“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 43)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Chapter 42

Chapter 43 (Rahul-Kritika’s Sangeet and Mehendi Part-2 and Haldi)

“Where?”, asked Nisha. “Oho! Look there”, replied Nikita pointing at Anand. Nisha looked at that direction and as she was about to see him the lights went off. Nikita switched on the torch from her mobile and said, “What happened to the lights?” Suddenly the spotlight fell on the stage where Mahi and Twinkle stood with the mikes and a picture of the three sisters projected behind them. “Good evening everyone! I know usually sangeet ceremonies include dance performances but, we wanted to make it a bit different”, said Twinkle. “Kriti, you know you’ve always been that one person whom me and Twinkle always used to fight for. Twinkle was a person with whom I could share all my worries but, you always knew all my secrets. Twinkle and me were always better than anyone but, after you came we were the best. A complete trio who can turn the world upside down. I love you a lot Kriti. I won’t be getting too emotional as you’ll stay with us only na so, it’ll all be the same”, said Mahi and smiled at Kritika. “Kriti, you know we both have always fought since you knew how to speak. You’ve always fought with me for everything. Sometimes I got just so irritated I always thought why did I want a younger sister. But, the next moment all the thoughts of not having you in my life terrified me. You’ve been my best friend. The way you’ve always supported me no matter what is just something I’ll never forget for my entire life. In all, I love you a lot Kriti”, said Twinkle. Twinkle and Mahi smiled at Kriti while the electrical lanterns were slowly switched on. Kritika ran upto the stage and tightly hugged both of them. “I love you two. You both are the best”, said Kritika. Rahul looked at them with a serious look while Twinkle said, “Acha ab itna bhi pyaar mat barsa. Mujhe toh lag raha hai ki Rahul hamara khoon hi kar dega. After all, tu usse chod kar ham pe hi saara pyaar barsa rahi hai”, (Okay, now don’t shower so much love. I think Rahul will kill us today. After all, leaving him you’re showering your love only upon us) said Twinkle. Kritika pulled back and playfully hit Twinkle. “Rahul, why are you looking at us like that?”, asked Kritika. Rahul scratched his head and said, “You look so fat in that picture that means you were fat in school also. I wonder why I always called you baby doll! I should’ve called you fatso.” Kritika narrowed her gaze and said, “Very funny. You wait Mr. Rahul Sarna. I won’t leave you.” “Rahul, you’re sad days have started”, shouted Kunj and Yuvraj. Everyone laughed listening to them while Mahi gave a what-the-hell look to Yuvraj. Kunj looked at Twinkle who was least bothered about what he said and did. “Lag toh aisa raha hai ki main koi paraya insaan hoon. Ye kuch zyada nakhre nahi dikha rahi!”, (It looks like I’m some outsider. Isn’t she throwing a lot of tantrums!) murmured Kunj. “Well, now we would start with the mehendi ceremony so, I would request all the ladies to assemble there”, said Twinkle.

Mehendi arrangement corner
Everyone was busy applying mehendi when Rahul came to Kritika and said, “The mehendi looks good on you fatso.” “Rahul, I’ll kill you”, replied Kritika. “How my fatso?”, asked Rahul pulling her cheeks. “Mmm..leave me”, said Kritika moving her face away. “Don’t talk to me”, added Kritika. “Acha sorry Kritika Rahul Singh”, said Rahul making Kritika blush. “What letter should I write?”, asked the lady applying mehendi. “Rahul”, replied Rahul and smiled at Kritika. They both were talking when someone called Rahul from behind and he said, “I’ll be right back.” He walked away while Kritika smiled looking at him.

Other side, Kunj came to Twinkle who was busy checking her mehendi. “Hey”, exclaimed Kunj. Twinkle smiled at him while he said, “The mehendi looks beautiful on you.” “Thank you”, replied Twinkle. “Show your hands”, said Kunj. “Why?”, asked Twinkle raising her eyebrows. “Show na”, replied Kunj pulling her hands. “Hmm..the design is really good. By the way, why a K?”, asked Kunj. “Don’t you know? K is for Kritika as well as Karan. Okay, I need to go to that side. I’ll get on with you later Mr. Sarna”, replied Twinkle. Kunj stood there confused while Twinkle murmured, “Bola tha na khud aaoge mere paas.”, (I told you’ll come to me on your own.) She walked away to the other side to attend the guests.

The function got over at around 10 and all the guests left the place by 10:30. Leela said, “Okay then. Let’s meet tomorrow directly at the wedding venue. We’ll reach there early in the morning and then you people can join us later. Twinkle has already sent the address to Kunj.” “Okay”, replied Bebe and the Sarnas soon went back to Sarna mansion.

