“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 6)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 6

Twinj room
Kunj came to the room after changing. Twinkle was clearing the bed. Kunj hugged her from back and kissed her cheeks. He said, “You looked so beautiful today. You’re driving me crazy each day.” “Kunj! Kunj! Kunj!”, shouted Twinkle while shaking him. Kunj shook his head, came out from his thoughts and said, “Ya.” “What ya? Where are you lost?”, asked Twinkle. “No, nothing”, he replied and smiled to himself. Kunj added, “Will you help me in clearing up this mess on the couch?” “Kunj, I’m too tired. Tum aj yahin bed pe so jao”, (Today, you sleep on the bed) said Twinkle. Kunj said, “What? You want to share the bed?” Twinkle quickly replied, “Not share. We’ll create the Great Wall of Sleeping in between and then we’ll sleep.” “And, how do you think we are going to build that?”, Kunj asked being confused. “Offo! See, you take these pillows and put them in between. So, here we have the Great Wall of Sleeping. And, please close the door while coming”, Twinkle said. “Kyun? Tu meri izzat lootegi?”, (Why? You want to snatch away my self-respect?) Kunj sarcastically asked. Twinkle laughed and said, “Kuch bhi! Ab darwaaza band karo aur aake so jao.” (Rubbish! Now, close the door and come and sleep.) Kunj closed the door and happily slept beside Twinkle.

Twinj room
Kunj woke up and saw Twinkle sleeping peacefully next to him.

Kunj (POV)
She looks so cute, right! I know, I know. Twinkle, maybe yesterday was your best birthday but, it was the best day in my life. For the first time you kissed me. We slept together though with this Great Wall of Sleeping in between but, it’s alright. By the way, Mr. Kunj Sarna, stop staring at her and go for your jogging.
Kunj got up, changed and left for jogging.

Twinkle was preparing breakfast when she heard some footsteps. She said, “Kunj, your juice is in the room. You freshen up, I’ll come up with our coffee.” Kritika stood still and smiled to herself. Twinkle added, “Kuch bolna hai? Wait, I know jhagarna hoga. But, abhi nahi please. (Do you want to say something? I know, you must be willing to fight, but not now please.) And, by the way we even have to open the gifts. So please sit with me.” “Twinkle, ye juice ka glass. Thanx it makes me feel energetic”, said Kunj standing at the kitchen door with an empty glass in his hand. Twinkle realised the reply came from a distance and turned behind. She saw Kritika standing behind her smiling and Kunj standing at the kitchen door. She went to Kunj, took the glass and said, “Go, freshen up. I’ll bring our coffee. Oh listen, please take out some time, we’ll open the gifts together.” “Okay, as you wish”, replied Kunj smilingly and went to their room.
Twinkle turned around, kept the glass and came to Kritika. “I’m so sorry di. I just found it funny”, said Kritika. “Ya Kriti, maine kuch bola! Nahi na”, (did I say anything! No right) replied Twinkle and went to the gas stove. Kritika came and sat on the slab. “Anyways, forget it. So, kaisi chal rahi hai aap ki aur jiju ki love story?”, (So, how is your and jiju’s love story going on?) asked Kritika. Twinkle was making coffee for both of them and replied letting out a faint laugh, “Love! Haha! It’s an arranged marriage Kriti. The only thing we have is trust, friendship and most importantly, fights.” She added, “You go and ask this to di (Mahi). Yuvraj jiju is very romantic. See, here she comes. You talk with her, I’ll go and give this coffee to Kunj. But, remember don’t drink the coffee she makes. She’ll put salt instead of sugar. She gave us that the day before.” Twinkle and Kritika laughed and gave a hi5 to each other. Kritika talked to Mahi while Twinkle went to their room.

Twinj room
Kunj came out of the bathroom in a towel and went to his cupboard. He was thinking what to wear when Twinkle entered and turned around. She said, “Besharam! (Shameless!) Can’t you wear your clothes and come out of the bathroom? Go, change and come quickly.” Kunj quickly took his clothes and ran to the bathroom. Twinkle went inside, kept the tray on the table and sat on the couch.

