“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 44)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Chapter 44

Wedding venue
Nisha came and stood beside Nikita when suddenly Kavya shouted, “Papa, come here na.” Anand turned around and said, “Coming princess.” “Nikita, I’ll be back. Wait”, said Anand and walked away. “Oh God! Something or the other happens whenever you’re there to meet him”, said Nikita and laughed. “Okay come, let’s go. Let me introduce you to everyone else”, added Nikita. Nikita and Nisha walked over to the family. Nikita introduced her to all the family members. “This is Yuvraj’s wife, Mahi”, said Nikita. “Mahi, this is Nisha, my best friend”, added Nikita. “Hey”, said Nisha forwarding her hand. Mahi shook her hand and said, “Nisha Singhania? Delhi University? MBA course?” “Yes. But, how do you know?”, asked a confused Nisha. “Well, if someone is so much involved in all the cultural activities of the university and does it so well how can a person not know him/her staying in the same college”, replied Mahi. “You were in Delhi University as well?”, asked Nisha. “Yes. We’ve talked a couple of times as well”, said Mahi. “Okay. Well, I don’t remember. I’m really sorry for that”, said Nisha. “It’s alright. You don’t need to be sorry”, replied Mahi. “Okay, you both talk. I’ll be right back”, said Nikita and walked away. “Well, can I have your phone number? There’s some function this year in Delhi University and I guess it’s an inaugral meet so, it would be very nice if you and some of your batchmates could make it up”, said Nisha. “Sure. I’ll just give you a call. You can save my number”, replied Mahi. She called her while Nisha saved her number. They talked for a while when Usha came and said, “Mahi, can you come here?” “Sure. I’ll just be back Nisha”, said Mahi and went to Usha. Nisha started talking to the other guests while searching for Nikita. Nikita came after sometime and both of them went upstairs.

Twinj room
Twinkle was getting ready when Kunj came and hugged her back. “Hey”, exclaimed Kunj. “Yes?”, replied Twinkle. “You smell too good”, said Kunj resting his chin on her shoulder. “It’s your choice. The perfume actually smells too good”, replied Twinkle. “Babaji, why?”, said Kunj. “What?”, asked Twinkle arching her eyebrows. “Why did Babaji give me such an unromantic wife?”, said Kunj. Twinkle turned around and said, “You think I’m unromantic?” “Ofcourse the most unromantic person”, replied Kunj. Twinkle walked towards Kunj while he moved back. “So, you think I’m unromantic?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj nodded his head in a yes. Twinkle walked towards him and suddenly bent down in front of the table. Kunj looked at her in confusion while Twinkle took out his clothes from the suitcase and threw it on him. “Fine then. Go, change and come or else, we’ll be late”, said Twinkle. Kunj made a disgusted face and walked to the washroom while Twinkle laughed and walked over to the dressing table.

Outside the palace (Wedding mandap)
The place was situated in between the palace. Towards the side of entrance a gate was put up decorated with red and pink coloured roses. The mandap (the place where the marriage takes places) was set up in the middle of the place on top of two stairs. The pillars of the mandap were curved giving it a different look. They were covered with a gold netted cloth and on top of it different coloured roses of red, pink and yellow with some leaves were arranged giving it an elegant look. The place was lit up with neon lights of orange and yellow combination. The fire lit up for the wedding rituals was giving it a gorgeous look.

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Nikita and Nisha were roaming around when Nikita shouted, “Anand!” Anand turned around while Nisha looked at him shockingly. “Meet my friend Nisha”, continued Nikita. Anand forwarded his hand and looked up at her. He looked at her shockingly while Kavya came there and said, “Mumma, come with me.” “What happened baby?”, asked Nikita kneeling down. “Come na”, repeated Kavya. “Okay wait. Nisha and Anand, you both talk to each other, I’ll be right back”, said Nikita and walked away with Kavya. “Listen Nisha”, said Anand but was interrupted as Nisha slapped him hard. “You cheat! What should I listen?”, shouted Nisha. “Nisha, please calm down”, said Anand placing his hands on her shoulders. Nisha jerked his hands away and said, “Just stay away from me. Do you think me and Nikita are one-night stands or what? Just go away. I’ll go and tell Nikita everything right away.” “Nisha please. There’s a marriage at home”, said Anand. “Stop it Mr. Anand Kapoor. If you really thought about someone’s happiness you would never have this extra-marital affair”, said Nisha. She turned around and as she was about to go Anand placed his hand on her mouth and dragged her from there.

Inside the palace
An isolated room
Anand dragged Nisha into a room and said, “What did you think? I’ll let you tell everything to Nisha?” “I don’t care if you will let me or not. I will tell her everything”, said Nisha. She tried getting out of the room but Anand held her hand and pushed her on the floor. “You can tell her only if you’re able to get out from here”, said Anand. “Help!”, shouted Nisha. He pushed her making her forehead hit the corner of a shelf. “You better keep quiet”, said Anand. Nisha fell down on the floor being unconscious. Anand walked towards and kneeled down in front of her. He said, “She’s unconscious. Let her be here for now. I’ll see what to do with her.” He got up and walked to the marriage place locking the door.
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  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing…loved twinj scenes…..& what is anand upto……????

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