“I LOVE YOU TWINKLE ..!” TwiNj One shot (by Purvi) HAPPY TEDDY DAY..!

Hello friends…!!! Sorry i can not write my ff today so posting an os. I will post my both ffs tomorrow.
HAPPY TEDDY BEAR DAY…….!!!! Without you guys .. my life is incomplete..!

Let’s start the os

Twinj were married and and didn’t confessed their love yet. They both loves each other truly. They were madly and deeply in love with each other but were scared of confessing. They thought what if they can’t get the same feelings in return and were scared to lose each other until one day..
T – “Kunj mujhse pyar nahi kerta … agr kerta toh mujhy wish zaroor kerta…! But no.. I don’t know . Today i will confess my feelings no matter what happens.. i don’t care what he feels but i will tell him that i love him so much…!”
She was sitting on the bed playing with her fingers in frustration.

On the other side.

Kunj was shown in a shop buying a teddy bear.
K – (thinks) “Twinkle today I will confess my love .. no matter what happen…. I just want to confess my feelings. I don’t know what will be your reaction but I know one thing that you don’t love me…!”
His eyes became watery ..!

Next Scene

Twinkle was sleeping on the bed in a sitting position hugging a teddy bear. Kunj entered the room and saw Twinkle sleeping peacefully. He switched on the light.
Twinkle’s sleep was disturbed. She opened her eyes and saw Kunj .. She quickly stands up..
Kunj turned.
K – “I am sorry Twinkle for disturbing you..!”
T – “Mr.Sarna ap mujhy kesy disturb ker sakty hain…! Ap tog yeh batany ki bhi zehmat nahi kertay ke ap aachukay hain …!”

K – “Twinkle u were sleeping so i thought..!”
T – “Its ok Mr.Sarna…!” she said and gave a sarcastic smile.
Kunj was confused..
She left the room ..

After sometime..
T – “Mr.Sarna dinner is ready come down..!”

He came down and sat down on the chair.. nd started eating..
K -“Twinkle you aren’t eating?”
T – “Huhhh..! Thank god you noticed..”
K – “Twinkle is it something which is bothering you? Why are you behaving so rudely?”
T – “No .. I am ok.. nothing is bothering me..!”

K – “You can’t lie from me..? And i know you are miffed with me because you never call me Kunj when you are miffed with me… you always call me mr.sarna when you are angry on me..”
T – “Achaa … toh ap kuch bhool toh nahi rahy jiski wajah se mein apse naraz hun mr.sarna..!”
She said and went towards the garden ..!
Kunj stood up and reached to her and covered her eyes with his hands.
T – “Kunj what are you doing …? Leave me…!”
K – “Sssshhhhh…!”

He took her towards the pool side..! And opened her eyes.
She was astouned to saw the scenario…
She looked at him. He was smiling..
T – “Kunj….!”
The pool side was decorated with tiny bulbs. It was a date setup with white balloons and curtains.
A heart was hanging on which it was written:
She moved towards it and caressed it with her hands.

He came near her and whispered into her ears.
K – “Is this what I was forgetting?”
She smiled and started beating him playfully. (Imagine Twinkle beating Yuvi in about episode 6 when he was late)
K – “Oucchhh .. twinkle please sorry na..!”
T – “Kunj yku stupid idiot.. pehly bata diya hota toh mein itna rudely to behave nahi kerti ..! Tum bht bade idiot ho..!” (still beating)
He fell down on the ground.
She stopped beating him and sat down and holds his head. She make his head lie on her lap..
T – “I am sorry Kunj..”

He stood up.
T – “Does it hurt??”
Kunj didn’t say anything and nodded in yes..
T – “Where??” she asked worriedly.
He point towards his heart.
T – “Kunjjjj …!”
K – “I am serious..! Jab tu naraz hoti hai na toh bht darf hota hai..!”
She looked at him shocked.
K – “Haan twinkle..!”
Twinj at the same time – “Mujhy tumse kuch kehna hai..!”
They smiled.
K – “twinkle close your eyes,”
T -“Why.?”
K – “Plsss naa.,!”
She closes her eyes.
K – “Open..!”
She opened and found a cute teddy bear infront of her … she gets extremely happy and quickly took it..
She started dancing hugging the teddy.
T -“Thanks Kunj..!”

K – “Twinkle every night you slept hugging your teddy hain na?”
T -“Hmmm but why?”
K – “Twinkle can I replace it for the rest of your life..?”
Twinkle looked at him stunned.. he was looking directly into her eyes. Her heart started beating faster.
K – “Say na Twinkle?”
T – “Kunj why are you saying like this?”
K – “Because I LOVE YOU ..!”
She got the another biggest shock…
K – “I know you don’t love me but its okay..! I just wanted to confess my feelings … I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU..,! Me tujhse beinteha muhabbat kerta hun Twinkle..! (Anyone remember these linesss???)
She became teary eyed.
K – “Twinkle pata nahi kab kahan kesy kyun .. mgt mujhy tujhse pyar hogaya .. beinteha..!”
He looked at her .. she was crying..
K -“Hey twinkle don’t cry.. i can’t see tears in your eyes.. i am sorry if i hurt you…!”
He turned around..
She tightly hugged him from back..!
He got happy ..!
T – “Kunj tum mujhy kabhi hurt nahi ker sakty .. ye mera bharosa hai..!!! Tum apni taraf se sochne kyun lag jaaty ho..! Kis ne kaha i don’t love you…”
He hugged her back..!
T – “I know..!” (funny tune plays)
K – “Array what i know … tum bhi kaho ..!”

