“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 50 ~ Last Update)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Chapter 50 (An evening with you)

Sarna mansion
Mahi and Yuvraj had left for Goa while the children along with Kavya had left for their adventurous trip to Manali. Twinkle was busy working in the kitchen preparing dinner for both of them when Kunj came and hugged her from back. “Hey!”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled and continued working. Kunj moved her hair to one side and gently kissed her neck. “Kunj, let me work”, protested Twinkle. “How can I? I’m not able to stay away from you”, replied Kunj. Twinkle turned around and said, “Kunj, something is wrong with you. You’re behaving as if we’re newly married.” Kunj held her hand and pulled her close. He moved his hands to her waist and tightened his grip. “We’ll always remain newly married”, whispered Kunj and winked at Twinkle. “Stop your nonsense”, replied Twinkle trying to move away. Kunj pulled her closer and said, “You’re behaving as if I’m some stranger.” Twinkle gave a disgusted look and said, “What do you want?” “An evening with you”, replied Kunj. Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck and said, “Who do you think will work for me then?” “Trust your husband and give him sometime”, replied Kunj kissing her cheeks. “Fine. Tell what I need to do”, said Twinkle. “Go to our room. You’ll find out”, replied Kunj loosening his grip. “I’m too tired to walk upstairs”, said Twinkle winking at Kunj. Kunj naughtily smiled and picked her up in his arms bending down. “Nice to see the bold Twinkle back”, said Kunj. Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck and kissed his left cheek. They smiled at each other as Kunj climbed up the stairs and entered the room. He made her stand in front of the bed. Twinkle noticed a gift on the bed and turned to look at Kunj. “Open it”, said Kunj. Twinkle opened the gift and found a knee-length black coloured dress with netted embroidery done all over and matching accessories along with it. “I love this. It’s so beautiful”, said Twinkle. “Not more than you”, replied Kunj making Twinkle blush. “Mrs. Sarna, aren’t you lazy to change?”, asked Kunj naughtily. Twinkle turned around to look at him with widened eyes. She smacked him and said, “No. Get out now.” “But”, said Kunj but Twinkle pushed him outside the room. She closed the door and stood there blushing. After a few minutes, she took her dress and went to change.

Around 15 minutes later, she came out of the room after changing. She was looking absolutely gorgeous in that dress along with the little make-up and her hair tied up in a pony tail. She walked down and found Kunj waiting for her in the hall. He was wearing a black suit with a white shirt. He looked up at Twinkle and was mesmerised to see her. “Shall we leave?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj walked towards Twinkle and pulled her closer by her waist. “I don’t feel like going anywhere now. I just want to see you the entire evening”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled and said, “Let’s leave.” “I’m way too hungry. Let’s stay at home”, replied Kunj. “What will you eat at home? There’s nothing you..”, said Twinkle but was interrupted as Kunj kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated and after a while they both pulled back. Twinkle started blushing while Kunj smiled looking at her and said, “You’re there na, why do I need something else to eat?” Twinkle smacked his arm and said, “Stop it. Let’s leave.” Kunj smiled and walked outside the house entangling his hand with hers.

Kunj stopped the car in front of a resort. “Why did we come here? I thought we were going for dinner!”, said Twinkle. Kunj smiled at her and got down the car. He opened the gate for Twinkle and asked for her hand. She gave her hand and both of them went inside entangling their hands. “Kunj, isn’t this the place where we first met?”, asked Twinkle. “Ahah, you remember”, replied Kunj. Twinkle smiled as they continued walking. “Kunj? Where are we going? Any plans to have dinner?”, asked Twinkle. “Siyappa Queen, shaanti! Kitne sawaal puchti hai? (Siyappa Queen, keep quiet. How many questions do you ask?)”, replied Kunj while Twinkle frowned. After 5 minutes, they entered the private beach of the resort. The beach was very quiet and calm and in the centre a date set-up had been arranged. The set-up had been covered with transparent white cloth and flowers of blue and purple combination put up everywhere. Twinkle looked at Kunj and said, “You did this for me?” “No, for Navya and Naiyya”, replied Kunj teasingly. “Shut up!”, said Twinkle and both of them laughed. Both of them walked towards the set-up and settled down. “Kunj, this is just so beautiful”, said Twinkle. “I know. After all who’s choice is it!”, replied Kunj. “Your choice isn’t good. Only sometimes it works out”, said Twinkle. “My choice is good. I can prove it to you”, replied Kunj. “Okay. Prove it”, said Twinkle. “I showed”, replied Kunj. “Where?”, asked Twinkle looking here and there. “What are you looking here and there for? Look at yourself”, said Kunj. Twinkle blushed and replied, “I agree. Also, my choice is the worst because I chose you.” Kunj slid his leg on hers from under the table and said, “Is it?” Twinkle smiled and said, “Yes.” “Oh really?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head in a yes and quickly ran away towards the water.

