“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 42)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Chapter 41

Chapter 42 (Rahul-Kritika’s Sangeet and Mehendi Part-1)

(Two days later)

Taneja Mansion
Behind a pillar
Twinkle was checking the decorations when suddenly someone pulled her behind a pillar. “Ouch!”, exclaimed Twinkle closing her eyes and rubbing her head. She opened her eyes and said, “Mr. Sarna, what’s wrong with you?” “Before we start the game, I wanted a tight hug”, said Kunj. “No, the game already started from yesterday night”, replied Twinkle. “Please?”, requested Kunj. “Fine then accept that you cant stay away from me”, said Twinkle giggling. “Never”, said Kunj. “Fine. Bye”, said Twinkle and went away. “Huh!”, exclaimed Kunj and walked towards the hall.

Kunj came to the hall and was about to go when someone entered and said, “Hey baby doll!” Kunj looked at him in confusion while Twinkle ran towards him and hugged him tightly. Kunj narrowed his gaze and said, “Ab ye kaun sa namuna hai!” (Now who’s this unique personality!) “I asked for a hug, she refused and look at the way she’s hugging this unknown person. Looks like he’s only her husband”, murmured Kunj. Kunj walked towards the door while Twinkle whispered to the person, “Karan, you dare not tell Kunj that you’re my cousin. If he gets to know then I swear you’re dead.” “Ofcourse yaar. Ye mere baaye haath ka khel hai. (I’m expert in this.) Don’t worry. Kunj will come to you on your own”, replied Karan. Twinkle smiled and hugged him tighter. “Ahem ahem”, coughed Kunj standing beside. Twinkle and Karan separated themselves while Karan said, “Hey! I’m Karan and, you?” “I’m Twinkle’s”, replied Kunj but Twinkle interrupted and said, “Mr. Sarna, Kunj Sarna. Kritika’s fiance’s brother.” “Oh. Nice to meet you. I’m Twinkle’s friend actually”, said Karan. “Doesn’t look like”, murmured Kunj. “Did you say something Mr. Sarna?”, asked Twinkle. “No, no, nothing. I need to go now as there are a lot of preparations to be done. See you both later. Bye!”, replied Kunj and walked back to Sarna Mansion. Twinkle and Karan looked at each other and burst out laughing.

Evening (Taneja Mansion)
The hall was beautifully decorated with flowers of white, blue and purple colours all over and the normal curtains replaced with curtains of blue, white and purple combination. At one end of the hall a stage was set up for the Sangeet performances of the couples and on the other side a number of placements were done for the mehendi. A number of ladies were sitting and applying mehendi to the guests. The normal lights were switched off and instead only electrical lanterns were lit up giving the place a very peaceful and romantic ambience. The Sarnas arrived while Leela and RT welcomed them. They were awestruck to see the decorations and praised the Tanejas for the splendid work. Rahul was looking here and there when Maya (Kunj brought her. Remember right?) asked, “Whom are you searching for?” “Ofcourse Kritika”, replied Kunj. He added, “There’s one more piece. Look at him. He’s running here and there.” Everyone turned around and saw Yuvraj walking towards the stairs. They went towards him and stopped him. “Stop, you can’t go upstairs”, said Maya. “Why? It’s Rahul’s wedding right!”, replied Yuvraj. “Yuvraj, come here”, shouted someone from behind and Yuvraj excused himself. Rahul said, “By the way bhai you’re talking as if you don’t want to see Bhabhi.” “I’m not like you”, replied Kunj and walked away. “Usse dekhne ke liye toh mara jaa raha hoon par pata nahi kar kya rahi hai. Pata nahi kisne bola tha challenge accept karne ke liye. Atleast dekh toh paata lekin.. abhi jaake bol doon I lost? Nahi, Kunj Sarna never loses. Aisa kuch nahi hoga”, (I’m dying just to see her once but, God knows what she’s doing for so long. I don’t know why I accepted the challenge. Atleast I could’ve seen her before itself.. should I go and tell her now that I lost? No, Kunj Sarna never loses. Nothing like this is happening) murmured Kunj and walked towards the guests.

Twihi’s room
Twinkle and Mahi were making Kritika ready when Twinkle said, “You both remember right! Karan is my friend and not cousin.” Mahi giggled and nodded her head while Kritika kept quiet. “Oye mere mohabbat ki imaarat (Aye my building of love) don’t go and spill the beans in front of Rahul”, said Twinkle pushing Kritika lightly. “I can’t lie to him”, replied Kritika blushing. “Pyaar ki toh Ganga-Yamuna beh rahi hai. (Love is overflowing.) You better not tell it to him. Don’t speak anything”, said Twinkle. “Di?”, said Kritika. “Please”, requested Twinkle making a childish face. “Okay”, replied Kritika. “I love you two”, said Twinkle. “We love you more”, replied Kritika and Mahi together. “Twinkle, now you go, get ready. Kriti’s almost ready”, said Mahi. “Ya, even you go and get ready and then take Kriti downstairs”, replied Twinkle. “You won’t come along?”, asked Kritika. “I’ve some other work to be done”, said Twinkle and went to change.

