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“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Memory Refresher

Hey all! I’m back. Not with the chapter though but, never mind. I guess you all would have been waiting for this.
So here you go with the answers.

Q1) What excuse did Kunj give to take Twinkle for the first coffee date?
• The excuse was that the coffee Mahi made the morning coffee very bad and she had added salt instead of sugar.

Q2) When did Twinkle for the first time kiss Kunj?
(I’m sorry to say but, none of you got this correct. But, never mind.)
• Twinkle was too pleased with Kunj after her birthday because he had planned it too well. After thanking him, in excitement he kissed his cheek. The chapter had ended with Kunj saying “THE FIRST KISS OF THIS RELATIONSHIP.”

Q3) How did Twinkle realise her love for Kunj?
(Sayeeda, you were partially correct and except that this one also I guess none of you remembered. I totally understand. It was a really simple realisation.)
• The three sisters were sitting and discussing about their definition of love with each other as they used to do before marriage. Twinkle told what she thought about love and at the end she told “LIKE KUNJ IS FOR ME”.

Q4) When did Kunj get to know that Twinkle too loves her? (Mention the situation)
• Twinkle and Kunj went to a mall for shopping for their outing to the farmhouse the next day and Kunj was busy talking with Maya after meeting her and Twinkle had come back home. When Kunj questioned her the reason behind her behaviour several times she answered that he doesn’t care for her and only cares about Maya. That was the time when Kunj realised her jealousness and the pain which Twinkle was going through.

Q5) How did Kunj get his kiss after their love confession?
• After spending the day at farmhouse, when Twinkle entered their room, she saw Kunj sleeping. So, she went to him and was about to kiss cheeks but, Kunj turned his face and Twinkle accidentally kissed his lips.

Q6) Where did Rahul and Kritika meet for the first time and what was the reason for which they fought?
• Rahul and Kritika first met in the market when Mahi and Kritika had gone for shopping. Kritika had accidentally bumped into Rahul but, he had held her by her waist and he was continuously staring at him. That’s when the fight begun because Kritika supposed him to be cheap.

Q7) What relation does Rahul have with the Sarna’s?
• Rahul is the maternal brother of Kunj and Yuvraj.

Q8) How did Rahul and Kritika come to know that they were childhood best friends?
• After Twinkle and Kunj gave them the punishment they thought of introducing themselves to each other. This was the time when they came to know that they were childhood best friends.

Q9) What was the reason for which Kunj and Twinkle went to Delhi?
• Kunj’s convocation

Q10) Why did Twinkle become angry as soon as they entered the hotel in Delhi?
• The reason was Yuvraj booked a honeymoon suite for them.

Thank you to all those who participated in the game. Many of you were busy and couldn’t comment but, it’s alright.
Now, I know I’m wasting you’re time a lot so, here are the winners.

Second runner up: Angita
(Actually to be frank I was very happy to see your comment. Inspite of not knowing many questions you commented.)

First runner up:
Meenu, Shatakshi, Purnima, Lama, RiaA and Shamz

And, now excited to know the winner?
Even I’m.
Let’s see who’s it.

So, the winner is..

Congratulations Sayeeda!
(What were you going to do? Not participate in it. Now, see.)

You all know, it was really a pleasure to read all your comments. Though you all couldn’t figure out two answers but, the most important part was that you people remembered the other eight answers. And, each and every response among those eight was absolutely correct.

Shamz, you know when I read your comment I was amazed. I mean you listed out all the incidents so well and so accordingly I was really happy seeing that. You seriously have an amazing memory.

I’m so glad that you all are liking this fan fic. I hope you all will keep supporting me similarly and will continue to like this fan fic. Love you all loads.?

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  1. Shatakshi

    Wow I m the first runner up
    N Congo sayeeda…
    It was really fun participating

    1. Angita

      Great shatakshi wonderful congratulations

  2. Sayeeda

    Yippppeeeee…….congratulations nd celebrations ….Woohhooo …main jeet gayi ….
    Itni khushi ..itni khushi ..mujhe aaj tak kabhi nai hui ..mere aason nai rukh rhe hai ( tears of happiness) …lolzzz ( sacchi mein main bhi kitni filmy ho)

    I’m very happy that I commented as I backed out earlier but u told me to participate ….I’m happy that most of the answers were correct …
    It was the best memory fresher …
    I feel like as I won the most precious gift ..aur ho bhi kyu na akhir Ria ne Jo diya hai ….love u …

    1. Angita

      Awesome sayeeda amazing.you deserve it

  3. Purnima.agrawal30

    Wow first runner-up……

  4. Angita

    Congratulations sayeeda congrats and shatakshi too. I’m so happy I got things place thought it was nothing soo biggg but it makes me happy inside ☺.

    1. Shatakshi

      Hey Angita
      Congo to u too…
      U answered all the questions know to u…I agree with rua

    2. Sayeeda

      Same to u dear …..
      U said right answering the ques gave us a different pleasure ..

  5. Lama

    Yippeeee…i m the first runner up…Congratulations to me and all other also (ab itni selfish bhi nhi hu yaar)

  6. Saby

    ria…. so sorry as i couldnt participate…
    and i know uh will understand me… no excuses just one thing
    ur ff is mast se bhi mast…. keep going till 100 and plomish next time i will do do participate….

    1. Ria

      It’s alright Saby! I totally understand. 100 chapters seems such a huge number. But, I’ll surely try.?
      Also, thank you so much for the appreciation.

  7. RiaA MendeZz

    1st runner up? Yayyyyy. Even tho I participated really late 🙁 never the less I am happy .. sayeeda congrats 🙂

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