Next morning
Wedding venue
The Sarnas reaches the wedding venue which was a white palace and was decorated with flowers all over. At the gate, a board displayed “Rahul weds Kritika” with their pictures in the background. Everyone smiled looking at the decorations and went inside. The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers while people were busy running here and there managing the decorations.

After about half an hour, everyone came to the hall. Kritika came down wearing a plain, simple yellow salwaar and her hair was tied up into a pony tail. Mahi was wearing a yellow saree with a little silver embroidery along with a silver blouse and her hair tied up in a bun. After some time Twinkle came down wearing a plain, simple yellow anarkali with open hair. Leela said, “Okay before we start I would like to tell you all something.” “The bride and groom should first apply haldi to each other and then someone else should apply. We know Leela ji”, said Usha. Leela smiled at them while Kritika asked, “Why do we have such a custom?” “This is because we consider it lucky for the couples. Even after marriage we continue to do this”, said Leela. “Oh”, replied Kritika. Twinkle looked at Kunj who said, “Now, what will you do? You will have to come to me.” “In your dreams Mr. Sarna”, replied Twinkle. “I’ll see how you don’t come”, said Kunj. “You will see how you come to me”, replied Twinkle and walked away to get the haldi.

Twinkle brought the haldi and held it for Kritika and Rahul while they applied it to each other smilingly. Later, everyone applied haldi to Kritika and Rahul and then started applying to each other. Kunj went to Maya and applied haldi to her noticing Twinkle from the corner of his eyes who was busy applying haldi to Karan. “Tu nahi lagayega?”, (Won’t you apply?) asked Twinkle. “Kunj ko lagana hain na”, (Kunj has to apply right) replied Karan. “Woh toh aane se raha. Tu laga”, (He won’t even come. You apply) said Twinkle. Karan took some haldi and as he was about to apply it on Twinkle someone pulled her from there. “What’s your problem?”, asked Twinkle closing her eyes and jerked away his hand. She walked over to Karan and again the person pulled her from there. “Twinkle”, remarked Kunj. Twinkle jerked his hand and as she was about to go Kunj picked her up in his arms. “What are you doing?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj ignored her question and walked away to a room secretly so that no one sees them.

Kunj entered the room and made Twinkle stand. He locked the door and turned around to face Twinkle. “Khush? Aa gaya main tere paas”, (Happy? I came to you on my own) said Kunj. “Bahut zyada”, (Damn happy) replied Twinkle and hugged Kunj tightly. Kunj hugged her back and said, “My gift?” “What gift?”, asked Twinkle pulling back. “I should get a gift right? After all I came to you on my own”, said Kunj. “We didn’t have any deal like that”, replied Twinkle. “That was your deal. This is my deal”, replied Kunj. “What do you want?”, asked Twinkle. Kunj pointed towards his lips while Twinkle nodded her head in a no and said, “Everyone is waiting outside. Let’s go.” Twinkle moved towards the door while Kunj held her hand. “Leave Kunj. We need to go”, said Twinkle. Kunj turned her around and walked towards her while Twinkle moved back. “Kunj, plea..”, said Twinkle but Kunj placed his finger on her lips and said, “Shh. Be quiet.” Twinkle continued moving back blushing when she got stuck by the door. Kunj put his hands on the door preventing her from moving. He moved towards her while Twinkle closing her eyes said, “Kunj, no.” He rubbed his left cheek against her in order to apply the haldi. Later, he rubbed his right cheek against her and whispered, “My gift.” Twinkle who was busy relishing the moment opened her eyes and said, “No. Let’s go now.” “Not so easily. I couldn’t spend time with you for such a long time”, said Kunj and moved closer to her. He kissed her forehead and as he was about to kiss her someone knocked on the door. “Twinkle, everyone is searching for you.” Twinkle pushed Kunj and said, “Ya, I’m coming.” She was about to unlock the door when Kunj held her hand. “Karan, you go. I’m coming in a minute”, added Twinkle. “Okay”, replied Karan and walked away. “Who’s this Karan? Why does he stick to you so much?”, asked Kunj. “Why? Do you’ve a problem?”, replied Twinkle making her dupatta proper. “Yes. I don’t like him”, replied Twinkle. Twinkle unlocked the door and as she was about to go she turned around and said, “Don’t worry. He’s my cousin.” Kunj looked at her shocked while Twinkle walked away. “Oh God! He was his cousin and this girl! She made me go mad”, said Kunj smilingly and walked away to the hall.

Nikita saw Nisha entering and walked over to her. “Why did you make it so late?”, asked Nikita. “Arey. The traffic”, replied Nisha. “Anyways, yesterday you couldn’t meet my husband. I’ll make you meet him today. Come”, said Nikita and walked over to where Anand was standing and talking to guests. “Anand”, Nikita called out. “Yes?”, replied Anand turning towards her while Nisha came and stood beside her.
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