Everyone was busy talking when all the lanterns were switched off and the spotlight fell on the staircase. Everyone turned towards the staircase and saw Kritika and Mahi coming together. Kritika was wearing a light blue and purple combined lehenga with embroidery work all over and the dupatta was put in a diagonal way giving it a saree kind of look. She had left her hairs open and applied the make up accordingly. Rahul was lost in her and after a fraction of seconds he signalled Kritika through his hands “beautiful” (?) making Kritika blush. Mahi was wearing a red and peach combined saree along with a peach coloured blouse. She had tied up her hair into a half pony tail. Yuvraj smiled looking at her. Both of them came down and stood near the staircase. Rahul came towards and forwarded his hand. Kritika gave her hand and they walked towards the stage where two thrones were placed for them. The spotlight was switched off and the lanterns were again switched on. Kunj was about to go to Mahi when he received a message. He unlocked his phone and saw it was from Twinkle. It said, “Agar mujhe dekhne ki itni besabri ho rahi hai toh upar aake maan lo ki nahi reh sakte tum mujhse dur.” (If you want to see me so desperately then come upstairs and agree that you can’t stay away from me.) “This girl will kill me! I know, today she’ll dress up as if it’s our own marriage so, that I go to her but, I won’t. I won’t lose my sweetheart. See you soon!”, said Kunj and walked away to talk to the guests. After around 10 minutes Twinkle came down wearing a black lehenga with golden embroidery and a matching partially backless blouse with golden embroidery work along with a dupatta with golden lining. She was wearing golden colored long earrings and had left her hair open and properly applied make-up. She spotted Kunj from the staircase (his back was facing her) and smiled to herself. “Kunj Sarna, Day 1. I see your partner in crime too”, said Twinkle. She came down and walked towards Kunj. He turned around and was amazed to see her. He was lost in her and expected she would come to him but, she walked past him. Twinkle saw him and silently giggled to herself seeing his actions. She went and stood beside Karan and tapped his shoulder. He turned around and said, “Hey baby doll, you look s*xy.” Kunj looked at him and narrowed his gaze. “Biwi meri hai ki uski”, (She’s my wife or hers) murmured Kunj. “Thank you so much”, replied Twinkle. He passed a flying kiss to her and Twinkle enacted to catch it. She then threw it away and said, “You keep it with yourself.” “Flirt kahin ka”, (Flirt) remarked Kunj and walked towards the guests. Twinkle showed a thumbs up to Karan and he smiled back.

Nikita received a call and she said, “Wait, I’m coming.” She walked over to the main door and patted a girl’s shoulder. She turned around and said, “Hi!” “Finally, Nisha Singhania. Long time”, replied Nikita and they hugged each other. They broke the hug and went inside. “When are you getting married?”, asked Nikita. “Actually, my relationship is quite complicated”, replied Nisha. Nikita stopped a waiter and took soft drinks for both of them. She sipped the drink and said, “Meaning? What kind of complication?” “Actually, this guy has lost his wife sometime back and he’s really unsure whether his daughter would be able to accept me. So, that’s why it’s getting delayed”, replied Nisha. “Oh. I see. Anyways, enjoy for now. I’ll make you meet my husband. Come”, said Nikita and walked over to where Anand was standing. She pointed at him and said, “There.”
New supporting characters
Karan (Abhishek Verma roped as Aditya Bhalla in Yeh Hain Mohabbatein): Twinkle’s cousin and a very carefree guy. He’s a flirt.

Nisha Singhania (Ekroop Bedi; last seen as Gauri Birla in Suhani Si Ek Ladki): She’s the hier of Singhania family and best friend of Nikita. (Rest of it will be revealed later.)
Hey all! Thank you for all your comments, support, appreciation and love. Love you all loads! Also, thanks to all my silent readers.

Did you all like this chapter? How was Twinkle’s plan? Did you like the jealous Kunj? Were the marriage preparations nice? What’s Nisha telling? What did Anand tell her or is it simply a lie? If it’s the truth then what will happen when she sees Anand? Let’s wait and read?

I don’t know when I’ll be able to upload the next chapter but, please stay tuned. I’ll try to upload it as soon as possible.

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