Twinkle spread out her arms and was standing in front of the water when someone came from behind and sensually moved his hands on hers. Twinkle blushed while he made her put her arms on her stomach. “Kunj!”, said Twinkle. Kunj rested his chin on her shoulder and said, “Shh!” Twinkle smiled and both of them stood like that for a while enjoying the scene and the cool breeze. “Thank you for this amazing evening!”, said Twinkle. “Anything for you darling”, replied Kunj and kissed her shoulder. He was about to slid the strap from her shoulder when Twinkle pushed Kunj and ran away. “Twinkle, I love you!”, shouted Kunj. Twinkle turned to look at Kunj who had spread out his arms. She ran towards him as he lifted her up. He spun her around while Twinkle said, “I love you too!” Both of them smiled and touched their foreheads.
••• THE END •••
Hey all! Firstly, thank you to all of you who’ve constantly supported me right from the beginning. It was a great pleasure to see all your comments. Your comments have always enlightened up my mood. Thanks to my silent readers as well who even though didn’t comment but, still supported me.

Well, I’m really sorry for not informing you all from before about ending this fan fiction today. As I told it would’ve a shock so, here it is! The only reason for which I didn’t tell was that I can’t let you all down. If I would’ve told from before you all would’ve told me to continue it and I surely can’t let you all down. Sorry if I made anyone of you upset today.

I would really request all of you to answer these two questions.
– Did you all like this fan fiction or it was kind of boring?
– Do you all want me to continue writing? If yes, then I would start it once I finish my second fan fiction – Is everything really so perfect as it seems to be? I won’t mind if anyone says no as opinion matters from person to person.

Lastly, please don’t forget to express your views on this chapter/fan fiction whether it’s positive or negative.

Love you all loads! Take care! Bye!?

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  1. Sayeeda

    Riaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………. Finally u did what u wanted to do… U ended one of my fav ff….. Though I’m very sad with the ff coming to end but still I know the reason behind u ending the ff…..

    Gonna miss this ff….. This ff journey was so special nd beautiful for me…. I still remember when I started to comment… The way u always reply back to my comment’s…. I told u that always wait for ur replies….
    Though now we r in contact with eo but still since starting of this ff I felt that we shared a great bond…..

    Before reading ur ff I always scroll down to see my name with a cute msg for me….. ???……

    Thanks for giving a beautiful ff…. The way u ended the ff with a our Twinj moment’s is the best ending one can give…..

    Love u ???

  2. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome fabulous heart touching cute lovely ff…..loved it….will miss this ff…..& u….bt u continue your another ff soon…….


    hey ria very bad ha u dnt informed but iam hqppy u ll continuue as iwant u to continue a humblw request from a your sister

  4. Chiku

    Ria u r an amazing writer. I really like ur writing skills. ????????????????????
    I loved this ff of urs. It’s amazing. U wrote so much twinj romance actually utna toh serial mien bhi dekne ko nahi milla thain. ????
    I lov u. U r such a sweet person ??????
    Acha sun i liv bengali sweets mujhe khane hain? Kab millegi ?????
    Nd plz yarr after writing ur second ff come up with another one. I want u to be back with ur another ff..????

  5. Jisha

    It was indeed a shock…u ended it…I loved ur ff..i loved the ending, the twinj moment s….I am gonna miss it…nd abt Ur questions, do I need to answer dat…
    1) ff was awesome,fantastic and superb…
    2) of course u should continue writing…dear…u r very good at writing…
    Thank you for giving me a beautiful ff…love you dear…

  6. SidMin

    Ria Loved the episode
    Ria I have been commenting on your ff right from the beginning to the end and it has been a nice journey of 50 episodes
    If you have forgotten its your ff’s golden jubilee and I must say I have loved it a lot so congrats on your Golden jubilee and yes I want you to write a ff after you finish your other one
    Since this episode is your last one I would Like to confess something

    the way you write so you have to write another ff (after you finish with your current one )
    Love you 🙂

  7. Saby

    Riu…. Wat uh did yaar… Uh actually ended this… Ufff… Ok ok I undrstnd its better to end the on-air track rather then decreasing its popularity by stretching it unnecessarily…
    Bt I will miss this ff…. Uh know from starting I loved it soo much…
    NVR mind the journey of “I love you” was amazing… Sachi I never imagined that i can enjoy another couples love story too like kritika-rahul and yuhi… Trust me uh portrayed it so nicely that I have to stop the habit of scrolling the page…to find twinj scenes…
    I hope uh getting my point…
    I loved this ff throughout… From the start to end it was a lovely package… Of feelings and emotions… Uh covered it all…
    And do cont soon and regularly if possible with ur another ff…
    Qki him aapke writing k diwane hai???
    Buhbye loveuh???

  8. Srija

    ria dear
    the episode is amazing too sweet to digest and awesome ending
    but u ended it suddenly ????
    and ofcourse i love ur ff is this a question to ask
    love u ????

  9. My fav ff i will miss it.pls came back soon

  10. Riaa darling thnk you so much for this beautiful end and it was a wonderful journey and you are so amazing and magical person thn you once again love you

  11. Loveleen

    oohh my ria it ws such a entertaining journey of twinj..dis ws one of my favourite ffs…i ll definitely miss it..i wud surely want u to continue writing….m waiting fr ur oder ff…love u…take care..