Twinkle (POV)
He’s so hot yaar! Six packs and all. Aye! Shut up. What are you thinking? Something is surely wrong with you. You’ve been thinking everything in a bad way these days. Uggh!! You’re being indecent. Be decent.
Kunj came and sat next to her. He took the cups and said, “Take.” Twinkle didn’t reply. Kunj bent down and looked at her face. He asked, “What are you thinking?” Twinkle not being in her senses replied, “About you.” Kunj smiled, pushed her lightly by her shoulder and said, “Stop thinking about me and have your coffee.” Twinkle came out from her thoughts and said, “Who told I’m thinking about you?” “Just now you said Twinkle”, replied Kunj. “I wasn’t thinking about you. I was just thinking about the surprises you gave me yesterday”, said Twinkle. “I didn’t tell you to clarify. Anyways, have your cup of coffee. I hope you made today’s coffee and not Bhabhi”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. I made it.” “Thank God!”, said Kunj being relieved. While drinking coffee Kritika came to the room and said, “Di, you would’ve told me you both are going to drink the coffee together. You told you’ll give it to jiju and come. I was searching for you in the entire house.” “Come and sit here. We didn’t even talk from the time you came”, said Kunj. “No, I don’t want to disturb anyone’s romance”, replied Kritika. Kunj smiled but, Twinkle got up and went to her. She held her left ear tightly and said, “Bohot bol rahi hai Kriti. Jaisa Kunj bol raha hai vaisa kar. Baith yahan aur baat kar. Main breakfast ready karke aati hoon.” (You’re speaking a lot. Do whatever Kunj is telling. Sit here and talk. I’ll prepare the breakfast and come back.) “Ouch di! It hurts. Chodo na. Acha baithti hoon”, (Leave it. Okay I’ll sit) replied Kritika. Twinkle left her and went to the kitchen.
Kritika sat next to Kunj and said, “How do you stay with her? She’s so khadoos (arrogant in a funny way).” Kunj replied, “What to do? Karva di shaadi toh ab rehna toh padhega na. But, itni bhi buri nahi hai.” (Now that I’m married I’ve to stay. But, she isn’t that bad too.) They sit and talk when Yuvraj entered and said, “Kritika, you’re talking only to Kunj? Have I done something to you?” “No jiju. Nothing like that. You also come”, replied Kritika. After some time, Mahi called them and they went for breakfast.

Dining table
Everyone settled down. The three sisters sat together with Kritika in the middle. Kunj was next to Yuvraj and opposite to Twinkle and Yuvraj to the opposite of Mahi. The elders were having their breakfast in the hall as the topics of discussion would be different. Yuvraj forwarded his leg, slid it up on Mahi’s leg and smiled to her. Mahi smiled back. Kritika smiled and said, “Vaise Yuvraj jiju woh main hoon. Di ko dekhkar itna smile mat karo. (By the way jiju that’s me. Don’t smile looking at di.) It’s not going to have any effect.” Yuvraj took his leg back while Mahi asked, “What happened?” “Actually jiju was trying to slide his leg on yours but, by mistake he did on my leg so, that’s it”, replied Kritika. Twinkle, Kunj and Kritika started laughing while Mahi and Yuvraj felt embarrassed. They had their breakfast and Twinkle said, “Kunj, chalo (come) we’ll open the gifts now. You’re free right!” “Yes, come”, Kunj replied. “Only jiju, not us?”, Kritika teasingly asked. “No, main besharamo ke saath baithke gifts nahi kholti”, ( No, I don’t sit and open my gifts with shameless people) saying this she entwined her hands with Kunj’s and went.

