and he gave me a killer look and we went inside.there also people respected him a lot

“abhiskek answer me yaar why are they giving you this much respect to a rowdy” I asked him and again he gave me a killer look finally we completed our lunch and he didn’tpay the bill and he came outside “abhiskek we have to pay the bill” I remained him. “hey buddu this is our hotel” he completed and I understood why all of them have him this much respect towards him.

we reached the car and suddenly I heard a firing sound and all the securities surrounded us and helped us to get in the car then only I found his left arm was shot

“hey fuggy stop crying see I am alive ” he said while the nurse was dressing his wound and I continued crying once the nurse left I hugged him tightly without disturbing his wound.I laid my head in his chest and he caressed my back and I started crying more seeing his wound.

“fuggy stop crying like a baby nothing happened to me na come on stop crying” he said lifting my face and he wiped my tears.I couldn’t see him like this it killed my heart.

“abhishek I am really scared if something happened to you then” without completing again I laid my head in his chest and he kissed my head and caressed my hair with his left hand

“fuggy till you are there with me nothing will happen to me and this is just a bullet shot that too in my hand” he said which irritated me

“abhiskek is this a joke for you do you know how much i am getting scared because of this from today each and every minute I have to hold my life in my hand I would die if something happens to you” I said and he kissed my forehead and eyes softly and he held my face in his plams

“fuggy don’t worry nothing happens to me you itself know na i am a gangster nobody can do me anything” he said and hugged me i said in his shoulder for few more minutes and then moved to ease his pain


it has been nearly 1 and half month that incident has happened but still it scares me a lot and day after tommorrow is purab and bulbul’s engagement and Abhishek has went to Pune for 2 days and he would be back by day after tomorrow.this 2 days is like 2 years for me i prayed each and every minute about his safety to God I have no other hope than that almighty.all my relatives my maa,grand ma,Bulbul,mamaji,aunti ji,raj bhaiya and his wife Mitali stayed in MM for bulbul’s engagement.

today is bulbul’s engagement and Abhishek is also returning more than the engagement I am eagerly waiting for him.I came from the wash room wearing a green Saree with golden blouse with di’s help and I wash drying my hair by that time i felt somebody hugging me from back and it was him without any delay i hugged him standing in toes to reach his height and he too hugged me tightly.
I sightly broke my hug to see his face and I kissed all over his face and again hugged him tightly again indicating how much i missed him

“fuggy you missed me so much right” he asked me and I couldn’t answer him back and I hugged more tightly and he broke the hug slightly and kissed my lips which led to a passionate fight and we both fall on the bed.he nuzzled my face and neck and kissed me and his hands were travelling all around my body

“you look very beautiful” he said and he flipped our position and he was on the top and he again kissed my face and my hands was tasting his hair while he moved his hand on my exposed part of waist I clutched his shirt closing my eyes yes it’s true that love makes people blind.

“okay we continue our work tonight” he said and I moved from there.


purab and bulbul’s engagement was going well and I found him missing so I went and searched him but I couldn’t find him finally I went to terrace and was shocked abhi fighting with my mamaji’s son raj bhaiya and went and infered them I asked abhishek to stop fighting but he doesn’t seem leaving raj bhaiya I pushed abhishek backward so that he would stop fighting with him

“pragya leave me i will kill him he is a cheat because of him my sister died” he shouted in range

“Abhishek he is my brother raj bhaiya” I said him

“what he is your brother? he is that vivek who killed my aliya brutally I won’t leave him” he said and I was confused how raj bhaiya be vivek by that time my whole family was on terrace and raj bhaiya went to my family and started bad mouthing about Abhishek

“bua this abhi is a cheat, he is a murderer he killed many people and our pragya loved him how did you allow this marriage”raj bhaiya asked my mother and my maa was standing speechless by that abhishek started to fight with raj bhaiya

“bass (stop)” mother stopped them and she came near me and “is raj saying the truth ” she asked me i don’t know what to answer she took my hand and kept on her head and asked me to promise on her and tell about abhi and I broke into tears

“how will she tell bua she already is in love with that murderer na” raj bhaiya was telling my maa I don’t what to tell to her my mother went to abhisek and asked is he a murderer and without hiding anything he accepted it my mother raised to slap him but purab held her hand

“aunty ji my bhaiya didn’t do anything wrong” he said.

“chee…… stop it he is killing others and you are telling that he didn’t do anything wrong I can’t let my daughter marry in this family” she said and bulbul broke into tears and I was standing mother came and dragged me and bulbul and I don’t know what do In this sitution


I was sitting like a lifeless body in my room holding the pregnancy stick with 2 pink lines in it. in my hand I felt something coming up and ran to the basin and throwed up finally I washed my face and came and sat in the bed and kept a hand in my tummy and cried



Credit to: akshaya kannan

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