“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 4)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 4

Yuhi’s room
Mahi was getting ready when Yuvraj comes and hugs her from back. He rests his chin on her shoulder and says, “Let’s go!” “Sure Mr. Husband. But, first let me get ready”, replies Mahi while applying her lipstick. Yuvraj says, “I don’t care how you look. Mujhe tum har roop mein pasand ho (I love you in every form).” “I know but, I’m not getting ready to impress you na. May be I’ll find someone hotter and more dashing in the restaurant. That’s why!”, Mahi sarcastically replies. “Oh! I get it. I’ll also see how someone comes near you. You’re only mine forever”, Yuvraj replied. “Okay fine. I was just joking. Now, come let’s go. I’m done”, Mahi says and they leave.

Twinj room
Kunj comes in the room and is awestruck to see Twinkle. She was looking absolutely gorgeous. She had her normal attire but, something was different which made him more attracted to her. He said, “Wow Twinkle! You’re ready! I thought I’ve to come and tell you to make it up fast.” “Mrs. Twinkle Taneja Sarna is punctual when someone takes her to some place she loves to go to”, replied Twinkle. “So, basically you mean that you don’t like to leave our room. You find this place better than the hall. Hmm..”, replied Kunj. Twinkle said, “If you’re done talking rubbish then can we please leave?” “Yeah sure”, replied Kunj.
Kunj was riding the bike (as everyone took the cars when they went out) and Twinkle was sitting behind. Suddenly, Kunj applied brakes because of the traffic. Because of the sudden jerk Twinkle placed her hand on Kunj’s shoulder. Kunj looked in the side view mirror and smiled. He turned back and said, “You can keep your hand on my shoulder. I don’t mind.” Twinkle smiled and kept her hand on his shoulder.

Twinkle and Kunj entered the mall and went near the shops for women apparels. Twinkle said, “Let’s go to this shop. It has a good collection I guess.” Kunj agreed and said, “Okay”.

Kunj (POV)
I don’t care which shop we go to. If it’s your choice it’ll be the best. And, I’m pretty sure Ragini will also like whatever you purchase.
Twinkle shook him and asked, “How’s this?” She was holding a full sleeves blue gown which had white embroidery work all over it. Kunj shook his head in a no and said, “Something ethnic. She prefers ethnic over western dresses.” “Let’s go to another shop then, this one is good for western outfits”, replied Twinkle. They went to many shops and, finally they selected a black salwaar which had silver lining, three silver stripes on the sleeves from the end, a bit of embroidery work done with silver and a black dupatta with silver lining. Both of them decided to buy the salwaar. Kunj said, “You go, get the billing done. I’ll just come.” Twinkle nodded her head in a yes and went to the billing counter. Kunj quickly made a call and said, “Yes it’s done. It’s a combination of black and silver so match everything accordingly.” He disconnected the call and went to the billing counter. They purchased it and went out of the shop.
It was exactly 7 and Kunj said, “Twinkle, hurry up. We need to go to Starbucks. It’s already 7!” “Wait Kunj, Starbucks kahan kahin bhaga jaa raha hai? (Starbucks is not going to run away somewhere) We hardly get time to come out. Let me roam around peacefully”, replied Twinkle. “Haan toh yeh shops bhi nahi bhaagenge. Tu abhi chal mere saath”, (Ya so these shops also won’t run away somewhere. You come with me now) said Kunj and dragged her from there.

