“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 5)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 5 (Birthday Special)

Twinj room
Twinkle wakes up and finds the room beautifully decorated with her pictures, pictures with Mahi and, everyone else. But, she was searching for another picture. She looked upon all the frames but, she didn’t find the one she was searching for. Suddenly her eyes fell on the side table, which had the picture she was looking for. The picture was of Twinkle with Kunj where Kunj had held her from waist and she had a rose in her hand (the same picture which they showed in TEI on Kunj’s birthday). She took the picture in her hand and looked at it. She was too happy. She placed it back and was about to get up when she saw a gift placed next to her with a note on it. She took the gift and read the note:
“Good Morning Ms. Ragini,
So, Ms. Ragini I’m pretty you must’ve understood everything. Yes, it was all a prank planned by all of us to surprise you. And, don’t even think that anybody marks proxy for me. I’m a good student, I attend my classes everyday. Now, you must have got to know what’s the gift. But, don’t open it. You’re supposed to wear it in the evening for the party. And, don’t panic about the accessories and all, it’s all there. Your second surprise for the day is over. I know you must be thinking what do I mean by “second”. So, if you want to know about that, get ready quickly and come down. And, please wear something nice as I know your taste is too bad. Just kidding, okay? Don’t fight with me today also. Okay, now get up and go to the couch.
-Your Sadu Sarna”
She went upto the couch and found an orange salwaar (which Kunj gifted on their first date in TEI). She picked it up and found another note. It said:
“Ms. Ragini, please wear this. I will be more than pleased to see you wearing this.”

Twinkle (POV)
Hmm.. Nice. So, Mr. Sadu Sarna has done all this. Ofcourse who else will do. I’ll go, get ready quickly. What does he mean by second surprise? Has he planned out more surprises? I want to know. I’ll quickly change and go down.You need to look good and impress him. What impress! Bakwaas mat kar.(Don’t talk rubbish.)
After about half an hour she came down and looked around for Kunj. She said, “Where is Mr. Sadu Sarna now? But, why didn’t di give coffee today? Actually it’s good she didn’t. Otherwise she’ll again put salt and give. I’ll go and make it for myself.”

She entered the kitchen and was shocked. She saw Kunj wearing an apron and a chef hat and cooking. Twinkle came close to him and asked, “What is going on?” Kunj turned to Twinkle and shouted, “Bebe, Maa, Bhaiya, Bhabhi!”. “Why are you shouting in my ears?”, asked Twinkle. He again shouted, “Bebe, Maa, Bhaiya, Bhabhi!” “Uff Kunj!”, exclaimed Twinkle. Everybody came running and together asked, “What happened?” “You all are asking me what happened! I should ask and you all should answer. What is Twinkle doing in the kitchen on her birthday? And, secondly what are you people doing? I told you people she shouldn’t know about it.” “What shouldn’t I know?”, asked Twinkle. “Take her out”, said Kunj. Everybody dragged her out of the kitchen and went to the hall.

Dining table
(Nothing happened in the hall)
Kunj came to the dining table after freshening up and called everybody. Everyone came and stood beside the table. Twinkle saw the table and asked, “What’s all this? Who prepared so much? That too all my favourites! Di? I love you di!” “I didn’t do anything. Yeh sab toh mere devar ne kiya hai”, (All this is done by my brother in law) replied Mahi. “Oh. Wait, what? Kunj did all this? How did you know all my favourites? You always told me you didn’t know to cook then how come? (Unaware of Kunj coming towards her) When did you wake…” Kunj put his hand on her mouth and said, “Saans le le. Kitna bolegi? Mujhe bhi bolne ka mauka de.” (Take a breath. How much will you speak? Give me a chance to speak.) He removed his hand and said, “You know I’m Kunj Sarna. So, I know everything. And, you’re my wife, I must know. So, Mrs. Twinkle Taneja Sarna your third surprise. I hope you like it.” Everyone settled down and were having their food. “It’s so tasty Kunj”, said Twinkle. Kunj smiled. Everyone finished their breakfast and went to their rooms.

Twinj room
Twinkle and Kunj came inside. As Twinkle was about to go Kunj held her wrist and said, “You look really beautiful today. I hope I wasn’t married. I would’ve given my heart straight away.” Twinkle smiled, turned around and said,”Oh! You’re married but, you look so young.” Kunj started moving towards Twinkle and said, “Acha?” (Is it?) Twinkle started moving back, she started stammering and said, “Kkkunj wh..what ar..are you..you.. try..try..trying to..to..d..d..do?” She was stuck by the wall and gulped in. Kunj came close to her and pulled her towards himself. Twinkle looked straight into his eyes and rested her hands on Kunj’s chest. He lifted his hand up and adjusted the photo frame on the wall. He pulled back and asked, “Why are you so tensed? Your sweating so much. What happened?” “N..n..nothing. I thought..”, “You thought?”, interrupted Kunj. “Nothing. I’ll be back”, replied Twinkle and she walked out.

