Love of Two Poles – KB Part-1


o arrest that man he is a poison to this society please publish it ” I begged to my manager and he too agreed tomorrow he will publish in the news paper and thid will be his end I thought myself and returned home their my marriage preparation was going on heavily but I am not interested to marry that suresh but what I can do I couldn’t go against my family’s wish and tomorrow his my mehanadi function and i am least bothered about it my full thoughts were going on abhi tomorrow will be his last day I said to myself and drifted to sleep


I heard some noises outside may be people for my marriage buzzing here and there I thought and took a pillow and covered my ears and head with it but after few minutes there was no sound I could even hear the flies buzzing sound that much quite it was.

“maa maa bring my coffee” I shouted but of no use nobody replied and came outside few men were playing cards and yes I am right I saw them yesterday with abhi

“arrey bhabhi ji” one started I don’t understand why he called me like that

“hey how you came to my house I will call the police” I took the telephone

“then we are not responsible for your family” a man told coyly I don’t know how to react they kidnapped my family

” where you kept them I will kill you if something happened to them” I shouted with tears flowing in my cheeks holding his collar

“bhabhi ji we will take you to them” he told and told him that I will change my dress but in that mean time sent a message to my office about the sitution without their knowledge.

it was Durga ma temple outskirts the city but I couldn’t see anybody and finally I saw him abhi the killer the murder I ran to him and held his collar

“I know It would be you what you did to my family soon police will come and arrest you” I said shaking his collar and he was standing as if he won in a singing competition he took his phone and showed me a photo I was taken a step aback my family was surrounded by some goons and they were holding guns in their hand.

“how dare you are tell them to leave my family otherwise I will kill you” I said looking to his eyes

“okay I will leave lekin one condition” he said while I regretted to face.

“what” I asked him

“marry me I need you” he completed and I was shocked tremendously no I won’t marry a rowdy I thought myself I begged him to leave me but of no use I accepted for my family.

he took me near the mandap and the pandit chanted all the mantras and I was crying with full of revenge thought and hatred towards him.the pandit ji asked us to take the pheraps i promised myself that i will spoil his life.we sat and he pandit asked to tie the mangalsutra I was reaction less he tied the mangalsutra and kept kumkum on my maang.I felt ashamed of carrying a gangster’s name in my kumkum and a mangalsutra of his name I felt to snatch the mangalsutra he tied and rub the kumkum but I am married to him I feel like killing myself with a sharp knife.

“now leave my family ” I said but before he could reply family was standing infront the temple I felt somebody holding my hand and that was he that man he took me to my parents and took their ashirvad I was amazed seeing him why a rowdy needs blessings from others my mom and sister were crying I hugged them tightly my grani was also crying

“I won’t leave your daughter till my last breath” i heard his voice but how can he tell like that he needs to take revenge on me but he is telling like a ideal husband and he tragged me to his car and I waved my hand to my family with tears and my only aim I to destroy that abhi but I don’t know why he married me suddenly a stupid thought hot on mind does he have any feelings for me? then I mentally slapped my mind for thinking like that.


I literally opened my mouth because was approximately 20 times more than my house size but I couldn’t spot even a single women their finally I saw a lady coming and that abhi said the last to take care of me well and set my room she was looking like early 40s and a handsome guy maybe early 20s came and hugged abhi and he came near me and touched my feet but I went aback.

“bhabhi why are you very shy I am purab your devar” he said and I smiled conditional
as there was no way of escape.

“he is my brother purab” he told and the house was fully filled with hit men and all of them were calling me bhabhi and a small boy came running and he went to his arms and he took him in his arms and introduced me as his chachi the little boy hugged me and he looked very sweet and he again went to abhi “thank you chachu for bringing chachi” the little boy told and the lady took me a room.

“beta you take rest I will bring something to eat” the lady said with a soft voice I thought that she must be a good woman.

“di shall I ask you one thing” I politely asked

“bolo beta think I am your sister and share your problems with me” she told me which gave me a relief

“where is his family” I asked and her face expression was changed

“beta you take rest ” she told me and left which indicates she doesn’t want to answer my question.

I got and went near the big mirror in his room and saw myself today I hate myself having his name on me I want to kill myself i slowly moved my hands to the mangalsutra and thought of removing and started to move it but couldn’t do that my mom thought that mangalsutra is a women’s married symbol and we have to respect it More than life but now for her it was like a rope hanging on her neck and when ever I saw myself I remembered the moment he tied the mangalsutra and I started crying and sat on the couch and I felt somebody opening the door and that was that man abhi whom I hate most in this world.

I went near and held his collar and questioned his act of marrying me “I know you sort of people will marry a girl and will change girls like changing your clothes how dare you could do this do you know I much it’s paining I feel Iike killing myself because i am your wife a gangster’s wife I hate myself I this I promise I will end your life” I said sobbing and everything started to be black.


I opened my eyes that lady was sitting near me and he was taking to a doctor.

“take care di” he said and left.


abhi helps pragya wearing saree he touches her waist and she closes her eyes

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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      That’s good I will complete other ffs soon

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    It’s just awesome.
    Rock on..

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      You are right

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    Awesome episode akshaya…..nd plz upload ur other ff too..

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