Twinkle was coming down to the hall when the door bell rang. She went to the door and opened it. She murmured, “Chipkali (lizard) returns.” “Did you say something?”, asked Maya. “No, no. Come in. I’ll call Kunj”, replied Twinkle. Maya smiled and came inside. Kunj came down and side-hugged her. “Twinkle, coffee”, said Kunj. She murmured, “Haan, haan, main toh tumhari aur Chipkali ki naukrani lagti hoon na.” (Ya, ya, I look like your and Lizard’s servant na.) “Kriti, can you please come down to the kitchen?”, shouted Twinkle. “Ya di, coming”, came a faint reply.

“What is wrong with Kunj! Why is he always sticking to Maya?”, said Twinkle. She shut her mouth on hearing footsteps. Kritika came in and asked, “Di, you want something?” “Yes, stir the coffee and take it. I’ll bring the snacks and biscuits”, replied Twinkle. She nodded her head in a yes, stirred the coffee and took it.

Twinkle (POV)
Main bhi dekhti hoon kaise ye Maya Kunj se chipakti hai. Kunj kisi bhi aere gerey ladki ko hug nahi karega. Ruko Maya, ab main tumhe dikhati hoon Twinkle Taneja no, no, actually Twinkle Kunj Sarna kaun hai!
(I’ll also see how Maya sticks to Kunj. He won’t hug any useless girl. Wait Maya, now I’ll show you who Twinkle Taneja no, no, Twinkle Kunj Sarna is!)

Twinkle entered the hall with the snacks tray. She came near the sofa, sat down on the floor (acting to fall down) and shouted, “Aah! Maaaa!” Kunj and Maya tensedly stood up; Kunj and Kritika went to her. Kritika asked, “What happened di?” “Kriti, take this tray. I think my leg got twisted.” Kunj came to her and asked, “How did you get hurt?” “I don’t know. But, you need not worry. You go talk to Maya. I’ll go to the room”, replied Twinkle. “Just shut up Twinkle. Answer what I asked”, said Kunj. “I think I just lost my balance because of the heels”, replied Twinkle. “Maya, we’ll talk later, okay? Bye”, saying this Kunj lifted up Twinkle. She winked at Kritika as they passed by her and went to the room.

Kritika (POV)
Now, what does this mean? Why did di wink at me? Wait, wait, wait. Jealousness?? She was jealous to see Jiju and her friend together. Hmm… That means this leg twist was just a drama to gain jiju’s attention. Aha! Brilliant! But, she told in the morning there’s no love between them. What are you thinking! It’s completely visible they love each other. But, what about di’s reply? Hmm..she doesn’t understand she loves jiju. But, what about jiju. I guess he understands he loves her. Did you see the worry and pain on his face! Come on Ms. Kritika Taneja, you need to set your goals and start working upon it. I’ll also see how they don’t speak their heart out to each other. But, before that I need to make di understand that she loves jiju. But, how? Think. Think.

Twinj room
Kunj brought Twinkle inside and placed her on the bed. He removed her heels and lifted her foot.

Twinkle (POV)
Why is he touching my foot? Is he going to twist it? Ofcourse he will. You told him your leg got twisted. Siyappa! (Problem!) Twinkle think something. If he twists your foot, then you’ll really have a leg twist.
“I am so sorry Kunj. Because of me, you couldn’t talk to Maya”, said Twinkle quickly. Kunj placed her foot back, came beside her and replied, “It’s alright. We’ll talk later.” “Kunj, I am fine. You go talk to Maya. She wouldn’t have left”, said Twinkle. “I said it’s okay Twinkle. I’ll talk to her later”, replied Kunj. “But, Kunj..”, said Twinkle but stopped as Kunj started coming close to her. “What are you exactly try.. trying t..t..to d.d..do?”, asked Twinkle. “If you utter even a word more I’ll kiss you. So, better be ready”, replied Kunj. Twinkle opened her mouth and Kunj said, “Remember. Kiss.” Twinkle preferred to stay quiet.

Kunj (POV)
What the hell! I thought she’ll talk and, I’ll kiss her but, she preferred to keep quiet only. When I want her to talk, she won’t and when I don’t want her to, she will talk non-stop.
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