LOVE… (a twinj os)

hi guys i am here with my another story hope u all will like it i will not able to give regural updates but i will try my best nd one more thng i m cmninting on anyone writing us ka lia sorry btw how r u all i know fine hi hogi itni boring writer jo chli gayi thi but i am backkk ?
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most imp this story dedicated to my dearest frnd ummm….ofcrs my SWEETIPIE aka ANAYA i love u nd plz tnsion na lia kr sb thk hojaya ga or thank u for suggestion

ok ok no more bak bak here is a Shot

A girl is shown entering in xyz college london she is so cute she is wearing brown full sleeves shirt nd black jeans she is walking when she bump into a boy boy saw her nd give death glare the girl gluped in fear he is most wanted munda of college but he never talk to anyone nor have friends he is always in serious mood Girl is TWINKLE nd boy is KUNJ he left after giving death glare nd twi also left feeling strange she enter in her class nd get shocked to know that kunj is also in same class she sit quitely bcuz she is new nd she don’t have frnds another girl enter in class nd sit beside twi she is chinki
c: hi
t: hi
c: i am chinki kapoor
t: twinkle… twinkle taneja
c: will u be my frnd
t: with pleasure nd smile ☺
like this day pass twi nd chinki become best frnd but twi always feel strange whenever she see kunj don’t know why? one day in class chinki is sitting with twi other sit is empty bcuz twi is sitting in middle someone come nd sit beside her twi breatg hitched yeah he is sitting beside her all girl gather around him taking his pics trying to talk to her bit he is not paying any attention twi feel butterflies in her stomach but she ignore it she start talking with chinki but chinki is also busy staring kunj this make twi irritated she get up nd say
t: can plz leave my way i have to go
k:yeah sure nd stand up
twi leave but chinki nd other girls are just staring kunj he also left

wht happening to me why i always feel strange nd happy around him why?? he never pay any attention to girls but i am getting atract toward him us main asa kia ha?? ?? kia mujha us sa… no no nooo asa nahi hosakta main us SADU sa piyaar never… lakin shayad ya piyaar ha han TWINKLE TANEJA ko piyaar hogaya nd she start jumping in happiness

same happening with kunj he is thinking th same why he always want her around him he never pay attention to any girl but she has someting different like this he also relise his love but he is not that type of boy who will confess so much easily but agar nahi kra ga to dair hojaya gi so think to confess now he start sitting with twi but they never talk they love to sit in silent beside eachother kunj wanted to confess but…
one fine night twi is walking in a street being lost somewhere not somewhere but in kunj suddenly its start raining she run nd stand under a shelter rain start coming on twi but it stop suddenly she saw that wall between her nd rain the wall is kunj he is standing facing her she just got lost in his brown ocean like Orbs kunj is also lost in her he strt coming closer twi close her eyes being scared kunj saw her nd peck her forehead twin feel blessed soon rain end kunj turn away nd twi start walking fastly but she stop when she heared kunj calling her
k: twinkleeee… plz listenn
she turn nd kunj come running
k: wo wo…
t: ab bolo bhi
k: can u plz meet me tommorow at parking after college
t: why…??
k: plz
t: ok i will
nd she left he is just looking at her till thn she disappaer he also lefr ruffling his hair smiling lil bit bcuz kunj sarna never smile why he don’t smile bcuz he is only like this he do not have any past but he is like this from childhood
next day twinkle wake up early actually she did not slept whole night thinking about kunj she take bath nd wear white knee length dress
with black high heel nd minimum makeup she is looking stunnion other side kunj also get up grey shirt with blue denim both are looking just stunning both left for collegecollege whole day they are not able to meet eachother but after college twi reach parking kunj is standing wearing grey shirt with blue denims twi reach near him nd stand beside him he just pass a smile but said nothing kunj sit on driving seat nd twi beside him after a silent ride of 30 mins they reached in a park they come out of car both enter in park park is not decoreted but its looking beautiful bcuz no one can beat nature twi look at kunj with questioning eyes kunj said nothing bcuz he never talk to much he just hug her tight twi feel his warmth she reprocated after sometime he broke the hug nd sit on his knees
k: as u know ur SADU SARNA not talk to much so just simply wanted to tell u that I LOVE U SIYYAPPA QUEEN…will u be MRs.sadu sarna?? will u able to spend your whole life with this sadu??

twi just nodded simply he made her wear the ring both spend some quailty time togather nd left after college they tell about their love to perants nd got married but after marrige he is just sadu he just listen to twi nd talk very less but twi love him his care for her his hugs nd that forehead kisses she felt so much blessed but she has only one complain why he talk less.. ??
one fine day twi is working in kitchen when kunj start shouting twi goes to room nd he is standing shirtless

t: kia hoa
k: My shirt.. ?
t: u can take it from cupboard she goes to cupboard nd take out his shirt but ahe know wht he want so she make him wear ?? after that twi turn to go but pulled by kunj

t: wht??? ?
he said nothing bcuz of his habit he just kiss her forehead twi smile but suddenly she run washroom kunj become tense after sometime twi come out

k: are u okay???
t:ummm.. yeah just vomiting
k: chalo doc ka pasa chlta hain
t: but i am fit
t: ok

both goes to hospital doc exmine twi nd come out

k: is she is ok
d: yeah but now u have to take care of her
d: ask to her
k: ok nd tq doc

kunj enter in twi room she is half lying kunj sit beside her
t: ???
k: twi wht happend to u?? being worried he held his hand
t: wo wo kunj wo..
k: kia bolo bhi
t: u are gonna be father
k: ohhh ok
T: ???? bcuz she saw him this much exited first time
k:I LOVE U i am so happy twi tq sooo much

kunj start taking more care of twi after 9 month twi give birth to baby girl name ANAYA ???
ND they live happily everafter….


So sorry for boring u nd grammatical mistakes nd JANEMAAN tumhara sabr khatam hoa

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