“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 41)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey

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Chapter 40

Chapter 41 (Strangers or a Couple?)

Taneja Mansion
Twihi’s (Twinkle and Mahi’s room)

Twinkle and Mahi were sitting and talking when suddenly they heard a knock on the door. “Who’s there at this time?”, asked Mahi. She got up and was about to go towards the door when Twinkle said, “It’s from that side di. Balcony door. You be ready with a stick or something and as soon as I tell you, hit the person.” Twinkle walked up to the balcony and opened the door. “Oh it’s you”, said Twinkle. “Who’s it Twinkle?”, asked Mahi. Twinkle turned at Mahi and smilingly walked towards the bed. The person entered and locked the balcony door. He turned at Mahi and pointing towards her hand said, “What are you doing with that?” “You? Why are you here?”, asked Mahi. He walked towards Mahi and said, “What do you think ma’am?” He pulled her closer while Twinkle started coughing from behind. “I’ll go and bring some water”, said Twinkle. “No, Yuvraj is going back”, said Mahi but, Twinkle walked away closing the door.

Kritika’s room
Kritika was talking on the phone when Twinkle entered and said, “Why are you still awake?” Kritika turned to look at her while Twinkle ran towards her and said, “I see. Put the call on speaker.” “No di”, replied Kritika. Twinkle snatched her phone and said, “Devar ji, go sleep. Please don’t destroy my sister’s sleep.” “Di”, exclaimed Kritika and took the phone back. “Di, go sleep”, said Kritika and pushed her out of the room while Twinkle went down to the hall laughing.

Twihi’s room
Yuvraj kissed her cheeks and said, “Who said I’ll leave now itself?” “Leave me”, replied Mahi and pulled back. She opened the balcony door and said, “Go back.” Yuvraj stood there folding his arms while Mahi pulled his arm and said, “Go.” She pushed him into the balcony while Yuvraj pulled her along and said, “I made so much of efforts but, doesn’t look like you’re happy.” “No, it isn’t like that. But, … Anand bhaiya?”, replied Mahi and went towards the railing. “What?”, asked Yuvraj. “Yuvraj, isn’t that Anand bhaiya?”, asked Mahi pointing towards a man. Yuvraj went and stood beside her. “Yes. Mahi, please don’t interfere in anything related to him or Nikita di and tell Twinkle also to not”, replied Yuvraj. Mahi turned to look at him and asked, “Why?” “I just don’t want you two to. Let it be the way everything is going on”, replied Yuvraj. “I must leave now”, added Yuvraj. He was about to go when Mahi placed her hand on Yuvraj’s and said, “We won’t.” Yuvraj smiled at her and as he was about to leave he said, “Tell Kunj not to be late.” “He’s also here?”, asked Mahi shockingly. Yuvraj nodded his head and left from there.

Twinkle was drinking water when someone came and hugged her from back. “Hi”, said the person resting his chin on her shoulder. “Go back Kunj”, replied Twinkle. Kunj turned her around and said, “Why?” “What do you mean by why?”, replied Twinkle. “Anyways, we’re strangers now”, added Twinkle. Kunj looked at her in confusion while Twinkle said, “I’m from the bride’s side and you’re from the groom’s side right?” “So? That doesn’t make us stranger”, said Kunj and pulled Twinkle closer. Twinkle bent down and said, “We are. Stay away.” Twinkle pulled back and settled her hair while Kunj said, “Tu khud aayegi mere paas.” (You will come to me.) “In your dreams Mr. Sarna”, replied Twinkle. “Don’t forget what happens in every function”, said Kunj. “Ateet badlega. Chinta mat karo. Iss baar tum aaoge mere piche”, (Past will change. Don’t take tension. This time you’ll come to me) replied Twinkle. “Never”, said Kunj. “Naam badal dena mera agar aisa nahi hua toh”, (Change my name if it doesn’t happen so) said Twinkle. “Naam soch ke rakh phir”, (Decide your name then) said Kunj. “Uski naubat nahi aayegi. (Such situations won’t come.) Good night Mr. Sarna”, said Twinkle and walked towards her room. Kunj stood there for sometime and then said, “Maya! She’s the only way Twinkle will come to me on her own.” Kunj smilingly went back to Sarna Mansion. Twinkle climbed up the stairs and saw Kunj leaving. She smiled.

Twinkle (POV)

Kunj, I know you’ll bring Maya to the marriage but, this time I’ll also bring someone special. It’ll be fun baby. Let’s get started. You’ll come to me this time and it’s a promise from your Twinkle.
Hey all! Thank you for all your comments, support, appreciation and love. Also, thanks to all my silent readers.

Did you all like this chapter? Why does Yuvraj want Twinkle and Mahi to stay away from Anand? Whom is Twinkle going to bring in the marriage? Let’s wait and watch.

Sorry again for the late update but, seriously I’m not getting time. I’ll try uploading the next chapter sooner but, I can’t make any promises.

Lastly, please don’t forget to express your views on this chapter through your comments below whether it’s positive or negative.

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