  12. dreamer..arundhati

    Riu darling ur ff was aleayd a treat to read. ?..I m speechless, ..as soon ad I read last epi…I was just like my gosh I don’t believe this. ?….not a single epi was boring…luv u….I m eagerly waiting for ur another ff….anf plx do ctd writing..

  13. Hey Ria!!! Ur ff was seriously amazing!!!!! I love it sooo much. I’ll be awaiting 4 the next one. Love ya?

  14. Superb ending.. I really enjoyed reading ur ff from start though I wasn’t commenting from start.. I’ve always loved each and every epi of yours.. and twinj scenes were a treat to imagine.. And off course u should continue writing since u r a very good writer.. but rest is up to you 🙂 and congratulations for ur golden jubilee epi 🙂

  15. Shreya098

    Ria ur ff was soo beautiful….

    Gonna miss this….

    And ur answers:

    1: ur ff was amazing, soo beautiful… The way u potrayed twinj journey…. I looved it.

    2:.u definitely should continue writing…. U are a talented writer..

    I looooved ur ending…..?????

  16. Angita

    Ended it in golden jubilee ha
    Tooooooooooooooooo sweet ending
    Don’t you dare think to stop writing yaar

  17. Romaisha

    1) This ff was beyonddddd amazing, spell bounding and mind blowing!!!
    2) of course diii, i would love to read more of your amazing work!!

    Ria diii ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ??????
    Haa im sad because u ended but iknow u have another one pending so no worries with me. Once u r active in TU im happy 🙂 🙂
    Im gonna miss this ff n Kunj’s naughtiness but u ended it with a good note. It was tooooo cute!!

    Come back soon nah
    Love you ❤❤❤

  18. Kruti

    Ria……finally u did what u wanted to..but thats ok coz i dont believe in making something similar to that of Ekta kapoor’s shows

    I so loved the way u ended it with twinj moments
    Thank u soooooooooooooo much for giving us such a beautiful love story of our twinj
    This ff was indeed one amongst a few which r very close to my heart
    I always loved reading each and every part of ur ff

    And with regard of writing another ff u surely must

    Love u???❤❤

  19. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Ria ????????
    Lovely epi
    Now u ended ur this fan fiction what to say it was such a lovely story
    N plz dear continue ur 2nd fan fiction as everything is really perfect as it seems to be
    N Plzz don’t end that
    COZ I love it
    Keep writing

  20. Ria di
    Meri phooti kismat…kahaan lamba comment maarna tha…par nahi…
    U know na…somehow I read it….beautiful ending…was really waiting for it….
    Bass baki ka kal parso bataungi…jab theek ho jaungi…
    Bye bye…love u….and Never stop writing.

  21. Thanmy

    Ria diiiiiii
    Shock matlab mei kuch aur hi samaj rahi thi not this!!!!!
    1)through out this ff journey I enjoyed each and every episode
    2)I will be soooo happy if u continue this!!
    Love u diii

  22. Shonaa...

    Ria….. fabulous episode…. but u end diz ff…. whyyy…. but plz continue ur other ff nd back wd a new one if possible…. u r amazing writer ria i’ll miss u…. keep writing…. nd come back soon….
    Love u…. ??

  23. Hey ria it was shocking that you ended it soo soon it was unexpected…I dint like this ff but I loved it…it was not at all boring infact it was awesome mind blowing fantastic…of course you should continue writing…try to post your 2nd ff soon…

    Will miss this ff…

    Love you dear ???

  24. Noooooooooo???????? Every Brilliant ff is ending?I loved ur ff very much ?Thank you for taking out time to write sich a beautiful story?

  25. Riaa
    That was so good.
    The journey throughout <3
    You don't need to write more fan fictions but you have to.
    I love you.

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    Ria u are absolutely amazing! This ff was incredible and magical. The ending to this was more than perfect! I loved it and please come back with another ff…No…u HAVE to come back! such talent should be shared with the world. ?

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  30. Shatakshi

    Here u go babes with ur 30th comment???
    Well it wasn’t a shock as I knew it earlier…u know na I can see future???
    N thanks a lot for giving us a wonderful n the cutest twinj story

    I dont think u remember but this ff n my previous one…I love the way wala
    We both started it nearly at the same time
    But see this. Lazy me….ff khatam kar ke baitg gaiye…
    I really like ur consistency
    Love u baby doll
    Cheeres to this best n the most memorable journey of twinj

    Well dont drink so much…talli kahi ki
    Ok bye….n jaldi aapna second ff post kat
    Love u loads❤❤❤

  31. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey Ria i think i read ur ff till chap 35 and now i started reading and love ur ff and u ended it? But I didn’t read the ending as I wanted to read the other 14 chapters first 😛 i enjoy reading ur ff u r amazing 🙂

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  33. Baby

    ria yr it was of course
    a mindblowing blockbaster ff
    n yr yes u askd some questions of course wuld nt lyk bt luv if u cntinue to ryt it aftr ending ur odr 1 pls ria
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    pls cntinue it aftr ending dat ff of urs
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