T – “Who said I love you?”
He got hurt and broke the hug .. she gave a confused look ..!
K – “I knew it .. you don’t love me..!”
She made a puppy face and holds her ears ..!
T – “I am sorry Kunj for hurting you .., but i am not sorry for LOVING YOU ..!”
He looked at her ..
He was very happy and hugged her tightly ..!
K – “I love you sooo much …!”
T – “I love you too ..!”

They broke the hug…!
He looked at her lips … and came closer to her ..!
She pushed him .!
K -“Twinkle yarrr that’s not fair ..! Itna tarsa liya ab toh mat tarsa … yarr ek kiss toh de dy ..!”

She turned crimson ..!!!
He started running behind her and finally caught her ..!
Without wasting any time .. he captured her lips in a slow passionate liplock ..!
The kiss turned wild and they started biting and chewing each other’s lips …!
The kiss was showing their love,passion and need for each other ..!!!
After sometime they broke the kiss for breathing ..!
Twinkle was blushing like hell ..!

He came closer and dug his face into her neck ..!
He planted a kiss on her collar bone..! His hand reached to her back… he started to unzip her kurti. But she stopped him ..! He again captured her lips..
He took her into his arms and started moving towards their bedroom ..! Not breaking the eye lock ..!
He placed her on the bed and came on top of her ..! He kissed her jawline ..! He kissed all over her neck placing love bites ..!

He unpinned her dupatta and threw it away ..!
She holds his collar and captured his lips ..!
They broke the kiss and he started to kiss her on her neck ..! She moaned his name which was a pleasure for him ..!
She started to open his shirt buttons ..! She opened all of them and threw it away ..!
He pulled the blanket over them .., and soon the room was filled with pleasurable moans …

Heyy god finally over …. for the first time .. i tried a romantic one ..! I tried romance .., though it was not good .. actually i know it bored you .., hai na???
Let me know how was the romance … i don’t know how to write romance … i am zero at romance ..! But i tried for the first time ..!
Do comment whether +ve or -ve ..,
With lots of love ..,❤❤❤❤????

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  1. It was damn good, especially the confession part,the part where kunj says “mein tujhse beinteha mujhabat karta hun twinkle” and also when he asked if he could be twinkles teddy for her rest of the life.one request,pls post soon.

  2. SiyappaQUEEN

    Purvi nice os dear. I liked i mean i love it to the core. And hot ho gaya mausam yaar…. ? twinj romance not bad. Infact I was imagining twinj in front of my eyes… Love you a lots.
    Do post more os. And I am waiting for your ff do post it soon…
    Bye. Chethi post karna… Ok na aur yaad rakhna I love you… ? ??

  3. Purvi hw can u tell that u boared us pagal ladki…jhalli h bilkul tu…aur romance toh tu mere se jyaada mst likhti h yrrr aur os kitna fantastic fabulous amazing tha maza agaya…
    luu u…jann

  4. Sohi

    The os was romantic and sweet
    Their romance was good not vulgar
    Do continue

  5. Simiyy

    Hey Purvi
    It was awesome
    Really enjoyed it
    Post soon
    Loads of love

  6. SidMin23

    Purvi it was cute and awesome and twinj moment ???

  7. Akanksha

    hey,purvi…it was really nice…

  8. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous cute lovely epi

  9. Presha

    Hey purvi awesome epi
    Just lived it
    Post ur ff soon

  10. Mia12

    Awwwwwwwww purviiiii,,,?????
    Meri jaan,, My chochopaiiiiiiii kitna adorable or cuteiiiii cuteiiiii likha hai tune,,☺☺☺☺☺ The whole os was justttttttt FABULOUS,,,,??????????? and these Surprise was MIND BLOWING,,,???????? I Love it shoooooo much,,??????????? and hwwwwww,,???? romance 1st time, seriosly tu joke kar rai hai,,????matlab kon bole ga ki yeh tera 1st time hai,,???? nai yarr sach mai tu to chagayi matlab,,it was tooo much hotttt,,????? it was shooo beautiful written,, justttt WONDERFUL meri jaan,,,,?????????? aglibar muje or bhi romantic aroma matlab romance cahiyyyeeee matlab romance cahiye samajh gayiii tane na or samjhau,,,???? or sun jaldhi apni ff post kar mujhse wo intezar naiiiiiii hotaaa meri jaan,,?????? plz na,, my vaniila,, my candy crush,, my hot coffee,, my lovely bestiiii,,???
    I Love you shooo much,,❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    Muaaaah,, ?? Muaaaah,,??

  11. SidMin

    Loved it ….
    The starting pov of both of then were cute ….
    Twinkle’s anger …. Kunj’s concern …. her sarcastic smile …. The decoration… Twinkle hitting Kunj and Kunj saying ouch….
    The confession …. Twinkle saying I know ….
    Loved it all .
    Love you keep writing . .. Post your ff’s soon ??

  12. Chiku

    Woaaah!!! Lovely???loved it. Soooo cute.
    Romance is???

  13. RUTU.....

    Hi Purvi
    It was fantastic and interesting os just loved it dear
    Love you so much ???

  14. Lovely os I loved it

  15. Ramya

    Hey purvi
    Awesome amazing dear
    N I remember dat dialogue voh kkunj ka confession dialogue that
    Nit was d best ever scene
    Loved it to core
    Love u keep smiling

  16. Baby

    my bacha my dear who said dat u r bad at romance……….
    uffffffffff………sooooooo hot n adorable os
    lods of luv☺☺♥♥☺☺

  17. Aanya_pandey

    Awesome update..
    N sorry for commenting this late

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