“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 7)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 7

“Kunj, Twinkle and Kritika come down. Dinner is ready”, shouted Mahi from the hall.

Twinj room
“Ya Bhabhi coming”, replied Kunj. He picked up Twinkle and started walking. Twinkle asked, “What are you doing?” “What? Your leg is twisted. How will you walk?”, replied Kunj. “What will everyone think?”, asked Twinkle. “Nothing. We have a logical reason. Even if they think, they’ll only think that Twinkle got such a caring husband”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled.

Dining table
Everyone saw Kunj bringing Twinkle down in his arms and smiled. “Kunj puttar, this is hall”, said Bebe. “Haan Bebe, par aap ko toh pata hai na ki aap ki bahu Siyappa Queen hai. (Ya Bebe, but you know right that you’re daughter in law is a Siyappa Queen.) She fell down and twisted her leg. That’s why”, replied Kunj. “When did that happen? How? Is it hurting?”, asked Usha and Leela together. “No maa, it’s nothing. Don’t worry”, replied Twinkle. They sat down for their dinner. They finished their dinner and Twinkle was about to get up when Kunj said, “Sit down. Let me finish my food then I’ll take you. Don’t even try to walk on your own. Phir pata chala puri zindagi aise hi bitaani par jaye (Then I’ll come to know that I’ve to spend my entire life like this only).”

Twinkle (POV)
Aj toh baal baal bachi (Luckily, I got saved). If I would’ve got up and started walking then, I would’ve been dead. What would Kunj think of me if he got to know that I was jealous of Maya! But, right now I’m thinking Kunj is so caring, so nice. He’s not even letting me walk. Maa, your choice is always the best.
Everyone finished their dinner. Everyone was about to go to sleep when Twinkle said, “Jiju, can I sleep with di tonight?” “No, you can’t”, replied Kunj. “I asked jiju, not you”, said Twinkle. “Why do you want to disturb Bhabhi?”, asked Kunj. “It’s alright Kunj. It won’t be any disturbance. Kriti, you also come along. It’s been a long time we haven’t slept together and had the fun”, said Mahi. “Where should I sleep then?”, asked a disappointed Yuvraj. “Jiju, you sleep with Kunj today no, please!”, requested Twinkle. Yuvraj was about to reply when Mahi said, “Okay fine we three sisters are sleeping together and you two brothers sleep together.” Kritika said, “After ages. Come on let’s go quickly.”

Kunj (POV)
Iss Twinkle ki toh main! Bhabhi ke saath sona hai. Arey yaar! Ab mujhe neend kaise aayegi? Iska chehra dekhe bina toh mujhse aankh tak band nahi kiya jata aur yahan sone ki baat ho rahi hai. Par isse kya! Isse toh behno ke saath sona hai. Vaise Kunj, koi baat nahi. Sone ki baat hui hai..poori raat ki toh nahi!(This Twinkle no! She wants to sleep with Bhabhi. Oh god! How will I sleep now? I can’t even close my eyes without seeing her face and now, I need to sleep. But, she doesn’t care! She has to sleep with her sisters. By the way Kunj, not a big deal. It’s only sleeping.. not the entire night na!)