Kunj (POV)
I know tujhe kya laga Twinkle. Romance. Hmm. But, tere ijazat ke bina kuch bhi nahi karunga main. (I know what you thought. Romance. Hmm. But I won’t do anything without your permission.) I promise. I remember what you said yesterday. Romantic husband. Hmm.. Haha!

The hall was beautifully decorated with lights all over. There were balloons placed all over on the ground and light instrumental music filled the environment along with the noise of people talking around. Kunj was wearing a black suit with white shirt and a bow tie. Yuvraj was wearing a blue suit with white shirt but a normal tie. Mahi was wearing a blue saree with white embroidery work. (Basically, the couples wore clothes in coordination) Bebe came to Kunj and asked, “Where is Twinkle?” “Kyun uska naam le rahe ho? Rehne do na. Jab tak nahi hai tab tak hi thik hai”, (Why are you taking her name? Leave it na. Till the time she’s not there till then only everything will be fine) Kunj sarcastically replied. “Ouch!”, exclaimed Kunj. Usha held his right ear tight and said, “You dare not speak a word against my daughter.” “Okay baba fine. See, there she comes.”, said Kunj. “Where, where?”, Bebe and Usha excitedly asked. “Arey baba darwaaza band kiya hai. Patience rakho.”, (Oh god she has just closed the door. Have some patience.) said Kunj. He quickly signalled Yuvraj and Mahi. The lights were switched off and the spotlight was projected on the staircase. The staircase was covered with carpet and Twinkle slowly came into everybody’s vision. She was wearing the same black salwaar they had brought the day before with hanging silver earrings, light make-up and silver heels. (This is what Kunj meant by “match everything accordingly” the previous day on the call; the accessories) She was looking too beautiful. She climbed down the stairs while Kunj kept staring at her with his jaws dropped. Yuvraj came, closed his mouth and said, “Go and take her hand.” Kunj passed a genuine smile to him and walked towards the stairs. Twinkle came down the stairs and stood there. Kunj came to her, forwarded his hand and said, “Come.” Twinkle nodded her head saying yes and gave her hand. The lights were slowly switched on. Everyone came and greeted Twinkle. While she was busy thanking everyone Kunj took the mike and announced, “Good evening to all. I guess you all might be knowing that we are here to celebrate my wife’s first birthday after our marriage.” He took a breath and continued, “As I had promised you Twinkle, this will be your most special birthday so, here you go with your fourth surprise.” Twinkle asked with her eyes “And, what is that?” “Have a look at the entrance and you’ll know”, Kunj replied with eyes signalling towards the entrance. She looked towards the entrance and couldn’t control her excitement and happiness. She ran towards the entrance and hugged her parents. “Happy birthday Puttar!”, both of them greeted her. “Thanx a lot Maa and Papa. You don’t know how happy I am. It’s the best surprise today”, Twinkle said. “Credit goes to Kunj”, replied Leela. Twinkle lovingly looked at Kunj and said, “Thank you so much Kunj. It is really my best birthday.” “It’s not over yet”, said Kunj. “But, maa Kriti didn’t come?”, asked Twinkle. “Nahi puttar, she told she has some work”, replied Leela. “Oh”, said a disappointed Twinkle. Kunj switched on the mike again and said, “Now, since everyone is here we’ll proceed towards the cake cutting ceremony.”
The waiters came with the cake and put it on the table placed in the centre of the hall. It was a chocolate flavoured cake. Twinkle was about to cut the cake but, stopped. She looked at Kunj and said, “You know I’ve never celebrated my birthday without Kritika (younger sister). This is for the first time.” “Kunj jiju ke rehte itni fikar kis baat ki!” (Why to worry when Kunj jiju is there!) Twinkle turned back to the voice and exclaimed, “Kritiii!!!!”. Twinkle and Mahi ran to her and hugged her tightly. After about 5 minutes, they broke the hug and went to cut the cake. Everyone clapped as she blew the candles and cut the cake. She took the piece and fed Kunj first. He was sitting on the top-most cloud. He came back to senses and took the piece from Twinkle. He too fed her the cake but, from the side from which he had bit. Slowly she fed everyone else.

“Now that the cake cutting ceremony is over we, I mean me and Mahi, would like to present a dance”, announced Yuvraj.
They romantically danced on the song “Tujhpe Fida” (From Heroine). After that Kritika came upon the stage and gave her performance on “Ek hazaaron mein meri behna hai” (From ). As her dance came to an end Mahi announced, “Now, I would like to call my beloved sister and my brother in law to present a performance in front of us.” “What? I don’t know to dance Kunj”, Twinkle said looking at Kunj with a hope that he might reject the request. But, to her surprise he said, “Ofcourse we will Bhabhi! How can a birthday party be complete without the birthday girl’s dance!” Twinkle was about to speak when Kunj looked at her and said, “You trust me right?” She nodded her head in a yes. “Fine then. Just maintain the eye contact. Everything else I’ll manage”, added Kunj.

