“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 36)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 36 (The night that brought a change)

Sarna Mansion

The house was beautifully decorated with lights all over and flowers of purple and pink colours arranged everywhere enhancing the beauty of the hall. At the centre of the hall was a stage and disco jockey placed at one side. Light background music surrounded the atmosphere along with the sounds of people talking. Mahi was wearing a pink lehenga with white embroidery and the blouse was a mixture of white and pink along with a pink and white coloured dyed dupatta and matching accessories while Twinkle was wearing the same blue lehenga she bought yesterday with blue jewellery and white heels. Kunj was wearing a black suit while Yuvraj was wearing a grey coloured suit. Everyone was busy attending the guests while Rahul was continuously staring at the door. “Rahul, she’ll come”, said Kunj. “But, when?”, asked Rahul not being in his senses. “Oho devar ji (brother in law), a bit of patience”, said Twinkle and Mahi together while Rahul came back to his senses. “Bhabhi”, exclaimed Rahul while all of them laughed. “What’s happening?”, asked Yuvraj coming towards them. “Your brother is madly in love with my sister”, said Mahi laughing. “Ya Rahul?”, asked Yuvraj teasingly. “I don’t want to talk to you all”, replied Rahul annoyed. “Ya, ya Kritika will be here in sometime. We know you’ll talk only to her then”, said Twinkle. “Look she’s there”, said Kunj. “Where? Where?”, asked Rahul looking here and there. Everyone laughed and said, “Rahul, patience. She’ll be here.” Rahul walked away being annoyed.
After sometime the Tanejas arrived and the Sarnas welcomed them. Twinkle went and stood beside Kritika who was wearing the same red lehenga with matching jewellery and cream coloured heels and said, “Someone’s been desperately waiting for you Kriti”, said Twinkle. “Who di?”, asked Kritika. “Me and Mahi di”, replied Twinkle. “Ohh”, exclaimed Kritika disappointed. “Don’t worry. Rahul has been even more desperate”, said Twinkle pushing Kritika by her shoulder. A broad smile covered Kritika’s face and she started blushing while Twinkle said, “Kriti, stop blushing and go to him.” Kritika started blushing even more and exclaimed, “Di!” “What?”, asked Twinkle raising her eyebrows. “You won’t understand”, replied Kritika and walked inside leaving behind Twinkle smiling. Kunj came to her and said, “You look really pretty today.” “Thank you but no romance now. Stay away from me till the function gets over”, said Twinkle and walked away smiling.

Kunj (POV)
What? Did she say that? She wants me to stay away from her till the function gets over! How is that possible? I need to do something. Think Kunj, think.
Kunj came out to his thoughts as Maya waved at him. He smirked and waved back at her. He walked towards her and hugged her tightly while she hugged him back. Twinkle who was talking to the guests saw this and excused herself. She walked towards Kunj and Maya and murmured, “My best friend has come.” She was about to stop but, seeing Kunj smiling she walked away.

