“I Love You” – A Twinj journey (Chapter 34)

“I Love You” – A Twinj journey
Chapter 34

Sarna Mansion
Twinkle and Kunj came down while everyone was busy talking about the marriage preparations. “Done romancing Kunj?”, shouted Yuvraj. Twinkle started blushing while Kunj replied, “Who told we were romancing? Friends don’t romance.” “Kunj, enough of friendship now. We all understand what’s the difference between love and friendship”, replied Yuvraj giggling. Kunj was about to reply when Rahul said, “Pundit ji has arrived.” “Ye aur ek sahaab hain. Tum teen bhai itna pyaar mein kyun doobe rehte ho?”, (This is one more case. Why are you three brothers so madly in love?) asked Bebe teasingly. “Bebe, we’ll welcome Pundit ji?”, asked Kunj. “No, puttar let him stay there only. What type of a question is this? Ofcourse we will”, replied Bebe. The Sarnas and Tanejas welcomed Pundit ji in their house. They served him with water and healthy breakfast. Pundit ji then matched their horoscopes and said, “There’s a good date tomorrow for engagement and marriage date a week later or it is after 2 months.” “Mami, we’ll do it tomorrow itself. 2 months is a long time”, said Rahul. “Ya ya puttar. How can we not listen to you after all you’re so madly in love! If we dont get you married, you’ll become mad”, said Bebe. “Bebe, kuch bhi matlab”, (Anything Bebe) said Rahul. “Okay then we’ll arrange for the engagement tomorrow and one week later the marriage”, said Usha. “But, how will we arrange everything so quickly”, asked Leela worriedly. “Leela ji, let the engagement happen in our home and the marriage will take place in your home”, said Usha. “But..”, said Leela but was interrupted as Usha said, “So, it’s final.” “But, how will we manage everything so soon?”, asked RT worriedly. “Twinkle ke rehte kis baat ki fikar! (Why to worry when Twinkle is here!) Maa, I’ll come and stay with you from Friday”, said Twinkle and looked at Usha and added, “Maa, I can go na?” “You don’t need to ask that Twinkle”, replied Usha smilingly. “You’re the best maa”, said Twinkle and hugged Usha. “Okay, now let’s have sweets as the marriage is now finalised. Rahul and Kritika you both should feed each other”, said Bebe. Rahul and Kritika fed each other and were drinking water when Rahul purposely dropped the water on Kritika. “Rahul, what did you do?”, asked Kritika. “I’m sorry yaar. It happened by mistake”, replied Rahul. “Maa, I’ll go and change. I hate you Rahul”, said Kritika and walked out of Sarna Mansion. “I’ll just come”, said Rahul and followed Kritika. “Maa, I’ll bring juice for you all. Wait”, said Twinkle and walked away to the kitchen while Kunj followed her.

Taneja Mansion
Kritika’s room
Kritika entered the room and was about to close the door when Rahul came and stopped her from closing the door. “Rahul, I don’t want to talk to you. Go back”, said Kritika angrily. He pushed the door and came inside. He walked inside and sat down on the bed. “Get out of my room”, said Kritika. “Why are you so angry? It was just water”, replied Rahul. “That’s what. You won’t understand so, get out”, said Kritika coming towards Rahul. She held his hand and pulled him to make him stand. He stood up and said, “I don’t want to.” He again sat down on the bed. “Fine, I’ll go and change in the other room. You stay here”, said Kritika and was about to go when Rahul held her hand and pulled her back making her sit on his lap. “I just did it so that I can spend time with you”, said Rahul moving his finger sensually on her face. “Leave me”, replied Kritika promptly. Rahul wrapped his arms around her waist and said, “I held your hand for lifetime not for a day.” “Don’t try to impress me”, said Kritika. “Who wants to impress you? You’re already impressed you. I just want to convince you and make you smile”, said Rahul kissing her left cheek. Kritika started blushing while Rahul said, “You look so cute Baby Doll.” Kritika smiled and said, “Done? Now go, I need to change.” “I’ll help you?”, asked Rahul. Kritika quickly stood up and said, “Don’t talk rubbish. Go out.” Rahul stood up and said, “No, I’ll help you out.” Kritika pushed him out of the room and closed the door. She started blushing while Rahul laughed standing outside the room.

Sarna Mansion
Twinkle prepared the juice and was about to go to the hall when Kunj came and blocked her way. “What?”, asked Twinkle raising her eyebrows. He started walking towards her while Twinkle moved backwards and said, “What are you doing?” She was stuck by the slab while Kunj pulled her towards himself. He took the tray from her hand and kept it on the slab. He tucked her hair behind and said, “You look so beautiful.” “Wh..what do you want?”, asked Twinkle. “Why are you going?”, asked Kunj. “Where am I going?”, Twinkle asked being confused. “What’s the need to go to Taneja Mansion?”, replied Kunj. Twinkle wrapped her arms around Kunj’s neck and said, “Why? How does it make a difference?” “It makes so much of difference. I have to stay without you for wait, seven plus three that means ten, ten days”, said Kunj. Twinkle smiled and said, “If I stay here, who’ll help maa?” “You think about everyone else except me”, replied Kunj looking away. Twinkle made him to face her and kissed his cheeks and softly kissed his lips. “That’s because I care about you the most”, said Twinkle sweetly. “And, what about us?”, asked Yuvraj and Mahi from the doorstep. Twinkle and Kunj quickly separated themselves and said, “When did you two come?” “When you two were busy romancing”, replied Mahi taking the juice tray. “Yuvraj, let’s go. We’re disturbing them”, added Mahi giggling and both of them walked away to the hall. Twinkle shied and was about to go away when Kunj held her wrist and said, “I’ll miss you.” “So many days are still left. I’m here till Friday. Today is only Tuesday”, replied Twinkle freeing her hand and walking away. “What have you done Twinkle? You’re making me even more crazier everyday”, said Kunj and smiled at his words.
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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    Amazing epi….loved krihul & twinj romance…..

  2. The way yuhi intrupd twinj romance wz very well written…..Nd DAT twinkis dialogue saying”dats bcz I care about u the most” it wz jzz fab … Iuvd DAT dialogue yaar:) ur ff iz such a delight!!!

  3. SidMin

    Loved the eoidode Riya and loved Rahul’s egarness too Twinj rokance was too good waiting fir the next eoisode ☺

  4. SidMin

    Loved the eoidode Riya and loved Rahul’s egarness too Twinj rokance was too good waiting fir the next eoisode ☺love you and your ff


    awsome episode or I can say even skies ur a amazing writer dear

  6. Shreya098

    wow ….superb episode??
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    Twinj romance ufff……kya bataun ke kitna accha tha…. us par Kritika r Rahul ka romance was like OMG …soo breathtaking…. it was a double tip for us to read romance part ….
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