“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 8)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 8


Twinkle entered the kitchen when Mahi was preparing coffee. Twinkle said, “I hope jiju didn’t come while you were making the coffee.” “Twinkle, mistakes happen once. Stop reminding me about it every day”, said Mahi. “But, I find it cute”, replied Twinkle. “Me too”, said Kunj from the doorstep. He added, “My bhaiya wants my bhabhi in his room right now.” “Why?”, asked Mahi. “Maybe he’s in a romantic mood”, replied Kunj teasingly. Mahi started blushing. “Tum dono bohot bol rahe ho. (You both are talking a lot.) Wait. I’ll listen first what Yuvraj says then I’ll see you both”, saying this Mahi walked out. “Ofcourse first jiju/bhaiya then us. Right?”, shouted Twinkle and Kunj together and then laughed. Kunj took the knife and started cutting vegetables to help Twinkle. Twinkle asked, “What do you want? Why are you helping me out?” “Nothing like that Twinkle”, replied Kunj. “Tell Kunj”, said an adamant Twinkle. “Twinkle, I was thinking of going out tomorrow”, said Kunj. “Fine but, where?”, replied Twinkle happily. “I don’t know, you suggest”, said Kunj. Twinkle thought for sometime and said, “Let’s go to the farmhouse. We’ll have a family outing as well.” “But, I was talking about us Twinkle”, replied Kunj. “No, family outings are much more fun”, replied Twinkle.

Kunj added, “Okay fine but then, only we both are going to go out to buy everything needed for tomorrow.” Twinkle smiled and said, “Okay.”

Yuhi’s room
Mahi entered the room and found it empty. She heard the sound of someone closing the door. She quickly turned back to see who it was. “Yuvraj, why are you closing the door?”, asked Mahi. “I can open it and romance with you. I don’t mind. I thought you’ll mind, that’s why”, replied Yuvraj with a naughty smile. “No, you’re not doing anything like that. Breakfast is ready, we’re going down right now”, said Mahi. “Mahi, you remember you kissed me yesterday night. It was so nice. It was the best moment of my life”, said Yuvraj. Mahi started blushing thinking about the moment while Yuvraj came to her and held her tightly by her waist. “I told you no”, complained Mahi. “Mahi, do you love me?”, asked Yuvraj. She nodded her head in a yes while trying to free herself. Yuvraj came close for a kiss but, Mahi bent down and said, “Yes, I love you. But, I’ve other works also rather than making love with you the entire day.” She quickly pulled back and added, “Come down for the breakfast quickly. Everyone would be waiting.” Yuvraj gave a disappointed look while Mahi went out.

Dining table
Everyone settled down for breakfast. Kunj said, “Listen, what I was thinking is let’s go for the farmhouse tomorrow. We’ll stay there for the weekend and return the day after that is on Sunday.” “Changa hai (Amazing)”, replied Bebe. She added, “But, what about the arrangements?” Kunj quickly replied, “Bebe, me and Twinkle will do that. You don’t worry.” “As you wish puttar. But, don’t start romancing as soon as you go out. Buy the necessary things”, replied Bebe. Twinkle started blushing and looked down. “Kya Bebe! Kuch bhi bolte ho”, replied an embarrassed Kunj. Everyone finished their breakfast and went to their respective rooms.

Twinj room
“Jaldi kar Twinkle. (Make it quick Twinkle.) Already it’s 6. We need to return by 8. We aren’t going out for dinner”, said Kunj. “Chalo, chalo. (Come, come.) I’m sorry. Thoda late ho gaya (It became a bit late)”, said Twinkle. “Oh god! What am I hearing. Twinkle, YOU are saying sorry?”, said Kunj sarcastically. “Okay, now stop taunting me. Let’s go”, replied Twinkle.

Twinkle and Kunj selected everything they needed for the picnic. They went to the cashier and purchased everything when a girl came and put her hands on Kunj’s eyes. Twinkle saw the girl and gave an irritated look. “Who’s this?”, asked Kunj. “Guess”, replied the girl. “Maya?”, guessed Kunj. She removed her hands and said, “Yes.” She came in front and hugged Kunj. Twinkle narrowed her eyes looking at them and murmured, “Chipkali kahin ki. Ek toh pati mera hai, upar se public place hai. Kahin toh sharam kare.” ( Lizard number 1. First of all he’s my husband, on top of that it’s a public place. She should be ashamed at least somewhere.) “Kunj, come let’s go. It’s done”, said a jealous Twinkle. “Twinkle, we’ll just roam around.

Maya is all alone. Is that okay? Anyways, 1 hour is still left”, replied Kunj. Twinkle faked a smile and walked with them. Kunj took the packets and they walked out of the shop. Kunj was busy talking to Maya. Twinkle stopped in front of a shop and said, “Kunj, look this dress is so nice right!” Kunj didn’t reply. She turned to her left to find no one. She turned to the other side and saw Kunj and Maya talking and laughing. She was too angry and walked back to the parking frustratedly.

Parking lot
“Driver kaka, let’s go home”, said Twinkle. “Lekin (But), chote sahaab (Kunj)?”, asked the driver. “Woh aa jayenge. Aap unki fikar mat kariye”, (He’ll come back. You don’t worry about him) replied Twinkle. The driver started the car and drove back home.