Twinj performance on “Bol Do Na Zara” (From Azahar)
The spotlight fell on Kunj who forwarded his hand. Twinkle, who was standing at a distance spinned around and gave her hand. Kunj pulled her towards himself and held her tightly by her waist. Twinkle put her hands around his neck. They moved to the beat of the song. Kunj twirled Twinkle in the air. He then spun her holding her finger with his hand. He again held her tightly by her waist, made her fall and slowly picked her up. They again moved to the beat of the song. He lifted her up and slowly brought her down. They kept moving to the beat maintaining the eye contact. They were lost in each other’s eyes when everyone started clapping. “Behna aur devar ji, gaana toh khatam ho chuka hai. But, please apne “whenever, wherever” ka policy mat follow karne lag jaana”, (My sister and brother in law, the song has ended. But, please don’t start following your “whenever, wherever” policy.) Twinkle and Kunj quickly separated themselves and went down the stage. “Now, I would request all of you to make yourselves comfortable and have your dinner”, announced Yuvraj.

Mahi was talking to the guests when Yuvraj called her. She excused herself and came to him. She asked, “What happened?” Yuvraj pulled her under the staircase, held her by her waist and said, “Everybody is busy romancing except for us.” “I can’t see anybody romancing. Do you see anyone? I can only see people talking and having their dinner”, replied Mahi. “Didn’t you see your sister and my brother romancing and broadcasting it up there on the stage. Actually, you wouldn’t have noticed because you’re way too unromantic”, said Yuvraj. “I’m not unromantic Mr. Yuvraj Luthra!”, said Mahi. “Fine. Prove it then”, replied Yuvraj and pulled her closer. “Di, jiju..”, exclaimed Twinkle and turned around. “I swear I didn’t see anything”, said Twinkle and ran away. Yuvraj quickly left Mahi making her blush. Mahi said, “Stay away from me until the party ends.” Yuvraj made a puppy face. Mahi ignored him and went away. It was 10 when the guests started leaving. The party finally got over at 10:30.

“Aj toh sach mein bada maza aaya”, (Today was really fun)said Bebe. “Haan Bebe. By the way Leela ji you all can stay over here itself for some days until your house is completely cleaned. Isn’t it Manohar ji and Bebe?”, asked Usha. “Ya sure”, replied Manohar and Bebe. “No, no, Usha ji. We’ve booked rooms in the hotel. We’ll stay there.” “I’m not listening to anything. You have to stay here”, replied Usha. Leela was about to speak when Bebe interrupted and said, “Okay then, let’s go and sleep. Anyways, it’s late. Everyone must be tired.” Everyone went to their respective rooms while Usha guided Leela and RT to one guest room and Kritika to another one which were next to each other.

Yuhi’s room
Mahi removed her earrings and was cleaning her face when Yuvraj came back after changing. Mahi was about to go to sleep when Yuvraj held her wrist and said, “Itni bhi kya jaldi hai?” (What’s the hurry?) and pulled her towards himself making her back face him and hugged her. “I told you to stay away from me”, replied Mahi while blushing. “That was only till the party. Now, that the party is over, I’ve all the rights to come close to you”, said Yuvraj. He went closer to her, moved her hair to one side, kissed her neck and said, “You looked the prettiest today.” “Thanx a lot for the compliment but, right now I’m too sleepy. So, we’ll talk tomorrow”, replied Mahi. “Mahiii!! I told right you’re way too unromantic”, complained Yuvraj. Mahi turned towards Yuvraj, came close to him and kissed on his cheeks. “And, you’re over-romantic. So, good night. Sweet dreams”, saying this she went to sleep leaving Yuvraj smiling. He said, “Good night my love. Sweet dreams.” He went to the bed and slept beside her.

Twinj room
Twinkle (POV)
I guess I should thank Kunj once more. After all he did so much. It was my best birthday Kunj. Thanx for making it so special. I’m really lucky to have you in my life. I’m glad Maa chose you as my life partner.
Twinkle came out of her thoughts as Kunj entered the room. She ran and hugged him tightly. He wondered what was wrong but hugged her back. He asked, “What happened Twinkle?” “Thank you Kunj. Thank you so much. It was really my best birthday. You made me feel so special. I’m really glad that Maa chose you for me”, said Twinkle. Kunj smiled and said, “I’m also lucky to have you in my life.” Twinkle pulled back and smiled. “Thanx, thanx a lot Kunj”, saying this she excitedly kissed Kunj on his right cheek leaving Kunj shocked. He turned to look at her but she shied and ran away. She took her dress and went to change. Kunj smiled and placed his hand on his cheek. He said, “Haaye mar jaava! (God I’ll die) THE FIRST KISS IN THIS RELATIONSHIP!”
New supporting character
Kritika Taneja (Chinki of TEI): She is the youngest daughter of Taneja family. She is way too pampered by her sisters. She’s studying in college right now.
Hello all! Thank you for so much of love, encouragement. I’m really glad you all are liking my ff.

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By the way, you all might be wondering why this new character but, she’ll help us in completing twinj love story. She’ll be damn cool and fun and you might fall in love with the character.

I hope you all enjoyed the surprises, Twinkle’s birthday and more importantly, I was able to describe everything properly.

I’ll upload the next chapter tomorrow. So, please stay tuned.

Lastly, don’t forget to throw your comments below whether it’s positive or negative.

Credit to: Ria

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