Twinkle (POV)
What does Kunj think? He’s very smart? If he’s smart then, I’m smarter. I know he’s doing all this just to get close to me. Mr. Kunj Sarna, not today. Do whatever you want I’ll talk to you in the room about all that but, right now I’ll enjoy the function.
Kunj surprisedly pulled back and said, “I’ll come back in sometime.” He went and stood at a distance. “What happened? Nothing happened? She walked past us. Something is fishy”, said Kunj. “Kunj, come. The ring ceremony is going to start”, said Bebe patting his shoulder. “Ya Bebe”, replied Kunj smilingly and walked towards the stage. Kunj stood beside Rahul while Twinkle beside Kritika. “Rahul, you make her wear the ring first”, said Usha. Kunj forwarded him the ring while Rahul said, “Wait. I can’t do this.” Everyone was shocked while Manohar said, “What are you saying?” Rahul knelt down on his knees and said, “Will you be mine forever?” Everyone smiled while Kritika nodded her head. He pulled her hand and said, “May I?” “No Rahul. Give it to me, I’ll make her wear it”, said Yuvraj teasingly. Everyone laughed while Rahul made Kritika wear the ring. “Kriti”, said Twinkle forwarding the ring. Rahul stood up while Kritika took the ring and made Rahul wear it. Everyone clapped for them while they hugged each other. “Bas bhai, ab chod bhi de”, (Stop brother, now leave her) said Kunj. Rahul quickly left her while Kritika started blushing. Twinkle took the mike and said, “Now that the ring ceremony is over we shall have some enjoyment. I would request everyone to come on the dance floor and have a round of dance.” Everyone started hooting and clapping and moved to dance floor. Everyone started dancing while Bebe, Usha and Leela stood at the corner. Twinkle and Mahi came and pulled them to the dance floor making all of them dance. Kritika-Rahul and Mahi-Yuvraj had a couple dance while Kunj was busy dancing with Maya to make Twinkle dance. Twinkle was boiling in anger seeing them close and Kunj ignoring her. After sometime she took the time and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, firstly let’s have a huge round of applause for all of you. You all literally rocked the dance floor.” Everyone clapped while Twinkle added, “It’s been quite late now and I would request all of you to make yourselves comfortable with the dinner.” Everyone had dinner and by 10 the function came to an end and the guests started leaving. By 10:30 everyone left leaving behind Tanejas and Sarnas.
The Tanejas and Sarna were talking for sometime while Rahul and Kritika were busy staring at each other. “Bebe, Usha ji, Manohar ji we’ll leave now”, said Leela and RT. “One minute Leela ji”, said Usha and went inside. After around 5 minutes she came back and said, “Kritika”. Kritika didn’t reply as she was staring at Rahul. Mahi and Twinkle walked towards Kritika and said, “Rahul looks really handsome na?” “Yes”, replied Kritika not being in her senses. Twinkle and Mahi shook her by her shoulder while she came out of her senses and started blushing. “Aha Rahul is handsome Kriti”, said Twinkle and Mahi together while everyone laughed. “Kritika, these bangles are for you”, said Usha. “No aunty what is the need for all this!”, said Kritika. “It’s a gift from our side”, replied Usha while making Kritika wear the bangles. “Also, no more aunty. Only mami”, said Usha. Kritika smiled at her and said, “Thank you mami!” Kritika hugged Usha while Rahul smiled at them. “Usha ji we’ll leave now”, said Leela. The Tanejas soon left while everyone went back to their rooms.

Twinj room
Kunj entered the room and saw Twinkle checking her phone. Twinkle saw him and got up from the bed. She was about to go to change when Kunj held her hand and said, “What happened?” “Nothing”, replied Twinkle casually. Kunj pulled Twinkle back and hugged her from back. “You’re angry?”, asked Kunj. “Why are you asking me this? Go and ask Maya na”, replied Kunj trying to remove Kunj’s hands. Kunj tightened his grip and rested his hands hands on her bare stomach. He said, “I thought it didn’t affect you.” “It didn’t. Why will it affect me? Who am I?”, replied Twinkle. Kunj rubbed his nose against her cheeks and said, “Sometimes it’s good if you become angry. The world should also get to know that I will convince you whatever happens.” “You can’t”, replied Twinkle enjoying Kunj’s touch. “Really?”, asked Kunj. Twinkle nodded her head smilingly. “If it is so then, you wouldn’t have smiled”, said Kunj. Twinkle opened her eyes and said, “Can we sleep now?” Kunj turned her around and pulled her close by her waist. “What’s the hurry sweetheart?”, asked Kunj removing the clip from Twinkle’s hair. He kissed her cheeks and unpinned Twinkle’s dupatta. He threw it on the floor and kissed her forehead. He kissed her lips while Twinkle reciprocated. After sometime they pulled back while Kunj picked her up in his arms. He gently placed her on the bed while Twinkle turned around. He pulled out the dori (the cloth string) of Twinkle’s blouse and switched off the lights. He pulled the blanket over themselves and they consummated their marriage.
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