Sarna Mansion
She entered the house and found the hall completely empty. She kept the bags on the sofa and was about to call everyone but, stopped.

Twinkle (POV)
I shouldn’t call everyone right now. They’ll start asking me about Kunj. We’ll look at the gifts after the dinner. But, that Maya. This is just way too much. Kunj is not her husband. What should I even tell her! Kunj is also the same. Forget it. I don’t want to talk about him.
She walked to the kitchen to see if everything was ready for the dinner.

Twinkle entered the kitchen and found Kritika drinking water. Twinkle asked, “Is everything ready for dinner?” Kritika nodded her head and asked, “Didn’t jiju come?” “Don’t talk about him in front of me”, replied Twinkle.

Kritika (POV)
Now, what happened! Please Babaji don’t create a siyappa (problem). I’m trying to make them close but, they both are busy fighting.
Kritika came out of her thoughts as Twinkle’s phone rang. Twinkle checked it and handed over the phone to Kritika. “Bol de apne jiju ki teri didi ghar laut aayi hai aur agar unka man ho toh vapas aa jaye”, (Tell your jiju that your di has returned home and if he wishes to, he can come back too) said Twinkle and walked out of the kitchen taking the dinner plates. Kritika picked up the call.

Phone conversation
Kunj said, “Twinkle, where are you? I’m searching for you everywhere.” Kritika replied, “Jiju.” Kunj said, “Kritika? Where is Twinkle?” “She came back home”, said Kritika. “But, how come suddenly?”, asked Kunj. Kritika replied, “I don’t know. You come back quickly and talk to her.” “Okay”, said Kunj.

After about half an hour
Twinkle was calling out everyone for dinner when Kunj came back. She saw him and looked away in disgust.

Dining hall
Everyone sat down for their dinner. There was complete silence. Twinkle quickly finished her dinner and said, “Kriti, I’m sleeping with you today. I’ve a headache and I don’t want anybody to disturb my sleep. Also, if you don’t mind can you sit with everyone and have a look whether we bought everything or not.” She nodded her head in a yes. Bebe said, “Twinkle puttar if you don’t feel well we’ll go some other day.” “No bebe, I just need some rest. I’ll be all fine after that. Please don’t worry”, saying this she left the hall and went to their room to take the pillow and blanket. Kunj got up and said, “I’m also done. I’ll get on with you all later. I’ll give Twinkle a head massage.” Everyone smiled and said, “Okay.”

Twinj room
Kunj entered the room and asked, “Why did you come back alone and that too without informing? I was so tensed.” Twinkle ignored him and was about to go to the cupboard to take her clothes when Kunj held her hand and pulled her towards himself. Twinkle’s hands rested on his chest. They had a deep eye lock. After some time, Twinkle looked away and pushed Kunj. “I asked you something”, said Kunj. Twinkle ignored him and went to the cupboard. “Twinkle!”, exclaimed Kunj. Twinkle was about to go to take the pillow when he held by her shoulders and pinned her to the wall. “Answer me damn it”, said Kunj. “What should I tell? I’m sorry Kunj, I should’ve informed you and come? If you expect that reply you won’t get it.

I came back because you don’t have time for your wife. You were busy talking with YOUR Maya. You didn’t even notice I wasn’t there. Only after an hour you realised and that too may be because Maya went back. Have you ever thought how I feel seeing you both so close? No, why will you? Who am I to you! Anyways, why am I even telling you. You won’t even care about it. Better forget it”, saying this she pushed Kunj and took her pillow and blanket and walked out of the room angrily. Kunj smiled and sat down on the bed. He took Twinkle’s photo from the side table and looked at it.

Kunj (POV)
Today, for the first time you shouted on me and I didn’t feel bad Twinkle. I wasn’t hurt. In fact I’m happy. I’m happy to know that you too love me. You can’t see me close to another girl. I’m sorry Twinkle for hurting you. I didn’t do it intentionally. But, I promise since I’ve hurt you I only would make it up and that too in Kunj Sarna’s style. I promise. Tomorrow will be the best day of your life, rather our life.
Hello all! First of all thanx a lot to all of you for commenting and showering so much love. I always forget this but, thanx a lot to all the silent readers who’ve read my ff up till now.

RiaA, thanx a lot sweetheart for such a heart touching comment. And, it’s alright if you couldn’t comment on the 6th chapter. I’m glad that you liked it and told me.

Shamz, thanx a lot for that comment. I hope I’ll be able to meet upto your expectations till the time I continue. Also, thanx for understanding and cooperating.

Sayeeda, I don’t know you’re making me out of words. I seriously don’t have words. You make me feel so good everyday. Thanx a lot for that. And, I hope I didn’t make you wait for long.

I’m sorry, I know the episode was a bit sad and also it didn’t have any romantic moments of Twinj. But, I’m just trying to portray Twinkle’s possessive side and her love for Kunj. Hope you all liked the episode.

I thought of uploading this chapter yesterday itself but, TU was adding features to the page so, they weren’t accepting any articles. Also, if you guys feel like register onto this page. They have transformed it into a social networking site where in you can chat, post, comment and all.
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