“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 38)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 38

Sarna Mansion
Everyone was talking when Rahul and Kritika came down to the hall. “Done romancing?”, asked Twinkle giggling. “Who told we were romancing?”, replied Rahul. Everyone looked at Rahul in suspicion while he added, “I was seeing how to jump from the terrace. Anyways, after some days my bad days are going to start.” “Ouch!”, exclaimed Rahul. “Diii”, shouted Kritika and went to the other side. “Ahh..Di, leave”, said Rahul trying to remove the girl’s hand. She left him and said, “You better not talk anything about my Kriti.” “This isn’t fair. I didn’t even marry and you all started supporting her”, complained Rahul. “That is because Kriti is good unlike you”, replied the girl. “No Nikita di, you’re wrong. Rahul is far much better”, said Twinkle. She added, “Correct na Mahi di?” Mahi nodded her head in a yes while Kritika frowned and said, “You both are just sisters for name sake. You both can never support me.” “I swear Kriti. This Twinkle is hopeless”, said Kunj supporting Kritika. Twinkle murmured, “You come to the room, I’ll see you. I’m hopeless na.” “Yuvraj jiju, whom do you support?”, asked Kritika. “I’m not supporting anyone. But, I guess to some extent you’re better”, said Yuvraj. “Shut up you all. Nikita and Rahul, stop fighting like kids. How much do you both fight?”, said Bebe. “Everyone forgot me?”, asked a 8 year old girl from behind. Rahul turned around and said, “How can we forgot Princess Kavya! This is impossible.” “You’re making fun of me Mamu?”, asked Kavya. “No, how can I laugh at you. I don’t have so much guts”, replied Rahul. “Okay now come give me a hug”, added Rahul. “No”, replied Kavya. “Why?”, asked Rahul making an innocent face. Kavya walked towards Kritika and said, “You’re only my mamu’s baby doll na?” Kritika and Rahul were shocked while everyone giggled. “Kavya, talk properly”, said Nikita. “Tell na”, said Kavya shaking Kritika’s hand. Kritika sat down on the floor and said, “No, you’re the baby doll.” Kavya smiled and pushing her hair behind with attitude said, “I know na, I’m so pretty.” Kritika smiled and nodded her head. “If you both are done can I get a hug from Princess Kavya?”, asked Rahul. “No”, replied Kavya and hugged Kritika. “Mami is better”, said Kavya. Kritika blushed listening to mami and then showed her tongue to Rahul. “Where’s Anand?”, asked Manohar. “He’ll come tomorrow mama. He has some work, after completing that”, replied Nikita. “Okay fine. Now, come and sit”, said Bebe. They talked for a while when Mahi said, “I’ll arrange for the breakfast. Kriti, have it here and go.” “Di, I already..”, said Kritika but, Mahi walked away to the kitchen ignoring her while Yuvraj followed her.

Mahi was toasting bread in the kitchen when Yuvraj came and hugged her from behind. “Yuvraj, leave me”, said Mahi. “No”, Yuvraj promptly replied resting his chin on her shoulder. “Someone will come Yuvraj”, said Mahi. “No one will come. Everyone’s busy with Nikita di and Kavya”, replied Yuvraj. “I need to serve the breakfast Yuvraj”, said Mahi trying to free herself. Yuvraj turned her around and said, “You don’t even have a minute for me na?” “It’s not like that”, said Mahi. “Forget it. I’m going to the hall. Call me once breakfast is ready”, said Yuvraj and walked out of the kitchen. “Now, what should I do! Yuvraj seems angry. First, I’ll serve the breakfast then, I’ll think”, said Mahi and went to the dining to lay down the table.

Dining hall
Everyone sat down to have breakfast while Rahul and Kritika sat next to each other and Kavya opposite to them. Rahul entwined his hand with Kritika’s hand from under the table and said, “I love you.” Kritika started blushing and said, “Leave my hand.” Rahul nodded his head in a no and started having his breakfast. Suddenly, Kavya dropped her spoon mistakenly and bent down to pick it up. She picked it up and sat straight. “Kritika, why are you eating with your left hand?”, asked Usha. “Actually, mamu is holding mami’s other hand”, said Kavya. Rahul quickly left Kritika’s hand while everyone smiled. “Bhai, you’ve a great luck otherwise there are people who don’t even have a minute free”, said Yuvraj. Everyone looked at Yuvraj in suspicion while he added, “I was joking.” He murmured, “The one who has to understand would have understood.” “I did”, whispered Mahi. “Bebe, I’m done. I’ll get on with you all later”, said Yuvraj ignoring Mahi and walked away. Everyone had their breakfast and went to their respective rooms.

Twinj room
Twinkle was folding the clothes when Kunj entered. He went and hugged her from back. “Leave me”, said Twinkle. “Why?”, asked Kunj resting his chin on her shoulder. “I don’t want to talk to you”, replied Twinkle trying to free herself. Kunj tightened his grip and said, “Are you angry?” “No, no. I’m hopeless Kunj. How can I be angry?”, replied Twinkle. “I was joking”, said Kunj. Twinkle giggled and replied, “I know how much you were joking.” She pushed Kunj away and said, “Stay away from this hopeless now.” She turned around and giggled to herself. Kunj looked at her confused while she walked out of the room.
New supporting characters
Nikita Kapoor (Nikita Sarna of TEI): Rahul’s elder sister and married to Anand Kapoor. She loves her husband and daughter a lot.

Kavya Kapoor (Grace Girdhar; last seen as Kavya in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Season 2): She’s the daughter of Nikita and Anand Kapoor. She’s eight years old and very naughty.
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