“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 35)


“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 35

Everyone was in the hall when suddenly Twinkle said, “So, we’re going shopping today na? Anyways, we don’t have time also.” “Ya, we’ll go shopping today. Complete it for the engagement today we’ll do it for the wedding later”, said Bebe. “Fine then, today for engagement and on Friday for the wedding. Later, we’ll directly go with Maa and Kritika and you all return here”, said Mahi. “What do you mean by we? You aren’t going anywhere. You can’t take of yourself in normal condition itself and now in this condition no. You’ll start working there”, replied Yuvraj. Usha smiled and said, “Yuvraj, I understand what you’re saying but, it’s good if she works in the first few months of her pregnancy. Mahi, you go.” Mahi smiled while Yuvraj frowned making Mahi laugh. After sometime the Tanejas went back to their home.

Kritika was selecting a dress for her standing in front of the mirror when Rahul came and signalled her ‘not good’. Kritika tried several dresses and finally after 5-6 dresses Rahul signalled “perfect”. It was a red lehenga with cream coloured embroidery and a cream coloured blouse with red polka dots on it. The dupatta was dyed with red and cream colours. Kritika smiled and went to Leela and said, “Maa this one is nice. I like it.” Leela smiled and said, “Okay. We’ll buy this.” “Maa, I’ll just try this and come”, said Twinkle holding a blue lehenga with white embroidery and a white blouse with blue embroidery along with a blue and white dyed dupatta. “Okay, go”, replied Leela.

Trial room
Twinkle walked inside the trial room and closed the door forgetting to lock it. She removed her dress when someone else entered the trial room and locked it. Twinkle covered herself with her hands and turned around. “Can’t you wait out?”, asked Twinkle. “Why didn’t you lock the door? Everywhere siyappa”, replied the person. “I forgot Kunj”, said Twinkle. Kunj pulled her by her bare waist letting shivers down her body. “It was my profit though”, replied Kunj kissing her cheeks. “Not here”, replied Twinkle. Kunj moved close to her and whispered, “Then where?” Twinkle patted his shoulder and said, “You’re becoming too naughty.” “It’s all because of you”, replied Kunj kissing her neck. Twinkle smiled and caressed his hair. He lifted her up and kissed her lips. Twinkle reciprocated while wrapping her legs around his waist. He walked towards the wall while kissing her and after around 10 minutes they pulled back being out of breath. “You look s*xy in this attire”, said Kunj staying in the position. “You even more”, replied Twinkle. Kunj raised his eyebrows while Twinkle unbuttoned Kunj’s shirt. “Wasn’t someone minutes ago telling I became naughty?”, said Kunj. Twinkle started blushing and hugged Kunj. He hugged her back while rubbing her back. He moved her hair to one side and kissed her. “Kunj!”, exclaimed Twinkle while Kunj continued kissing her shoulder and neck. Suddenly, someone knocked the door and asked, “Twinkle, is the dress okay?” Twinkle and Kunj quickly pulled back while Twinkle replied blushing, “Ya maa. You go make the bill. I’ll just come.” Twinkle took the blouse and wore it. She struggled to hook it up when Kunj said, “May I help you?” “No need. Turn around and close your eyes”, replied Twinkle. “Why do I need to close my eyes?”, asked Kunj hooking up her blouse. “Because..umm..because”, said Twinkle trying to find a reason when Kunj hugged her from back and resting his chin on her shoulder said, “This is perfect for you.” “Kunj, leave me and go out. Maa will be done with the billing”, said Twinkle. Suddenly someone knocked the door again and said, “Di, quick.” “Ya, ya Kriti. 2 more minutes.” Twinkle pushed Kunj back and quickly wore her salwaar. She went out of the trial room and after around 2 minutes Kunj came out too.

They roamed around for sometime and selected matching jewellery and shoes. They had dinner and went back at around 9:30.

Sarna and Taneja Mansions
Everyone entered the home and went to their rooms as they were very tired after roaming around the entire evening.
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