Yuhi’s room
Kunj entered the room and placed Twinkle on the bed. He turned and was about to go when Twinkle held his hand and asked, “Gussa ho?” (Are you angry?) “No”, Kunj promptly replied. He freed his hand and went out of the room. “What happened to him?”, asked Twinkle to herself.
After some time, Mahi and Kritika entered. Kritika whispered to Mahi, “We need to make her understand she loves jiju. Di, you remember right!” Mahi nodded her head in a yes. Twinkle asked, “What are you both talking?” Kritika winked at Mahi and said, “You might remember we used to ask each other everyone’s definition of love to see how it changes time by time. Now, that it has been quite a long time, we’ll play that.” They went and sat beside her. Mahi said, “Love…umm.. actually Yuvraj defines love. So, for me love is Yuvraj.” Twinkle and Kritika acted to cough while Mahi started blushing. Kritika said, “I still don’t know what love is. Somebody needs to make me feel special. He needs to take care of me as a Queen. Let’s see.” “Di?”, asked Kritika. “Umm. Love is when a person cares about you more than himself. He can do anything for you without thinking about himself. He’ll always make you feel special. He might not have all the values of Mr. Perfect but he’ll be perfect for you. If I am hurt, then he’ll feel the pain. Just like Kunj is for me.”, said Twinkle. “Ahem ahem. But, somebody told me in the morning that she doesn’t love Kunj jiju. Then?”, said Kritika.”Did I just say Kunj’s name?”, asked Twinkle. “Yes, my beloved sister”, replied Mahi. Twinkle started blushing and said, “Okay fine. Now, let’s sleep. I feel too sleepy.” “Ya, ya. Sure. Good night Twinkle/di”, replied Mahi and Kritika together while smiling.

Kritika (POV)
Mission-1 successful. Now, comes Misssion-2.
All of them laid down on the bed and fell asleep except for Twinkle.

Twinkle (POV)
I love you Kunj. I know I’m an idiot. It took me so long just to understand this. But, does he love me? Babaji, give some sign na please.
She was wondering whether Kunj loves her or not when suddenly she saw a shadow on the wall and got scared. She shook Mahi and Kritika but it was of no use. She was about to scream when the person came and kept his hand on her mouth. “It’s me Twinkle”, said the person. “Kunj! You scared me. What are you doing here? Go and sleep”, said Twinkle. Kunj murmured, “Meri raat ki neend chura ke bol rahi hai ‘go sleep’.” (After snatching away my sleep she’s telling ‘go sleep’.) Twinkle smiled listening to this and asked, “Did you say something?” “No, wake up Bhabhi and Kritika. Bhaiya wants to come in this room”, replied Kunj. “But, we told we’re sleeping together”, complained Twinkle. Kunj ignored her and went to wake up Kritika. “Kritika, wake up.” She woke, rubbed her eyes and said, “I just slept now, how come it’s morning. And, why is it so dark in the morning!” “Shut up! It’s 2 in the morning. Tere Yuvraj jiju ko apne biwi ke saath sone ki padi hai toh abhi tu apne kamre mein jaa”, (Your Yuvraj jiju wants to sleep with his wife so, you go and sleep in your room) said Kunj. “Oh god! Vaise sach batao aap ko nahi sona meri Twinkle di ke saath?”, (By the way, tell the truth. Don’t you want to sleep with my Twinkle di?)Kritika teasingly asked. Twinkle started blushing listening to this. Kunj replied, “Don’t talk so much. Get up and go to your room.” Kritika smiled, got up and went out. Kunj went to call Yuvraj.

Twinj room
“Bhaiya, plan successful”, said Kunj standing at the doorstep. Yuvraj hurriedly got up and went to his room with Kunj following him.

Yuhi’s room
Yuvraj entered and sat down on the couch. He said, “Your wife is still sleeping Kunj.” “She was awake. Oh god! You go, sleep. I’ll take her”, said Kunj. He picked up Twinkle in his arms and walked out. Yuvraj went beside Mahi and said, “Wake up sweetheart.” “Yuvraj, please don’t disturb me”, replied Mahi. Suddenly she got up with a jerk and sat on the bed. She said, “Yuvraj! How come you’re here? Where are Twinkle and Kriti? You were sleeping with…” She was interrupted as Yuvraj kissed her lips. She was shocked for sometime but, later gave in. They had a long lip-lock and pulled back when they were out of breath. “Everyone went to their rooms to let us romance”, said Yuvraj. Mahi was feeling shy and said, “Oh okay. Fine then good night.” She quickly laid down and pulled the blanket over herself. Yuvraj smiled at her behaviour and said, “Good night!”

Twinj room
Kunj entered the room with Twinkle in his arms. He kneeled down on the bed and placed her. He stood up and stared at her face. “She looks so innocent while sleeping right! I love you Twinkle”, saying this he walked to the couch and slept.
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