They entered the cafe. It was completely dark. Twinkle got scared and held Kunj’s arm tightly. She asked “What happened to the lights?” Just then the spotlight fell on both of them. The cafe was lightened up with small lights. Kunj had booked the entire cafe for the evening. The arrangement had a combination of blue and white colours. Blue coloured carpets were laid down. Blue and white flowers were placed everywhere making the place look more beautiful. There were blue and white coloured cloth hung on the walls in the form of twisted curtain. The place looked extremely beautiful. In the middle a round table was placed and two chairs opposite to each other. Two candle stands holding lit up candles were placed in the centre of the table with roses on either side. (Candle light dinner arrangement) There was soft music which filled the entire environment. The violinists were playing “Dekho Naa” (From Fanaa). “Wow Kunj! This is so beautiful. Did you do it?”, asked Twinkle. “No, the Starbucks people did it. I just told them to”, replied Kunj. “That’s what I meant”, said Twinkle.
Kunj entwined his hand with Twinkle’s and went towards the table. He pulled the chair for her and she sat down. He went to the other side and sat down. He asked, “Did you like it?” “No”, Twinkle promptly replied. Kunj was disappointed and asked, “Why?” “That’s because I loved it. When the arrangements are done so nicely how can someone only like it!”, Twinkle smilingly replied. Kunj was too happy with her reply. A waiter came to them and placed two cold coffees with extra cream. (Twinkle’s favourite) Twinkle was extremely pleased and said, “Thank you for the date. Now, I get it why your morning coffee was bothering you so much.” Kunj smiled and replied, “But, the coffee was seriously bad. Bhaiya disturbs bhabhi a lot.” “Kuch bhi bolo jiju hain bade romantic. I wish mera pati bhi hota”, (Whatever you say jiju is very romantic. I wish my husband was also like that.) said Twinkle. Kunj quickly placed his coffee on the table, lifted his one eyebrow up and asked, “What?”. Twinkle realised what she had said and replied, “What what? I was telling that jiju is very romantic.” Kunj smiled and said, “Okay if you say so.” They continued with their talks. Kunj looked at his watch, it was 9. He asked the waiter to bring their dinner. They had their dinner while talking and the entire time Kunj was busy staring Twinkle. The way she talked non-stop, the way she ate, he liked everything in her and today there was something really special which made him more attracted to her. He wondered what it was.

Kunj (POV)
I don’t know there is something different today. Why do I feel more attracted to her! I’m again falling in love with her. Look the way she talks. She won’t even be knowing that I’m not even listening to her. I’m completely lost in her. Uff! She’s killing me. Control Kunj! Control! Sambhal khud ko. (Control yourself.) But, she’s driving me crazy. Uggh! Relax.
They slowly finished their dinner with Kunj staring at Twinkle and Twinkle talking non-stop. It was 11 now. Twinkle looked at her watch and said, “Kunj, it’s 11. Let’s leave. Everybody will be worried at home.” “Shoot! I didn’t even notice the time. Come, let’s go”, saying this they left.
They went to the parking and drove back. Kunj glanced at Twinkle in between through the side view mirror. She was looking breathtakingly beautiful. Her loose hair was flying and they played with her cheeks.

Twinkle (POV)
Did he really forget? Everybody forgot. This is so bad. Why is everybody so careless! I understand for everyone. But Kunj and Mahi di, how can they forget! By the way, I must say the surprise was amazing. I loved it. Kunj put it in so much efforts. But, why! Anyways, forget it na. I’m feeling too sleepy. And, here we are. Back home. The evening was amazing. But, my point is how can they do this!
It was 11:55 now. Kunj parked his bike and as they were about to enter he said, “Twinkle close your eyes.” “What? Why? How will I walk if I close my eyes? And, anyways it’s 12 I’ll directly go and sleep and close my eyes. I don’t need any tutorials.”, replied Twinkle. “Please Twinkle. Please?”, pleaded Kunj. “Okay fine then”, replied Twinkle.
Twinkle shut her eyes and Kunj blindfolded her. They went inside and as soon as they went inside Kunj removed the cloth from her eyes and turned her around. The clock struck 12, the lights switched on and everybody shouted “Happy Birthday to you Twinkle!”. Twinkle was amazed, surprised, happy, and what not. She turned to look at Kunj and he said, “Happy Birthday Twinkle!”. She hugged him tightly and said, “Thank you Kunj. Thanx a lot. I thought you forgot..”. She was about to complete her sentence when Kunj pulled back and put his finger on her lips and said, “I never will. You’re my wife and your happiness is my priority.” Twinkle looked at him with teary eyes. Mahi came and stood beside her and said, “Subah bola tha na (I told in the morning right)whenever, wherever, no time sense.” Twinkle playfully punched Mahi and they shared a hug. She went to everybody and took their blessings. Bebe said, “Puttar, tomorrow we have arranged a party. You need to look fresh so please go and take rest for now.” “Ji Bebe”, replied Twinkle. Everybody went to their respective rooms. Kunj and Twinkle went to sleep with a broad, satisfied smile on their faces.
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    1. Thanx RiaA! Your comments always make me feel special. “I love the way you lie” is written by Shatakshi. Thanx a lot for giving me that special designation. I’m really glad that you liked my ff so much.And, the next chapter is almost done. I’ll update it tomorrow for sure.

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