“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 49)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Episode 48

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Chapter 49 (The younger generation)

Sarna mansion
Children’s room
“Navya, someone paid you to kill me?”, asked Aditya trying to pull back. Navya pulled back and said, “Mar jaa tu. (You go die.) I don’t want to talk to you.” “Mumma, my uniform?”, asked Navya looking at Twinkle. “See, I told right Dramebaaz (drama queen basically). Abhi thodi der pehle toh Adi kahan hai, kahan hai kar rahi thi. Ab kya hua? (Just now, you were asking where is Adi. What happened now?)”, said Aditya. “Adi”, said Mahi widening her eyes. “What mumma? Kabhi toh apne iss bechare bete ko support kar liya karo (Sometimes support your helpless son too)”, said Adi. “No, badi maa will always support me. Even Anya and Mishti will. Right?”, said Navya hugging Mahi. “No di. Adi bhai is correct”, replied Naiyya hugging Aditya. “Tu rook Mishti. Tujhe toh main (You wait Mishti. You no)”, said Navya. “Mumma, see di is planning to kill me also”, said Naiyya looking at Twinkle. Twinkle laughed and said, “Main kisi ko support nahi karungi. Phir pata chale ki Navya aake mujhe bhi maar de (I’m not supporting anyone. Who knows then Kavya will come and kill me)”, said Twinkle. “Mumma!”, exclaimed Navya frowning. “Okay baba. Now, all of you get ready. Adi, where’s Kavya?”, asked Twinkle. “I think di went to her room directly after coming”, replied Adi. “Why? What happened?”, asked Mahi. Adi shrugged his shoulders and said, “I don’t know. She’s not talking to anyone.” “Di, you stay here. I’ll go check”, said Twinkle. Mahi nooded her head in a yes while Twinkle went to Kavya’s room.

Kavya’s room
Twinkle entered the room and saw Kavya laying down on her bed hugging her pillow. Twinkle walked towards her and placed her hand on Kavya’s head. Kavya looked up and quickly sat up wiping her face. “Why are you standing? Sit na mami”, said Kavya. Twinkle sat down and asked, “Why are you crying?” “Who said I’m crying? I’m not crying”, replied Kavya. “Now, you’ll lie to your Twinkle mami also?”, asked Twinkle. “No, I’m seriously not crying”, replied Kavya. “Look at me”, said Twinkle. “Do you need something mami”, asked Kavya trying to divert the topic. Twinkle made Kavya face her. “So, Kavya wasn’t crying”, said Twinkle. Kavya hugged Twinkle as the tears rolled down her cheeks. Twinkle rubbed her back and asked, “What happened? Again the same thing?” Kavya nodded her head in a yes while Twinkle said, “Don’t we all mean anything to you?” Kavya pulled back and said, “You all are my everything.” “But, orphans don’t have anyone and you’ve so many people around who love you, who are there to care for you, support you. Do you still think the same?”, said Twinkle. “Mami, everyone says I’m an orphan”, replied Kavya blinking her eyes to clear the blurry vision. “What matters is what you think”, said Twinkle. “Mami, I don’t think so”, replied Kavya. “Exactly. My Kavya isn’t an orphan. She’s Kavya Nikita Singh and she’ll always remain so. How can you even think so after being the daughter of such a strong woman?”, said Twinkle. “Mami, you know right, why I’m into this medical course. You know, blood cancer is one of those kinds of cancer in which most of the cases can be treated. 99.99% chances are that you’ll be able to save the patient. Only 0.01% suffer death and they’re the unlucky ones. Maa was really unlucky mami”, said Kavya. Twinkle placed her hand on Kavya’s cheeks and replied, “Di was the luckiest mother on this earth. Her daughter chose her career only because she didn’t want others to die of the same disease as her mother’s. Who does so?” “Haan, woh toh hai. Maa lucky toh bahut zyada hai (Ya, that’s true. Maa is really very lucky)”, replied Kavya boasting about herself. Twinkle smiled and hugged Kavya again while she hugged Twinkle back.

Suddenly, everyone came inside the room and Yuvraj said, “If this Twinkle mami – Kavya session is over, can we come in?” They pulled back while Kavya said, “Come. Why are you all asking?” “Is everything fine now?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head in a yes while Aditya said, “Can we click a family photo?” Everyone smiled while Anya said, “It would be so nice if Kiki, Dadi and all would’ve been here na?” “They’ll return back soon Anya then, we’ll click another picture. Okay?”, said Navya. “Okay, now please look here”, said Aditya. Everyone looked at the camera and posed for the picture while Aditya clicked the selfie. “Papa, what’s there for me?”, asked Navya. Kunj scratched his head and replied asking, “For?” “Papa! You said you’ll gift me if I get the best student award this year”, said Navya. “Chachu must’ve been sure that you won’t get the award so, he didn’t plan anything. Even I’m surprised how did you get it!”, interrupted Aditya teasing Navya. “Adi!”, shouted Navya and started chasing him around the room. Aditya hid behind Kunj and said, “Chachu, save me from this ghost.” Kunj laughed and held Navya. “Papa, leave me. I’ll kill this idiot today”, said Navya. “Navya, use proper language”, said Kunj. “Well, me and Bade papa planned a surpirse for all of you. Now, listen to me”, added Kunj. “What do you mean by all of us? I’m not going anywhere with this Adi”, said Navya. “Shh Navya. Stop being childish now or else, no gift”, said Kunj. “Okay, I’m sorry na”, replied Navya. “Fine. Right now, go get your award. After that, you, Adi, Anya, Naiyya and Kavya di are going for a trip to Manali alone. Okay?” “Yay! Really? I love you papa”, said Navya hugging Kunj. Kunj hugged her back and said, “Papa loves you too. Okay, now you all go, get ready then Kavya di will come and pick you all up from school and later you all will directly go to the airport. Okay?”, said Kunj. Everyone nodded their heads and went to get ready while Kavya said, “I’ll start packing then. Wait, I’ll be back soon.” The four of them smiled at her while Kavya went out.

“Kunj, me and Mahi”, said Yuvraj. “Ya, I know you’re full into your romantic mood again. You both are going to Goa for two days. Go, enjoy. But, please be in control varna pata chale vacation ke baad Adi aur Anya ko aur ek bhai/behen ki khabar mil jaaye (But, please be in control or else, after vacations we’ll get to know that Adi and Anya are going to have another brother/sister)”, said Kunj. Mahi and Yuvraj started staring at him while Kunj and Twinkle laughed. “You both also take care of this then”, said Mahi and Yuvraj. Both of them laughed while Kunj and Twinkle stood there shocked.
New supporting character:
Kavya Nikita Singh (Kanchi Singh; currently seen as Gayi in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai): Late Nikita Singh’s daughter.
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